Posted by Pam Velazquez on November 6, 2013 in MyCanvas


Many of us spend years researching our family history, and want to share our findings with our family members.  Sometimes it’s hard convincing family members to sit down next to us at the computer to look at our family tree and a bunch of digitized records, especially at a large family gathering. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a beautifully published album to show everyone? A family history book is a wonderful way to do this.  However, there is always the question of when to publish it, since the research seems to be never ending and as you dive deeper into your family history we realize you’re never really “done”.

There are several ways to look at this dilemma.  If we waited until our research was where we want it to be, and met all our goals, we would never create the book, and thus never share it with our family.  Therefore, we must decide how to go about doing this.

Family Tree Publishing

One approach is to just get started.  Make a book with what you know.  Give yourself a deadline, and when that comes, just publish what you have at that time.

Often the deadlines are provided for us:  an anniversary, a birthday, the annual family reunion, or even older members of the family with failing health that we want to share it with.  Publishing something is better than nothing at all, and you can always publish a continuation with the second half of your research. has has an online publishing program you can use to start creating your family encyclopedia called MyCanvas. Once you have created the book, there are a couple different options as well – you can continue to add to the current book, and then publish a new one when you have added significant updates.  Or, you can publish a second volume when you have enough information to make that a worthwhile effort.

The great news about getting your family history book created now is that MyCanvas has a 20% off discount on all orders put in before December 12th!

This could be the deadline you need to publish your first family history volume.

Whatever course you decide to take in publishing your family history, remember that it is important to do something, and not necessarily wait until your research is finished.