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Almost everyone has a missing detail or a lingering question in their family history. For Christina Applegate, it is the mystery of her father, Robert’s, parents, especially the mother he never knew.

On tonight’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? she uses the one clue she has, Robert’s birth certificate, to search for the truth. Her heartbreaking journey takes her back through her grandparents’ difficult past to find the answers — and help her father find the closure he’s never had. It’s an emotional story you won’t want to miss. Watch live on Tuesdays 9|8c on TLC or view the episodes online.

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  1. Samantha

    My mom and I watched it together. We both cried! The saddest episode I’ve ever seen. :/ But it gave me some good ideas for looking at court records!

  2. Debbie

    I also cried. Much respect for Christina Applegate for her answer to her fathers question about if there was anything good to come out of this. The monument they erected in the cemetery is beautiful.

  3. Steven Ulsas

    I’ve been with for a long time and have used it extensively. The show “Who Do You Think You Are?,” in my opinion, seems to be one big commercial. I believe a better show, and format, is the PBS show, “Finding Your Roots.” They don’t just follow celebrities, but also the common person. Using a bound book, which has been prepared for the person being researched, the show’s host goes through it with the person during the show. They show how the information was obtained as they go through the interview. Much better format than “Who Do You Think You Are?” Much richer and in depth show.

    Still love my

  4. Evelyn Kusiolek

    I agree with Ulsas that the format is much better on Finding Your Roots, than on Who do you think You Are. I’ve been on Ancestry. Com for seven months and ten to fifteen hours a day and enjoy it very much. Carry on and good luck EK.

  5. Just now watched this episode. Lovely and moving.
    Also noticed Lisa Kudrow was one of the producers.

    Wanted to mention, i noticed on the cemetery record which names four people to be buried there, there is also the name Michael Constant* shown on the left side of the paper. Everyone will probably remember, that same name was mentioned in the earlier court records, in Paul Applegate’s court petition. There is much more for the Applegates to discover, in private. God blesses us all~

    *p.s. here is a screen shot of the image.

  6. Angelique

    My adventures on have been shocking. I like the show for giving me ideas for where to look, etc. Agree that others besides stars should be shown. We have interesting stories to tell too. And, some of us could really use the help in the absence of the same resources being available for those who already have the money, contacts, etc to find that “illusive info# only available to those with the EXTRA wherewithal to find it.

  7. Samantha

    The reason they use stars instead of normal people is because nobody would watch the show. For example, I haven’t even heard of that other PBS show. I think Who do You Think You Are? is partly for entertainment and partly for education to broaden the audience.

  8. Pat Osborn

    I’ve been doing genealogy for over 35 years, which was when you had to do it the hard way. In a way it was much more interesting then and also more satisfying when you found that elusive ancestor or a clue that would lead you to the answers you were looking for. I have watched all of the episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? and for the most part have enjoyed them all. However, I found the last two rather boring and over acted. It seems to me that the information they found could have been found by anyone in their position if they were really interested in finding it. I have enjoyed the episodes that were much more in depth as for Lisa Kudrow and Brooke Sheilds. I’m anxious to see what comes up next week with Chelsea Handler. Weird choice of stars you have chosen!

  9. Kristie Wells

    Thank you all for your comments on the show. Christina’s story moved many of us.

    There are still six more episodes to come this season, so get ready – much more goodness to come!

  10. Kristie Wells

    @ Pat Osborn: selects the celebrities, and what is actually shown on the episode.

  11. Shari Ortega

    I too noticed the name on cemetery records that had Michael Constant as the person to authorize the persons to buried in those plots . He may still be alive or find more info about him. That would have added some depth to the show. Hope Christine did not miss that bit of information. It may prove to better understand her grand mother. Also cirrosisis of the liver is not always associated to alcoholism . My gm died with it and did not drink. Hope Christine goes on with further research.

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