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Following adoption, half-sisters Betty Lou and Delores were separated for eight decades, until summer 2012, when they were able to find each other once again using

The reunion didn’t just end with these two – “The Jeff Probst Show” got word of their dramatic story and decided to provide the sisters with a few more surprises. Tune in on Wednesday, December 5, to see Jeff introduce Betty Lou and Delores to another half-sibling, Bill, that they’d never met before. All three were treated to a surprise reunion with yet another long-lost half-brother (currently ill with cancer) at his home in Las Vegas.

You don’t want to miss this dramatic, tear jerking reunion this on “The Jeff Probst Show”. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store:

Tune in on Wednesday, December 5 and check your local listings for exact channel and times.


  1. Barbara

    I always love these reunion programs. I also find it interesting that despite their ages, four siblings are still living. My dear ex father in law told me – when I asked him how come everyone in my family died so young and in his they all hit close to 100 – his answer was simple: Pick your parents.

    Genetics plays a huge role in the roll of the dice. It’s nice to see that all these half siblings picked one parent with good octagenerian genes.

  2. Donna

    Very interesting show. Sometimes it takes more than half of our life to find out who came before us to make our life possible, and sometimes there are surprises.
    I would like to know as a follow up to the show, did they find the baby sister they were looking for …
    Also… Did Jeff do any Ancestry research to perhaps find out who are the people in his photographs???

  3. Tricia Pugh

    I can’t get the show in the Dallas-Fort Worth area either. We have Time Werner cable, is there a way we can watch it online??

  4. LInda

    I can not afford a professional and my Grandmother has passed away, but I would love to find her biological Father and she is have a 1/2 sister out there somewhere, she is most likely passed on also. It is nice to hear and see success stories it keeps the hope and the search alive. A dead end is just a new turn in the search for her (and mine) relatives.

  5. Jade

    “Peak” is top of a mountain or meringue before it settles. “Peek” is a glimpse as in “sneak peek.”

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