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Well, well, well… there you are Trouble…it’s been awhile. Yes, we had a bit of a setback, last night somewhere between New Orleans and our destination, Birmingham Alabama, we were given notice (a series of very loud honking) by a trucker to pull over. We pulled over and discovered the trailer we are towing with our van inside was smoking near the rear tire. Low and behold, the bearings were shot! So we called AAA. We were told since we didn’t have an exact location (deep inside the backwoods of Mississippi, doesn’t work), they couldn’t help. We had to get to a mile marker or a town. Pitch black outside, Rob decides to remove the tire, and try to drive without it (we have a double axle). When he came back in, he said, “I don’t know what’s freekier, taking off a tire next to a semi passing by or being completely alone on the highway, knowing down in those woods and swamp lands could be alligators!” I drove the van, to relieve stress and weight on the… trailer, and followed Rob into the closest town. Welcome to Meridian, Mississippi ( and yes as I typed that, I smiled as I spelled Mississippi in my mind!). We found a Wal-Mart and prepared to camp there for the night only to realize we were out of propane. So that only means, no heat, no hot water, and the fridge turns off. Oh yeah, no oven or stove either. So cold cereal it was, warmest jammies, and ice for the cooler to keep the milk cold. NO ONE has propane for your 40 gallon tank at night! This morning we found some Mississippi repair men to fix the trailer, while we drove around to see the sights with the kids while they worked (not a lot to see so this didn’t take long). We got propane and now we are about an hour from Birmingham! Taking it all in stride…and enjoying the ride! Trouble go away!

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  1. Ces Bishop

    I’ve been catching up on your blog. What a fabulous experience for the children…and for you. I suspect your kids will always be curious about their background and that of others. So many of us (me included) didn’t have that curiosity until it’s too late — too late to ask parents and grandparents about their lives.

    So glad you’re sharing your adventure with us.

  2. teresa lance

    Congrats on your trip and finding out about your back ground. My maiden name is Brown and we started in NY and then moved south and the north again.
    Wish you luck and hope for no bad luck again

  3. teresa lance

    Best of luck. My Browns started in NY and moved to SD and then up North again. Have fun learn what u can and enjoy yourselves. Might do this someday.

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