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Are you ready for some new tools to help process your hundreds (or thousands) of AncestryDNA matches?

DNA is turning out to be a fantastic and fascinating new tool for family history research. As the AncestryDNA database continues to grow, so does the number of potential matches you receive. To help turn more of those matches into valuable leads, you can now search for surnames and locations in your AncestryDNA matches’ family trees.

It’s simple.

Click on the Search matches box on the right side of your AncestryDNA results page.

This will open the search bar. It includes two search boxes. The one on the left is for surname. (You have an option to include similar surnames if you don’t want to limit yourself to an exact search.) The second box is for location.

Say you’re working on your Frost family line. You can type Frost in the surname box and bring up all of your AncestryDNA matches with family trees that have Frosts in them.

If you want to limit your Frosts to Tennessee, add Tennessee to the location search box.

Or maybe you want to scour the region of North Carolina your Blount ancestors passed through. You can leave the surname box empty, enter Rutherford, North Carolina, into the location search box and see who else has Tar Heels in their trees.

The trees on add exponential value to your AncestryDNA test because data collected in trees can turn your AncestryDNA results into names and places from your family’s past. Now, surname and location searches can help you get to those names and places even faster. Which is a good thing, because the way the database keeps growing, new matches shouldn’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Already have your DNA results? Check out the new search features.

Or try AncestryDNA for yourself.


  1. Stacey Harper

    Hi, my mother was 49 when she passed away in 2001. She was adopted and we only have a first name of her natural mother. I want to find my Grandmother and aunts. One is her younger sister named Ellyn, she had a husband named Frank and 2 daughters. I have tried looking either one of them up, but my search returned no results. I want to join your site, but am not sure that my Grandmother can be located by 1st name only. I know she is old and lived in Arizona, but that’s it. Is this enough info. to help me find her?

  2. Marjorie Williams

    I like the new search features but I have a few complaints: 1) Unknown should not be a match criteria. 2) I can not get the ‘sort by’ selection to stay on “Date”. 3) I have several matches of the same people…”SM”, “CV”, etc. 4) Those matches that I have looked at have not gone to the last page, they stay on the same page that I am looking at.

  3. Chuck Edmonds

    Tremendous addition. Found three or matches to distant and closer cousins that I was looking for. This really increases the power of the test. Now, if there were not so many private trees it would be even better.

  4. rockboy47

    Fantastic! I had suggested this feature months ago and I’m thrilled to see that figured it out. Now maybe I can figure out why I keep getting so many hits on the “Bruner” name!

  5. kimberly genereux

    My family surname is Generous. Professionally I decided to go by Genereux for 3 reasons. 1. My grandmother (Tryon; roots very DAR, but she had a Dane grandmother) believed that the Generous’s were French Hugeonot/originally Genereux and had changed it to sound more American (Lots of French did this) 2. Genereux does not get silly comments like Generous. 3. My Dad abandoned our family, as his own father did, and I didn’t feel much surname loyalty.
    THANKS TO ANCESTRY, from my autosomal DNA results I found that I am nearly 50% Scandinavian and no western European. So my Grandmother’s hunch WRONG. Looks like Generous may have been translated from a Viking nickname from days of y’or. I even found a Viking named “Brand the Generous” at a Viking history site…Very fascinating. Actually my Dad and his brothers were all tall, blonde or reddish hair and very viking looking.
    Anyway, now my name change seems completely fake and I’m thinking I should change it to a Scandinavian word for generous. Or maybe just go back to Generous, and live with the name jokes. Any opinions from readers of my post?

  6. For the last couple of days I cannot get into my matches on the DNA website for Is anyone else having this problem? When does anticipate coming up with a fix. It is very frustrating.


  7. Robin Bittner

    I have a question about Ancestry DNA. My great grandmother lived to be 94 without once giving even a hint of who my grandfather’s father was. Do not know if he was the result of a failed romance, a one time tryst, incest or rape. Just no idea. Assuming that relatives of this unknown man have submitted their DNA, will the ancestry test allow me to nail down a specific person as my great grandfather? If not, how close can I get? Thank you.

  8. BEE

    I can’t add a note to some of my entries, and when I tried to add “feedback”, it would not send.

  9. Dee_Hale_Shear

    So far I have not found anyone from my DNA. The closest has been 4 or 5th relation. So far none of them have matched anything I have already found.
    I am curious, do blood transfusions change the results on a DNA test? I received 3 units of whole blood after surgery. Shortly after that I participated in the DNA drive.
    Also, I can not find any information about my paternal family. I know the last name of one of my great grandparents, but I don’t know if they are my Grandfathers or my Grandmothers. I know they lived in Ky. before moving to Mo. It seems they did not exist before that. How can I get over this stumbling block?
    On my Mothers side, I have found many Revolutionary War Veterans. I am interested in joining the DAR. Can help find the proof I will need?
    Thank you Dee_Hale_Shear

  10. DoloresHudson61

    I can’t get my matches to open past “evaluating your tree information”. These glitches are getting very annoying. I hope to be able to use the new features soon. So thank you, I think….

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