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Test your sleuthing skills and win prizes by solving mysteries and legends using the power of, the world’s largest online family history resource.

From October 26 until Halloween at midnight you’ll get three chances to play detective and dive into Death Record collections. Each challenge takes you to a new time and place in search of the truth. There’s deception. Intrigue. And of course, death.

Crack the case and you could win an AncestryDNA Test, World Explorer subscription or FamilyTree Maker software. Simply submitting an answer enters you to win a brand new iPad.


Today’s challenge:

Where does Thomas Hardy RIP?


Start searching and answer the challenge question at




  1. brian cook

    I answered today’s question and decided to look through last year’s set of questions. I wish I knew about them last year because our family has a connection to the story of Ethel Le Neve that we’re still trying to work out.

    My great grandmother and her brother and sister had joined a new religious group at the time called the Pillar of Fire and apparently knew some of the higher ups in the group. The three siblings were born in Connecticut but the family was living near London and were making trips across the ocean possibly to recruit, we’re not sure.

    On one trip back from England, my great grandmother, Mabel Galloway was detained along with her companion Miss Lily Maud Allen. According to one article, Miss Allen had originally been on the SS Majestic where Ethel Le Neve was once again leaving England after the execution of Dr Crippen. According to the article, Miss Le Neve had taken the alias Miss Allen to avoid newspapermen and they had mistakenly accosted Lily Allen because of the similar names. Lily, if the article is correct, was also in a bit of a problem with her father who apparently didn’t approve of his daughter moving to America with this religious sect.

    We are still trying to find information about what happened then along with Mabel and her sibling’s involvement in the group. We don’t think they stayed involved with the Pillar of Fire more than a few years after that which is a good thing given some of the groups its leader was involved with at the time.

  2. Bonnie Panattoni

    I was hoping to work on this Search game. However, it appears that you have to have an international membership in order to search England records. I can’t afford that, so will just have to read what other’s are doing.
    I wish there was some way that those of us wanting to ‘play’ this game could do so without the added expense.

  3. Wendy Sacket

    Although I have full access to Ancestry records, I have not been able to post my answer to the first challenge question.
    Why does the separate window launch for the search but when I come back, there is no way to submit an answer? I had no trouble participating in last year’s challenge questions, so I am mystified as to what is different about the game this year.

  4. Lauren Powers

    The answer is that his heart is buried at the Stinsford Parish Church in Dorchester, England but his ashes are buried at Westminster Abbey. However I doubt that I am supposed to put my answer here and I cannot find where on the above link I am to provide it at. Any assistance would be great. Thanks 🙂

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