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As you probably know, we acquired 1000memories – maker of the popular Shoebox photo-scanning app – in late 2012. Since then we’ve integrated our teams and today we’re taking a big step towards integrating our products.


We’re excited to introduce Shoebox from – a brand new version of the Shoebox mobile scanner that allows you to upload photos directly to your family tree on There has never been a simpler, faster, and more beautiful way to scan your old photos.

Shoebox puts a powerful photo-scanner in your pocket. Just take a picture of an old paper photo with your iPhone or Android camera, and our edge detection and perspective-correction technology will make sure that your scans turn out beautifully.


What You’ll Find on ShoeBox 3.0 login

You can now use your credentials to log into Shoebox. You can also sign up for a free account through the app.

Tag family members

Our face detection tells you when it spots a person so you can tag them in your photo. Tag people in your family trees and your photos will automatically upload to

Simpler, faster, and more beautiful

We’ve totally overhauled our design to make it cleaner and more intuitive. We’ve made your photos larger and faster than ever.


The completely redesigned Shoebox app is available for download on iTunes and the Android Market. You can scan an unlimited amount of photos and it’s totally free.


  1. Cindy Secrest

    I just used the new scanner app and it was awesome. I made a copy to my photo editing software, edited and then reposted on my page. Thank you Ancestry. I do wish there was an iPad app though.

  2. Lois

    I downloaded to my iPad from the iTunes app. It mentions the iPad but now I’m not sure how to use it. HELP!

    • Trevor Thacker

      Lois, When you open the Shoebox app on your iPad, it will ask you to either log in with Ancestry or sign up for an account. If you sign in to your Ancestry account, you can select a tree from the account to add a picture. After choosing a tree, it will go straight to the camera to start taking pictures. When you take the picture it will come up with the options to crop, rotate, and tag it as necessary. You can then click on the green “Save” button to upload it to your tree.

  3. Lois

    Please be more specific about who can use Shoebox. It is not compatible with my Android tablet.

  4. Lois

    Thanks, Trevor. I also realized that I can take a picture with my iPad, Crop and edit in my camera roll, open the person’s page where I want to upload a picture and upload from the camera roll. There is also an option to take a picture when the upload media page is open and then upload that. Is this a new option that ancestry has put on just for the iPad? Oh technology! I really don’t think I need the Shoebox app if I can follow these steps…unless you can give me some great advantages to having it.

  5. Marcelle Galluzzo

    I was really disappointed to see this is not compatible with my Android tablet. I was hoping the new version would be. Are there any plans for a tablet version?

  6. Nancy Erbland

    I scanned a picture into my iphone 4 and after scanning it OK, I added the given name, Surname, and gender and now the circle that shows it’s completing the scan just keeps on and on and won’t stop! Now, I can’t do another scan because this window with the rotating circle keeps coming up ad infinitum. Help!

  7. shirley

    I would like to know where to find all the info I had saved in the “shoebox”..I haven’t been into my account for awhile and now I can’t find all the info I had saved over time..I am sorry that I renewed my subscription at this point…very disappointed for all the time wasted over years and info lost in the “shoebox”.

  8. Dee Turner

    I was hoping I could grab some on-line data such as a City Directory listing, scan it and add to an ancestor’s pictures.

    Also, I don’t know how to use this with year’s of Ancestry’s Shoebox files. Are they amenable with this app?

    Thank you.

  9. Hi all!

    Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy Pocket cell phone with Android version 2.3.6.

    On Shoebox app page on GooglePlay it says that app requires Android version 2.3 and up (mine is up – 2.3.6). It also says

    This app is incompatible with your device.

    I don’t know why, previously I downloaded and installed Ancestry app and it works just fine for me.

    Sincerely yours,

    Fr. Ivan Delic


  10. Kimberly Mark

    I just downloaded the shoebox app to my I-phone 4.
    I had no problem adding pictures off my camera roll on my phone.
    What I want to know is when you scan a picture and you don’t like it how do you delete it?
    I blurred a picture and I could not figure out how to redo it.
    Kim Mark

  11. George Russell

    I use Shoebox on my iPad. I’m getting a lot of images associated with it and would like to delete them from my iPad but leave them on and my FTM. Is this possible or do I need to leave those images on the iPad forever?

    Thanks, George

  12. Cheryl ward

    Loaded app onto iPhone but can’t log in either with email and password or through Facebook. Egads! It is frustrating

  13. Keith Carnley

    My mother has a large, framed photo on her wall from 1918. It is too fragile to attempt to remove from the frame and besides that too large for most flat-bed scanners. How well does this app scan framed photos? All of my attempts to capture it with my digital camera has given poor results, mostly flash and/or lighting related.

  14. R Weber

    I have a Kindle Fire which is Android — but unable to download the Ancestry app Shoebox. Will it be available for Kindle Fire devices soon?

  15. Ron Heard

    To add to Kim Mark’s question, I have uploaded several photos since learning about “ShoeBox.” These photos, however, only appear on my IPad. They don’t appear on either my Dell Laptop in either FTM2014 or Dell Laptop Windows 8!?

    How do I make this happen?

    Next, is there an owner/operator manual I can read to answer a host of these questions such as Kim’s request to delete certain photos, and download a particular photo as the primary?!?

    I’m only halfway to where I really want to be with this app, but I like what I see so far!

    Colorado Springs

  16. Jeff Zupan

    Add me to the list of no compatible device. It’s only a Samsung Tab2 7.0. one of the most popular ones out there!
    Or is this one of those stupid apps that only work on phones?

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