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Chris Burton was simply hoping to discover his ancestors’ homelands when he took his AncestryDNA test. But when his test results came in, Chris, who was adopted at birth, learned he had a close family connection, possibly a first cousin. Would that link him to his birth family?

Watch the whole story unfold as Chris sits down with Katie Couric on Katie!

This is just one example of the power of making new family connections. See what you can discover about yourself with AncestryDNA. Now $99. Get your AncestryDNA test today.

Chris and his Mom talk about the past and our own Ken Chahine describes the kinds of connections that have already been made through AncestryDNA.



    • Trevor Thacker

      Hi Frances, Not at this time, unfortunately. We are working to comply with regulations & operational aspects of offering the DNA test outside the US at this time.

  1. Andrea Booth

    I too, took the DNA test and I am eagerly waiting to see what it reveals. I, too, have a missing child and it would be a miracle if we connected. Also, what IS my background? Should I start wearing my horned Viking hat or my little Dutch cap? Thank you,, and also Katie Couric for her wonderful reunion show.

  2. Virginia Kessinger

    It would have been so nice if I could hear, but
    I can not, and do require close captioning or the written text, neither of which was available
    with this/these videos. If you could possibly
    do so, please send me the written text – sounds
    like something I would be interested in doing.

  3. Angela Spinner

    I so want to do this but its not available in Canada yet. Is there any timeline of when it will be available in Canada?

  4. Judith Scanlon

    I am also an adoptee and have tested with and have a predicted 3rd cousin match there. However, if you are a adoptee you are encouraged to do the autosomal DNA test with all three companies,, 23andMe and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). Fishing in all three DNA ponds is best as it will give you the best chance of receiving a closer match, and will also allow you to use the different tools and resources offered by each of the three companies. For those living outside the USA, 23andMe and FTDNA accept DNA samples from outside the USA so you can test there first, and then with once they make the test available outside the USA. Adoptees are also encouraged to join (free)the group AdoptionDNA on Yahoo where they can get advice from experienced “search angels” about DNA testing, where to test first, what type of tests to take, and get help help interpreting your results.

  5. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to ever do the new AncestryDNA test. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. I have contacted many 3rd and 4th cousins, and even met in person and had mini family reunions for the last 2 years with some of my 3rd cousins. As more do the test and results are found even more will be able to be researched and found, which then helps everyone to know and understand how and why we all tie in together. Also, as an extra added bonus, I have been able to actually prove and tie in to my family tree several VIP’s. Would be nice if there were a new tv show that took different people who have done the DNA test and show their lineage and the people they have newly met as close cousins…
    I still have 4 percent of my DNA that has not been specifically designated to be of a specific origin, and I am anxious to get this sorted out for sure.
    Lastly, when one does the DNA test, as new things are found out your results are automatically updated. But the best part is at the results are not only your dad’s line and mom’s line but everything in between. This is the first DNA test to do that.

  6. Lynn Fox helped me find my Step-Dad’s Daughter that he had not seen since she was around 8. I searched a lot and found nothing. I finally found her Birth Certificate and it was so easy from there up to present. When I found her I emailed and she was ecstatic. She thought her Father was dead. They then reunited over the phone. So, I then flew her and her daughter to meet him 18 months ago. She was thrilled. He was too. I guess I am just trying to tell everyone to not give up. The info is out there and now that Ancestry has redone their site it will be easier. THANK YOU ANCESTRY.COM

  7. Arlene Miles

    It sure is nice for the few great connections we hear about. What about the rest of us who can not get matches closer than our eight cousins as a test result, only to find out they do not even have a tree posted.
    When is going to give us a better and easier way to interpret our raw data? You could be looking at a big withdrawal from Ancestry users if you wait or just never give us what we need.
    I know you can do this, what is taking so long?

  8. Yelanda McCray

    Katie Couric story was heart warming about Chris Burton to reconnet with family he never knew about. I could relate to Chris’s story because for forty years I never knew my mother side of her family and she knew very little about them. I decided to use the DNA test to find out any information about her side of the family.After 2 years of waiting I finally recieve my results and I must say the results was shocking. I discovered that my heritage goes back 150,000 years and that i was connect to some very famous people. My result led me back to the Arabian Peninsula and the people that i was related to (pedigree)was actually introduce on a recent televison show “The Bible” by Roma Downey and other show was introdue by Showtime written by Michael Hurst “The Tudors”. I must say since the shows have aired on television it’s kinda weird watching the actors play the parts of my ancestors, but i just wish i could connect with the descendants of my ancestors, which I know will never happen. Until then i will just remain in the shadows and keep the memories on my tree and past it down for generation to come and just remain in the shadows. Thanks for listening.

  9. Jennifer

    I was kind of hoping for something like this to happen to me. My mom was adopted. It seemed like a long shot, but I knew there was a chance a close relative from her biological family also took the DNA test. No such luck, however. I have a handful of matches for 4th to 6th cousins, and even more for 5th to 8th cousins. But nothing closer. I wonder if getting my mom to take this test might yield more positive results. I have to believe that some of my DNA matches are through the DNA I inherited from my mom. I keep looking at the list of names and wondering which ones are related to my mom’s bio family.

  10. Lauren

    Jennifer, I am in the same situation with my mother being adopted. I decided that I would order the test and I’m going to give it to my mother for mother’s day for her to take. I do hope that the DNA will reveal more! I’m so excited to find out something!

  11. Texashoss

    That is so awesome that people can discover their family heritage through Ancestry DNA. I am glad to hear that you could connect families together who might not know if they have any relatives out there. Keep up the good work.


    Thomas Campbell

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