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We went to the Tennessee State Library and Archives to see what we could discover about Kathy’s ancestors who lived here.’s research team had already provided us with a deliverable for Henry and Reuben Jolley, but we wanted to see if we could find any more about them. Even though we were pressed for time we still had a great experience here.

The staff jumped right in and started retrieving rolls of  microfilm and making copies of the information we found. Kathy was really excited to discover land records for Reuben Manning Jolley, both purchase and selling documents for land in Dresden, TN. She also discovered several documents for a Abram Jolley in Dresden and got copies of the documents so we can now go on to to see if or how he is related. It was really exciting to be able to roll up our sleeves and do some research. Finding the documents in what sometimes feels like a needle in a haystack for ancestors that she has heard about her whole life was a special experience that Kathy won’t soon forget. She is now sharing her find with her father and family and adding it to her tree on It was indeed a successful day in Nashville.


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