Posted by Pam Velazquez on October 11, 2013 in Family History Month, Research

When you think of genealogists, do you think of The Jimmy Kimmel Show?

As recognized experts in the field of genealogy, the professionals at ProGenealogists have authored books and articles, spoken at conferences in several countries, and made several TV appearances on Who Do You Think You Are?, CBS This Morning, CNN’s Starting Point and, yes, the Jimmy Kimmel Show. The experts at ProGenealogists have dedicated their careers to researching the families of clients who come to them looking to connect with their past and learn their stories. Many of the ProGenealogists researchers became fascinated by family history at a very young age, and their interest grew into careers.

Some members of the team have 20-30 or more years of experience in the field; others hold a degree in family history or an advanced degree in history, library science, or a related field. Ten members of the ProGenealogists team are published authors. All are passionate researchers, problem solvers, and story tellers. Each of the experts has one or more specialties, whether it be, for example, US Southern States, Native American Research, Great Britain, Germany, Eastern Europe, or Latin America. ProGenealogists can do research in just about any area of the world where records are available.

ProGenealogists has helped thousands of clients discover their roots and their family stories over the years. The researchers use records at archives, libraries, courthouses, and other repositories around the world to find original documents for their clients. They also use and other websites extensively in their research. ProGenealogists is based in Salt Lake City, but they work with a large network of colleagues who span the globe. ProGenealogists experts travel to countries like Ireland and Poland to conduct on-site research for their clients. This combination of resources allows the team to find answers others cannot. 10 hours of ProGenealogists time may equal 100 hours of another person’s time.

Why do people hire ProGenealogists? Some clients go to ProGenealogists because they would like to have their family history researched and documented by experts, others because they want to commission a large project that will culminate in a book, others because they have reached a brick wall in their own research and just need help with a particularly problematic research problem.

ProGenealogists conducted much of the research that has been used in four seasons of Who Do You Think You Are? TV episodes. This show has brought family history to an audience of millions. They have conducted research on other television projects, as well as assisted in legal cases looking for the heirs to estates.

ProGenealogists takes their clients on a journey back in time. These talented experts provide their clients with footnoted research reports, and they are sticklers for detail and proof. They also provide copies of original documents illustrating the lives of the families they research. They deliver their research packages in handsome binders or impressive digital presentations.

ProGenealogists operates in an atmosphere of intense collaboration among experts to achieve excellent results. Together, the team can provide very effective service to clients that an individual professional genealogist could not provide alone.

The team also highly values education and mentoring, working to grow the next generation of senior experts. It is an environment where everyone is constantly learning. With all of the genealogical knowledge ProGenealogists holds, they are well positioned to help build its valuable online content and website experience.

ProGenealogists’ clients tell stories of life-changing experiences and mysteries solved. One client was able to learn where his grandmother came from in Croatia, visit his grandmother’s village, and share a meal with cousins who still live there. Another client found his cousins in Ireland, and amazingly one of them operates a genealogy center! A beloved community humanitarian from Wisconsin had been given up by her mother and never knew any family, but ProGenealogists traced her mother and reunited her with her first cousins.

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