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We set some big goals for Nashville before we arrived here. Rob grew up listening to all types of country music so he was excited to experience downtown Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Kathy had goals to find some really good southern barbeque and to dig into her family history to discover all she could about her Jolley line in preparation for our visit later in the week to Dresden, Tennessee. The kids had goals to keep up on their school schedules, eat as much junk food as they can get their hands on, and play at every playground they see.

One of the challenges of every stop we make is the decision of whether to stay at a campground or not. The kids love the amenities at the campgrounds and it is a great place to get things done like laundry and maintenance on the motorhome. However, we have to stick with our budget so we can’t stay at a campground every night. In Nashville we ended up staying half the nights in a campground and it worked out perfectly.

Just like everywhere else we have gone so far on our adventure, people see our motorhome or see our family of seven and they want to find out the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE and HOW of our trip. The typical questions are about school for the kids and what I do for a living but they also want to tell us about their family history and often tell us about how they use for their family history research. Yesterday at the Grand Ole Opry Kathy got to know a group of ladies on a tour. Before we knew it they were telling us all about themselves and their trip and asking Kathy all kinds of questions about our adventure. Audrey saw to it that they each received a gift from and when we left they were excited to get to their computers so they could follow us along our journey. The great people we have met along the way has been one of the best parts of our adventure thus far. We love to hear the interesting and sometimes unbelievable family history stories people share with us. I am sure that by the time this adventure is over we will have enough material from all of these great people to write a book full of fascinating stories.

As far as our goals are concerned, we feel like Nashville was a big success. We hit most all of the sites we wanted to see and Kathy found some great information about the Jolley’s at the very cool Tennessee State Library and Archives building. And by the way, the staff there was awesome, they had some really nice displays on exhibit and the building is absolutely beautiful. It is located right across from the state capital building and if you are in Nashville any time soon we highly recommend stopping by and spending some time there. We also found it very helpful to have our tablet PC with us so we could cross reference our app during our research. At this point we like to use the app on our iPad best to do our family history. It’s small enough to be compact and convenient but big enough to do just about everything we do on our PC and the app makes it easy to record info and grow our trees.

Next on our itinerary is a short stop in Dresden, Tennessee. We expect to connect with Kathy’s Jolley line and find out whatever we can about those who remained behind after Kathy’s 2nd great grandfather and his family moved to Illinois. Then we are headed down to Memphis and then on to Little Rock so until we blog again we’ll see you on the road.

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  1. Katie

    I see the route has changed and you’ll be coming through the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas now. Any idea when you’ll be in the area? There are so many things to do around here this time of year, so I’d love to be able to suggest a few places. Also, which surnames will you be investigating here?

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