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Since the very first morning after leaving home until just yesterday, we have met so many people who have gone out of their way to come meet us and tell us their story. We somewhat expected this to happen since we are driving an enormous bright green motorhome with pictures of our ancestors covering the sides, but what we didn’t expect was the variety and range of people who would be so excited to share their story with us.

Since that first day, we have met hundreds of people and the best part about it is that they are of all ages, races, genders and backgrounds. They have all had a unique story to tell and it is one of the highlights of our day when someone walks up to us with a curious look on their face and starts asking questions. It has happened so many times by now that we can almost see the story coming from the look in their eyes. It gets even better when our kids get to hear their story because inevitably their curiosity will get the better of them and they will start asking questions, even hours or days later. Sometimes we will have something in common with our new friends, but more often than not, we learn about people, places and times that we previously knew very little about.  We have heard stories about ancestors who were on the Titanic, others who were horse thieves, others who were Vikings with very unusual names, and others who started businesses or were involved in the arts and whose contribution to society have left a lasting legacy. Family history stories are inspiring, always interesting, and sometimes quite hilarious, but regardless of whether they make us laugh or cry, we love to hear your stories and we look forward to meeting you at our next stop.

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  1. Ronald M. Harriman

    You have posted an erroneous listing for an ancestor. Virgil G. Harriman was never married to a Leonarda. His only wife, my mother was Nora Ann Ritzman Harriman. Please give your site some authenticity and correct this record.

  2. Gayle Ashley

    Your adventure is very exciting! Come to visit us in Dayton, OH!

    The Museum of The United States Air Force would be a wonderful thing for your family to see!

  3. Jennifer Cooper (Spicer Relative)

    Brown family. Have pics of Spicer relatives from Wilkes County, NC. These are relatives found in the Spicer Family book published by Bernard Spicer. Spicer family renunion still held every year in Wilkes County. Please contact.

  4. What a fantastic idea! I would love to do it here in AUSTRALIA .
    When we retire we want to travel around Our Wonderful Country.
    This would be a great way to do it. We should start planning now.
    Thank you.

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