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We didn’t want you to miss any of these little gems while recovering from temporary fireworks-induced blindness, excessive barbecue intake, parade fatigue, or simply a really bad sunburn, so here are some of the new records released earlier this summer:


Adoptions can be fantastic for families but hard on genealogists. But you may be in luck if the one you’re looking for took place in Oregon around the turn of the century: Oregon, Adoptions and Name Changes, 1876–1918.


How do you send money to the folks back home in Poland, Russia, or Romania during WWIjewish remit without Paypal? The Jewish Joint Distribution Committee:

New York, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Remittances for Polish Jews, 1915–1918

New York, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Remittances for Russian Jews, 1916–1917

New York, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Remittances for Romanian Jews, 1917–1918


As always, thanks to the volunteers joining with us and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to index records for the World Memory Project. The latest release is USHMM: Łódź, Poland, Vital Records of Jews in the Łódź Ghetto, 1939–1944.


Family history hero of the month honors have to go to Charles R. Hale. In the early 1930s Hale directed a WPA project that transcribed inscriptions on headstones in more than 2,000 Connecticut cemeteries, which you can now access without tromping over hill and dale in Connecticut, Hale Cemetery Inscriptions, 1675–1934.


mex am headerOur offices in Provo and San Francisco actually both sit on land ceded to the United States after these U.S., American Volunteer Soldiers, Mexican War, 1845–1848, took to the battlefield.



And for those of you who want to keep up with what’s going on—or went on—with the genteel folk back home, you’ll find almost 140 years of UK news in the London Gazette (London, England), 1825–1962.






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    I don’t know any other way to contact, so I am trying this. I have been unable to login to Ancestry for two days now. I spent 30 minutes on the support line, tried everything they suggested with no success. When I called back to tell them nothing worked, I waited on hold for over 15 minutes, only to get disconnected. If Ancestry is having problems with the website, it would be nice to post that on their home page or send an email to the subscribers. I understand that problems like this will occur, but I am very disappointed in how Ancestry is handling the problem.

  2. I notice there is a blue banner at the top of all my pages that says

    We’re currently experiencing intermittent problems with family trees. We appreciate you patience as we work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible

    That may or may not be part of your problem.

  3. BEE

    Yes, I’ve been having strange things happen with my trees as well. I’ve gone to my trees and couldn’t get the drop down menu, so I was relieved to see the explanation in the banner.
    I’ve also had trouble on the DNA site as I try to review new additions. It’s so slow! When I clicked on my DNA page, I couldn’t get it to open at all the other day.
    I thought it was my computer, but since it’s not continuous, I’m thinking it’s the site, even though I’m having more ram added.
    I recently purchased a Surface tablet, and now see what others talk about when they speak about the ads. I don’t have any on my PC with Firefox, but there they are on my tablet.
    Hope the problems are cleared up soon.
    Maybe it’s all the changes from “old search” to “new” 🙁

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