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This is a good one, follow if you can…my Grandpa Wilkinson has an aunt Mabel. I never knew her because she died in 1969 and lived in another state. But I was given a letter that she had written to my Grandpa. It tells all about her life and family in Birmingham, Alabama.

We are here to find her two grandsons that we were led to believe still lived here. As I was doing some research today on, I had the thought that maybe her children would still be alive, so I checked it out. Mabel had 3 kids, Dixie, who only had one son and he passed away as a child, Don, who moved to Georgia, and Santa. Santa was her daughter and our main link, because she was the mother of the 2 grandsons here in Birmingham.

We had been discussing this for days. Rob was making lunch and the kids were eating nearby while I discovered that unfortunately all of Mabel’s 3 children had already passed away…I said to Rob, “They’re all gone.” Rob said, “What?” Looking confused. Apparently he didn’t hear me so I said, “Santa’s dead”. Not noticing that Harvey was sitting across the table, until a few minutes later he asked, “Dad, who’s gonna bring our presents?” A good laugh feels so good! Look how much fun Family History can be! The search continues for Santa’s sons and yes, I am sure there must be a very interesting story behind her name. Why would anyone name their daughter Santa? We are gonna find out!

Shortly before, I had walked into the kitchen to hear Sophie telling George all about his “an sisters.” Gotta love that! We are having a blast out here on the road. We just found a family history tie in Atlanta, so I think we’re headed there next!



  1. Ces Bishop

    What a cute story. I look forward to reading about how Santa got her name.

    Rob, you’re so fortunate to have Mabel’s letter. I have a similar letter from a step great grand aunt and it’s fascinating reading. I don’t know about you but it makes my family research even more meaningful since I have a window into what life was like in the 1800s.

  2. Anne

    I have a theory on Santa’s name — maybe she was born on Christmas! I am a Christmas baby, and my parents seriously considered calling me “Merry Christmas Peterson.” No joke! 🙂

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