Posted by Aaron Orr on December 28, 2012 in Website

Every year Google reviews thousands of apps and selects their top picks—we’re pleased to share that our Ancestry app for Android is one of Google’s top picks of 2012!

A recent update to the Ancestry app for Android introduced hints so members can make new family discoveries from the convenience of their phone or tablet. The app automatically syncs with members’ trees on so they can view or update their tree anywhere.

It’s an honor to be one of Google’s top picks, but we’re not finished yet. We still have a lot of plans to improve the mobile experience and a list of feature requests from our members to work through.

A big thanks to the product and development teams who played a part in the apps making.


  1. karen F

    I love There is so much information on there at your fingertips. If you are interested in genealogy, then this is a great site.

  2. Jayne

    When will your website be fixed? I just joined and the site continues to fail to update the hint information I select.

  3. John

    When will the app save something without giving an error, actually sync, not complain about network issues whether mobile broadband or WiFi, not create multiple entries for the same thing if i do hit save more than once even though you give me an error and constantly ask me to rate it? I really want to give this app a good rating and subscribe, but if it doesn’t start working it won’t be worth it.
    Check the reviews in GooglePlay for the app the bugs I report are affecting most of the reviews the app has been getting.

  4. Adrian

    Website is still failing to add any hints you click on. I keep getting error messages. Its been going on for about 4 days. Very frustrating. Love this site, but this needs to be resolved.

  5. Chris

    I’m using the website via Internet Explorer, not the app, and it’s failing as well. It was working, but again is having problems. Hopefully your tech guys and gals will figure out what the issues are and fix them permanently, soon. It’s frustrating to be paying for use of a site and not to have access to all its features, or to have the site be so slow I can make a sandwich and come back and it’s still not updated.

  6. Monika

    There are a lot of people who must be starting the New Year visiting Your program is as sluggish as mollases today, regardless which one of my computers I try to get you on! Hope you can fix that soon! Happy New Year!

  7. Aaron

    Does the Android app work on the Google Chrome machines? Love my ipad/iphone apps. Both work very well.

  8. Tobi

    When will you add the dynamic tree like it is used already on iOS systems and the webpage to the Android app? This would be a really awesome improvement!

  9. Betty Dahlstedt

    I recently installed this app on my new NEXUS 7.
    I use FTM on my regular laptop. This is linked to my tree on Ancestry. I made a test change to my tree on Ancestry via the app for Android (Nexus 7).
    Then went to my laptop and synced the tree. It worked perfectly. Yes, it was only one item, not a big test. I am still learning my way around Nexus, that has to come first, but I think this app will be ok.

  10. jjason

    I just have to say as a long time member of ancestry and a genealogist from nefor there was internet, that I have found that this app is great for what it is,

    this is an extension of the larger site.

    I can even see that they are working it toward a stand alone product and with the frequent updates it is moving at a good speed. while not as convinient as having a laptop or full web browsing experiance of a desktop, for being able to work my ancestry family trees to be priceless. please don’t be fikle or cry about technical issues that are mostly due to operating system limitations that the ancestry coders can do nothing about. this free product is being updated frequently and is more user friendly with more features with every update. its an unbelievable free extension that ancestry has provided us members who use mobile devices with an amazing tool. no spam or advertisements.
    her is an example: I was visiting my cousin who had a letter written by our ggm. I was able to photograph it with phone and upload the pic to her ancestry database right there. when I got home all I had to do was log into web site and sync my ftm and bam there it was. its simply amazing, great work to the coders and site builders at ancestry. they are the forgotten hero’s of this new digital genealogy revolution.

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