Posted by Member Services Social Support Team on January 7, 2013 in Campaigns

Happy New Year! The stories of 2012 are now “in the books” as they say and although it is a little chilly down here in Galveston we are pinching ourselves just to make sure we are really here on this incredible adventure. We look forward to the New Year and we couldn’t be more excited about our resolutions.

We feel like we are really starting to get into the groove. We had to make some real sacrifices to make this trip happen but we have been very fortunate along the way and it has been absolutely worth it.  We have never spent more time together learning about the people and places that make this country great and how our ancestors have been a part of it all. For example, we discovered last night that Rob’s 9th Great Grandparents John and Rebecca Throckmorton were some of the first members of the first Baptist Church in America and are on the list of Original Members in 1638.  It was a really cool discovery and we can’t wait to get to Rhode Island to see where it all happened.

We are also looking forward to meeting more great people along our journey. We meet people almost every day that are really excited about their family history and take the time to tell us all about their ancestors. It is always fascinating to observe what they find most interesting. For some the most important thing is how far back they have gone. For others they want to share the important people that are related to them. And for others it is all about the unlikely hero or the underdog who overcame difficult odds to achieve something great. Whatever their story, it is always amazing for us to hear their stories and to observe what they value most about their family history.