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In anticipation of our visit to the Land and Records office of old Nauvoo, Rob and I sat down and made a list of our ancestors who possibly may have lived there or owned property during the mid 1800’s. Rob’s list was rather long, but my list was very short. I could only recall one family that had come through Nauvoo. The Jolley’s, my Dad’s ancestors, came here from Tennessee, Henry Jolley and his son Rueban Manning Jolley.

When we arrived at the office, Rob sat down and quickly started his search, Sophie sat at another computer and helped. I sat back waiting my turn, knowing my search would be rather short. We left with maps showing Rob’s ancestors properties and of course, just as I thought, Henry and Rueban Jolley’s also.  We went back to the motor home for lunch and while we were there, I had the thought that maybe I better check with my parents to make sure I wasn’t missing someone. After calling home, the feeling was confirmed with my mom reminding me that her Great Grandfather, Nahum Curtis and his family lived here too. So back to town we went, I hurried in to the Lands and Records office again and quickly discovered that yes, Mom was right and they owned property here as well. So I was given another map that I added to  the others when I got back in the car. Later that afternoon, we decided to search out these properties. After we found my Mom’s Great Grandfather, Nahum Curtis’ land, just down at the end of Page Street, we pulled out the map for my Dad’s great grandfather, Rueben Manning Jolley. We drove about 50 feet before I discovered it was the same location. I was so surprised that I yelled to Rob to stop the car. “They lived next door to each other” I said. Turn around, we have to go back. We looked at the two plots of land and felt so blessed to make this discovery. These long ago neighbors now had their families connected and they helped me discover it, so I could share it with our family! I immediately called my parents and they were so excited and amazed! Who knows what you’ll find if you take a second look!

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  1. Katie

    I’ve always wanted to do something similar, so I can’t wait to see how it goes for you.

    Just a suggestion, but you should also add a Facebook page. The way the Timeline is set up, it would be a great way to document it.

    Do you have a public family tree on Ancestry? It would be neat to see if you have any distant cousins reading your story.

  2. Elaine

    I notice this comment is posted by Nick Cifuentes. How does this person fit into the Brown family? When a personal pronoun is used, such as “I” did this or that, I want to know who is speaking. I’m confused over who Nick is.

  3. Diana Ewell

    I have been following your story and discovered that we are related through Rueben Manning Jolley. If you would like to read some of the information my family has on his line here is a link to a blog I created for my genealogy class. ( I hope it might give you some new information that you did not know before.

  4. Reta

    I saw this story on and thought how envious I was (although I would rather go without the 5 small children) This is the first post of yours I have read, and I was astounded. I am also related to Nahum Curtis…he is my great-great grandfather. His daughter married a man whose last name is Page…maybe he also lived on Page street. They later settled in Payson, UT Would love to learn more about that family. Good luck.

  5. Barb

    I’m wondering if there have been two blogs so far, or have I missed some. I have one posted on Nov. 13 and another on Nov. 21. I don’t want to miss any of this exciting trip.

    Thank you.

  6. Shelly

    I convinced my best friend to start researching her own family history and we were both a bit shocked to learn that one of my ancestors and one of hers had come over from France on the same ship in the year 1700. Three hundred years later we met and became friends!

  7. It’s a small world, when I saw Nauvoo in your itinerary read furthur, it turns out I have a 5th cousin one time removed, Mildred Mangum, who married William Afton Jolley. She comes through Rebecca Brown, 1784-1846 and who is buried in Mt. Pisgah, IA. Rebecca’s uncle Mathew Brown is my 4th Great Grandfather.
    An interesting note, in my paternal Huguenot line I have Judith Jolly, b. c1635 in France who is my 7th Great Grandmother, and my 5th Great grandaunt married a Capt. Paul Mangin. I have been at this quest long enough not to let a simple letter i, stop my search.
    Good luck on your trip.

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