Posted by Paul Rawlins on October 18, 2013 in Collections, Website

Family historians love wills and probate records for the light they can shed on family relationships. This month, we’ve added two probate-related collections from the southern hemisphere:

New South Wales, Australia, Index to Deceased Estate Files, 1923-1958

New Zealand, Notices of Deceased Estates, 1880-1950

NZ trust notices


U.S., School Catalogs, 1765-1935, is a fun hodgepodge of everything from course catalogs to commencement addresses from just about every sort of institution of higher education you can think of. Such as the venerable Pennington Female Institute (class of 1858):

Penn institute


You’ll find name, age, and date and county of death in the California, Death Index, 1905-1939. And if your Oregon ancestors only set foot in church long enough to be baptized, married, or buried, you may still be in luck with Oregon, Church and Cemetery Records, 1840-1965.


Finally, just last week, a message in a bottle washed up on Guam after a three-year journey. The folks in the Agana, Guam, U.S., Passenger and Crew Lists of Arriving Vessels and Airplanes, 1948-1954, database were in a bit of a hurry, so they all took a boat or a plane. Some of their luggage is interesting, though. One group of passengers brought along 1 tall box and some crabs, yams, and corn.



Sure beats a little bag of pretzels.