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International supermodel Cindy Crawford has humble roots as an “American mutt” in the Midwest, where her family has lived for generations. But she wonders about the rest of her story.

Where did it begin? She starts with an intriguing family question: is she related to Ernest Hemingway through the Hemingway branch of her own family? The 1880 census starts her on the path to that answer — but opens the door to even more questions.

On tonight’s Who Do You Think You Are? Cindy heads to Europe, where she finds an ancestor who left behind a story with more than meets the eye at first glance. As she uncovers the truth about his life, she finds her own deep connection to history.

In an episode that’s anything but ordinary, Cindy finds incredible details in parish records, Quarter Session rolls and rich narratives and is presented with one of the most awe-inspiring pedigree charts you’ve ever seen.

Through it all, she realizes that family history is just that—history— and is a gift she can give her children. Watch tonight at 9|8c on TLC or catch the episode online tomorrow on



Kristie Wells

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  1. Annette

    Sorry, but I have really lost interest this season. Celebs who could afford to hire a professional to help them with their research has always been an issue with me in regard to this show. But with two exceptions, Christina Applegate & Zooey Dashenel, I found my patience and interest going to zero! I am one of those who think the program would be of more interest tracing the history of people who have devoted years to their family history. Will not be watching tonight!

  2. Angela Eisert

    This is so exciting! Some of my family connections have brought me into interesting moments in the past. It is thrilling to seek this information out. Thank You, Cindy and Ancestry, for helping by providing us all this wonderful production. I believe there will be TWO HOURS of this production. HURRAY!

  3. Debra Felps

    I am watching tonight and have found that my family lineage is shared with Cindy Crawford’s. It is amazing to watch and see how my family goes back even further than I have been able to trace. Thanks TLC for this show.

  4. Samantha Clark

    The second they said “Trowbridge” my family and I jumped out of our seats! Captain Thomas is my 10th great-grandfather as well! The program brought us back farther than I could ever go in my research in a matter of minutes. I especially loved learning about dear old Grandpa Charlemagne. Thank you so much!

  5. Crystal C

    I hope posts Cindy’s tree and the research they used to back it up all the way to Charlemange. Thomas Trowbridge is also my 10th great grandfather! So exciting to be able to take my tree back 30+ generations in a one hour show!! What amazing luck! Thanks WDYTYA!

  6. Lynn Burns

    I think the featuring of celebrities is a great idea. First of all it is fun to watch and so interesting. The more people who are attracted to these programs, the more genealogical interest in their own families is stirred up. This leads to more people researching, digging around in family records and putting out that info which in the end helps all of us.

  7. Jeff Record

    Great program, great show, super celebrity. The gentleman at NEGHS was so dignified and informative. I loved the fact that Cindy Crawford was able to completely trace and discover a whole incredible line of her tree. – Grade A.

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