Posted by Aaron Orr on May 6, 2013 in Mobile, Website

More discoveries can happen with our mobile app with the new Pedigree View and Photo Hints. Our Ancestry App is great wherever you go or wherever you are in today’s busy world.  Whether at the train station, your couch, or at Aunt Edna’s house, take those moments to quickly view or add something to your tree or make a completely new discovery with the Ancestry Mobile App.

Recently, we added some functionality to the app including a Pedigree View and Photo Hints.

Pedigree View

There are two ways to view your tree on the iOS app.  The Pedigree view shows direct ancestors.  The Family view shows all relationships including siblings, spouses, and children. Toggle between these views with the buttons at the top of your screen.

Photo Hints

For the past year or so, the iOS app has provided you with hints to records about your ancestors.  With the new Photo Hints you can now find pictures of your ancestors, too. Plus you can easily share your discoveries with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Download or Update Your Ancestry App Today

Haven’t tried the Ancestry app out yet? iPhone or iPad users can download it here:  iTunesAndroid users will find the app at Google Play or Amazon Appstore. (The Android app doesn’t have photo hints yet, but stay tuned.)  If you have already downloaded the Ancestry app, check your updates to be sure you have the latest version.  


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