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As a country music superstar, Trisha Yearwood has sung her share of emotional songs. But on tonight’s Who Do You Think You Are? she discovers that her 5x great-grandfather’s life actually sounds like one.

Trisha begins her journey with a simple question: who was the first person in her Winslett family line to set foot in America? Her query reveals Samuel Winslett, born in England in 1744 — she’s found her man. And that’s where the story gets really interesting.

She follows Samuel’s trials and tribulations: from being orphaned at a young age to facing a devastating punishment to starting a new life in unfriendly territory. Trisha’s roller coaster journey builds as she uncovers more layers to Samuel’s story in parish records — and more court documents than she could ever imagine. Her immigrant ancestor’s life comes full circle as a story that started with despair ends in redemption, and Trisha concludes that we “draw strength and part of our own character from what comes before us.”

Don’t miss this incredible episode TONIGHT at 9|8c on TLC. And then watch more celebrities discover their family history.


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  1. Debby Tyler

    I just wanted to let you know that our whole family just loves this series. I hope you continue to do it next year. Wish I had the help they did, or could fly to the different places. Looks like so much fun.

  2. Linda Caughron

    I enjoyed the episode with Trisha because it seemed more what most of us are going to find. Not everyone is related to a famous person in history or even a person of means. I really enjoyed her sense of humor. I got a kick out of some of her honest reactions. I live in Tulsa and we are proud to have Trisha call Oklahoma home!

  3. Lynn Campbell

    I think its great that celebrities are given an opportunity to have their ancestry research by some of your best & air nation wide. Great advertisement for business & the celebrity. My questions…do the celebrities get compensation for their appearance? Do they compensate for the research they have done?
    Why would you not choose a current membership paying client who may be struggling along in the process? I’m sure it’s not because their ancestry background may not be as interesting as a celeb. Why would you not mix your programming with celebs AND your dues paying membership? Thank you for your time.

  4. Kay

    Very interesting episode. Trisha seemed very excited and interested through the whole process. How lucky for her to see the property that Samuel once owned. I hope she continues her search and finds where Samuels brothers may have settled and the history of the Yearwood’s.

  5. Jeff Record

    Good solid program – A nice celebrity who made the rest of us feel like we weren’t so different from her. Good genealogical work done via computer through many on line resources other than It was nice to see Trisha Yearwood participate in the process of discovery.
    Overall well done. – Grade B+

  6. I love this show and try to never miss it. I am wondering how much it cost to get such in depth information as these movie stars? My mom and I have been working for years on our ancestors and haven’t gotten so lucky with information. I know our next move may be to go to London to get more info. Any suggestions?

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