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New records released ranged from New England to the Nevada desert.

By 1882 child labor advocates were gaining ground, and in Connecticut, working children between 8 and 14 had to attend at least 12 weeks of school. In 1895, children under 14 were prohibited from working at “gainful employment” at all. In 1903, the Connecticut State Board of Education issued these School Age Certificates for children over age 14 so they could work.

ct certs


The titles to three more Holocaust databases from our partnership with JewishGen that launced last week speak for themselves:


On the other hand, the title of the Nevada, Death Index, 1980–2012, underpromises and overdelivers a bit, since it provides a date and state of birth as well as a death date. (Which is a better payoff than the last time I played the slots, I can tell you that.)


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