Posted by Member Services Social Support Team on January 7, 2013 in Campaigns

We were recently discussing several experiences we have had with members that we have met along our trek. We mused at what they must have expected us to be like as they approached us. The vast majority of the people we interact with here on and in the various cities and states we visit have no past experience with our family. So, I thought today, that I might do a little introduction for you all.  First of all, Rob and I are a typical married couple. We have a lot of fun together, work together and yes we often times irritate each other as well. Having said this, we are of course happily in love and thrilled to be spending so much time together and with our children. Our children didn’t come to us easily, we waited for them longer than most couples and were thrilled when they arrived, each one, some closer together and quicker than we expected, but still such a blessing. Audrey is our oldest and she is a normal 10 year old.  She loves to read, dream about being a princess and tease her siblings. She has an amazing ability to memorize and absorb information. This trip will be forever in her mind. She will learn more seeing this country first hand, than she ever would have learned from a textbook. She is blessed with a very creative mind and incredible curiosity. Audrey has a best friend and partner-in-crime, and it just happens to be her, 7 year old, sister Sophie. Sophie is our little perfectionist. She is so competitive and driven. So strong yet so tender hearted and sweet, Sophie loves being out here on such a grand  adventure, but struggles with missing friends and family back home. The girls may not admit to you their fondness for each other, but we see it every day. This trip has strengthened our children’s relationships with each other due to the simple facts of necessity and accessibility. They are all they’ve got out here on the road and it is kind of nice to see them learning to value each other more. Our three little Amigos…Harvey, George, and Sam are like any other brothers, they wrestle, they tease, and they play, play, play! Their little conversations, comments and questions keep us in stitches. They are so curious about everything, from the trailer behind the motorhome to the jacks underneath. It is so fun to see them learning and exploring.

We are just amazed at the experiences we are having as a family. Although, this adventure is exciting and an enormous blessing for our family, it doesn’t come without trials. We struggle with work, budgets, mealtimes, mechanical repairs, laundry and other cleaning, naptimes and bedtimes, schedules, school work, family commitments, relationships here and at home, and sometimes just getting to and fro is not without obstacles. But, we are driven! We are excited. We are searching for more and are willing to sacrifice to find it. We want to know what we are made of, and what characteristics we inherited from our ancestors that will help us not only on this journey, but throughout our lives and the lives of our children. We are just a normal little family, trying to make it work, yet finding strength in the lives of those who lived long ago.

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