Posted by Tyler Jensen on October 31, 2013 in Inside our Offices

Today is Halloween and my whole team got into it. I brought the costumes and they graciously agreed to wear them long enough to join the company costume contest.

The Search Services Team

Humor warning — we didn’t win the contest but we did experience collective shame and humiliation–or what we prefer to call team fun. This is the crazy, whacky side of team work. Today the birds and pigs lost to the “Duct” Dynasty clan. Of course, at least three of us are bitter and angry and have vowed to get those ducks next year.

The winners. Department name undisclosed (I’ll let them write their own blog post).

Duct dynasty - web size













Seriously, we take our fun as seriously as we can. Team fun is a critical component to teamwork.

What do you do for team fun?

Happy Halloween!

Tyler Jensen

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