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Experience everything you love about family history in 43 fascinating minutes on the season premiere of Who Do You Think You Are? One-hundred-and-fifty years after the start of the Civil War, Grammy-winner Kelly Clarkson discovers her great-great-great-grandfather enlisted with the Union — twice. And she sets out to learn if her own strength and commitment to causes was passed down from him. Kelly’s journey takes her to battlefields, prisons and beyond as she finds out more about her deep roots in American history. Watch Tuesdays 9|8c on TLC.




  1. David Farr

    For those who do not have TLC, could you replay on ancestry so we may view the episodes later?

  2. Shelia

    Am I suppose to be ashamed of my gg grandfathers because they were confederate soldiers. One died in 1862 leaving a wife and five children age 10 and under. The other was a prisoner of war. Many of my ancestors fought to protect their families and homes. They did not own slaves. So to lump all confederates in the same category is shame on you Kelly. Shame on you ancestry for airing her ignorant comments. My family and I stopped watching tonight.

  3. Gerald Bailey

    How caN i WATCH the season premiere of who do you think you are when all I get is some survey and can not getlogged into the program that I would like to watch. Help????

  4. Phyllis

    Thank you for bring back this show. we are all looking for the past. Good, bad or endifferent. One’s joy is anothers pain.

  5. Linda Walden

    Will we be able to see the rest of the show. It was only on for 30 minutes. It stop in the middle of a sentence. I would like to see the rest of the show.

  6. observer

    If you can access, you can watch it on demand for free for the next week. I don’t have TLC on my TV and so I watched it on Comcast for free.

    I can understand Kelly’s relief that her ancestor was on the winning side in the Civil War. She had earlier just sang for the second inauguration of President Obama and clearly was concerned that her ancestor might have fought on the side that wished to continue slavery and secede permanently from the United States. Kelly is also a young woman who is extremely idealistic and had a clear opinion about this. We need more young people who have clarity and certitude about their opinions. Even if they are different than yours or mine or anyone else’s. She was speaking from her heart and not being politically correct. She stands for something she believes in.

  7. Annette

    It was an interesting program and Mr Rose is a 3rd GGF of whom to be proud. I was a little surprised that Ms Clarkson had never heard of Andersonville prison and the temperance movement, but she was obviously sincere in her admiration of her ancestor. However, I have a question regarding the subjects on WDYTYA this year — in the past the program has had a lot of diversity, but this year diversity seems to have disappeared. I have friends who would like to watch a program that deals with trying to trace African-American ancestors, which can be very challenging. Maybe next year?

  8. Linda

    I looked for your show on a tv and could not find it. I was very disappointed. Now I am reading that you have put it on cable channel that I can not get.Way to go guys. Guess I will not be watching.

  9. Linda

    I looked for your show on tv and could not find it. I was very disappointed. Now I am reading that you have put it on a cable channel that I can not get.Way to go guys. Guess I will not be watching.

  10. BEE

    I’ve watched every episode of Who Do You Think You Are? and have enjoyed them all.
    I’ve always wondered if the fellow who was on last year who was told his grandfather was a bigamist was informed that it was a different man with the same name? I was yelling at the TV – check for that family on the previous census!!
    No matter how unusual the name, there is always someone who has the same name, born about the same time, etc.
    I know of at least three other men from my grandfather’s village with the same name and almost the same general “history”, arrived here within a few years of each other and originally settled in the same general area. They knew each other, and were all related in some way.

  11. jo havins

    This program gives a false view to people not familiar with the research involved to locate family. I have had many comments from friends that seem to think from viewing this program that it would only take a few days to trace family back for several generations. Also, it would be nice if a program or 2 would help those of us who are not famous and do not have the resources that Ancestry is able to use to put on a tv program.

  12. Kyran

    I watched it. I didn’t realize what a ditz Kelly Clarkson is. She doesn’t know what “temperance” is? If she said “Oh, my GOSH!” one more time…

  13. Jacki

    I was worried I wouldn’t be able to see the show now that it’s on cable, but I had no trouble watching it on TLC online. I appreciated Kelly’s enthusiasm and didn’t find it at all troublesome that she didn’t immediately recognize historical places or terminology. She’s a young girl and that’s how she sounded.

  14. Tony

    The girl is typical of the ignorant youth these days. She has no clue of what the War was about or much about anything in the history of this nation. It was pretty sad that it had such a anti -Southern, anti – constitution and “it was all about slavery” slant.

  15. Annette

    For those who are not aware: the network television station that had carried the program did not renew it, therefore going to cable rather than not having any program at all was a good choice. Isn’t TLC on the lineup of most cable companies as part of their service at no extra charge?

  16. scwbcm

    I really like the shows but please do all the women have to cry. I feel like it is the 1950’s. Are they going to run in high heels and fall down? Or perhaps stand there and scream while the men fight. This is not personal against Kelly and again I like the shows. On the positive side I really enjoy the locations and seeing some of the faces of researchers.

  17. Floyd

    I was very disappointed with this first episode of Who Do You Think You Are. It only researched one relative who lived into the 1900s. Kelly’s lack of knowledge on so many issues was unbelievable. This program was scripted to show the South in a bad light when anyone studying history would know there were Union prisons in the North just as bad as Andersonville in the South. There was a recent TV program about this very issue.

  18. BEE

    I’m just happy to have this entertaining program with people willing to share their family history. Regardless what we think, it’s unfortunate that some criticize a young woman in print for her lack of knowledge of “American History”.
    If I hadn’t shared the information, I doubt that my Northern and Southern grandchildren would have known anything about their ancestors who fought and died on both sides of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and if I hadn’t read the book “Andersonville” many years ago, I might not have known about it either.
    Perhaps the blame should be placed on schools that don’t teach American History as well as it should be taught, but then again, not everyone gets as caught up in it as I did when it was taught in my high school days many years ago.
    I’m sure if I were hearing stories about my third great-grandfather, I would be in tears as well.

  19. scwbcm

    I made a point of saying it was not personal about Kelly. It is about the format and possibly the directing. The crying happens in show after show. Or maybe some of the men need to cry once in a while. How about a different way of showing emotion. The photo of the prisoner was shocking, sickening, etc. It just feels a little too much like either a 1950’s TV show with emotional women or a “reality” show. And keep in mind that not all of the moments are as spontaneous as they appear to be. And again I like the show. I think it is wonderful to see young people like Kelly getting involved and it drew my son in.

  20. Annette

    People keep posting that Clarkson is a “young girl,” when she is actually almost 32 years old, which makes her an adult woman in my book. The fact that she talks like some teenagers doesn’t mean that she is one.

  21. Kendra

    THANK you for making this show! I was able to watch it easily online and will watch each of them a couple times as it is a way of living the dream to have personal tours by historians.

    I really don’t understand some of the bitter comments but i thank you for making these episodes that teach things that weren’t passed down by previous generations

  22. Jeff Record

    Thank-you Kelly Clarkson for being interested enough to look into your own personal family history, and also for learning about things you did not know about before. Thank-you for sharing these things with the rest of us. I know that your mom must really appreciate what you did for her. The rest if your family will appreciate it too – think of all you have learned that you can now share with generations to come! Congrats to you Kelly Clarkson on a search well intentioned, and in the end well done. Best regards, J. Record

  23. I like the show and I am very disappointed that the line isn’t as diverse as it was in the past shows. I also agree with the earlier commenter about having people on the show that don’t have the resources to find all of this. As for Kelly is concerned I will admit she annoyed me a little as well but her lack of knowledge is of most of our youth today. I applaud her for trying to find out about history and I hope that it made her want to learn more. I know my children are not as interested as I am when it comes to genealogy it is viewed as history some like it and some don’t.

  24. Rashawn

    I am glad the show is back on and perhaps putting Kelly’s episode on first was partly a move to draw in younger viewers who might not otherwise be interested in family history. She expressed genuine interest in connecting with her family and learning about herself, which is important.

    I personally didn’t relate as strongly to her and the way the episode was framed, but I just reminded myself that I have felt the same way about some prior episodes as well. Sometimes the way the information is presented or the celebrities themselves just aren’t quite a engaging. But I watch anyway because it is still interesting and informative. The next episode with Christina Applegate felt more deeply grounded and personal to the people involved and I enjoyed it more.
    Now if we could only get more diversity in the personalities presented…hopefully next season!

  25. scwbcm

    I wanted to post back. Now having watched several of this seasons shows I am very pleased with the series. I was at first concerned that the show was drifting into being a bit too melodramatic or too much like a reality show but I have not found it to be that way. I am really enjoying the shows.

    My comments were never meant to be personal toward Kelly. Again, I really enjoyed the show. My favorite part with Kelly was seeing her with her mom who must have been a pillar for Kelly. I never doubted that the Clarkson’s had strong women. I just wasn’t sure what direction the show itself was headed towards. Now I am more confident the series is going to continue to be terrific.

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