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Sometimes the scales of justice balance slowly.

Henry O. Flipper, the first black graduate of West Point, was charged with embezzlement while serving as a buffalo soldier. The image is from the monthly return that notes his arrest in 1881.



He was found not guilty but was still dismissed from the Army for conduct unbecoming an officer. The Army finally gave him his honorable discharge in 1976, and President Bill Clinton granted a full pardon in 1999.

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    I just checked my trees and see the “change”, and I agree, I don’t like it! There are definitely “real problems and issues” that should be dealt with. I’ve been dealing with “ghost hints” for almost a year now. While the assistance I have received, has been very good and helpful, the problem continues. I don’t particularly like the new way to add information from a document either. While it’s good to see the information on the overview page, it seems I’m forever removing duplicate information because I didn’t change to name that appeared to the name of the spouse, so now I have two spouses. Also, how in the world to add the document to a child that isn’t recorded yet when one parent is deceased. If I add it, it adds another “child” with parent unknown instead of the original couple. I must be missing something, but I can’t figure that out.
    I don’t think they have found a way – yet – to add all the names on a census without repeating one that has already been posted, which would be a great help, especially to those people who don’t realize that “Susy” born 1888 is the same person as “Susie” born in 1889, and they have 8 or ten children attached to a family that might have a maximum of five children!
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  6. Interesting fact of history to know more what happens in those times of slavery and colonization of other regions of the world and thus became independent

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    I’m sorry. As the mother of a retired Air Force officer and another son who was Army Special Forces, I meant no disrespect to Henry Flipper, but this blog had no messages for 8 days, so once someone got “off topic” and others voiced their complaints, I saw no reason why I shouldn’t add my displeasure with this “View relationship to me” change, especially if there is someone out there monitoring the comments.

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