Posted by Nick Cifuentes on October 26, 2012 in AncestryDNA

Great news, the new AncestryDNA test is available to order right now! Over the past several months, AncestryDNA was available by invitation only. We’ve sent out all of our invitations, and now the test is available to everyone—you’re all invited! All you have to do is go to the AncestryDNA site, click the orange “Get AncestryDNA” button, and order your test.

As a perk to our subscribers, you can order AncestryDNA for a special price, so be sure to log in to your account when you get to the site. If you’re not a subscriber, you can choose to include a membership with your DNA test and save. The AncestryDNA test alone is amazing, but adding a subscription gives you access to the world’s largest online family history resource to take your DNA discoveries even further.

So, what is AncestryDNA? It’s the newest DNA test on that uses some of the latest DNA testing technology out there. Now you can discover if you really do have Viking blood or if your ancestors hailed from Southern Europe. Along with getting a full breakdown of your genetic ethnicity, the new DNA test also connects you to distant cousins—relatives who you probably would have never met otherwise. It’s the easiest and fastest way to learn even more about your family story. Order yours today at



  1. scwbcm

    I messed up. I used my married name instead of my maiden name and all the matches are messed up. I thought it was the account information and I didn’t want to mess up the billing and emails and all. What can I do now?

    • Trevor Thacker

      Scwbcm (#1) Contact our Member Services Team toll free at 1-800-262-3787 and we’ll attempt to get it sorted out for you.

  2. Jeff

    >We’ve sent out all of our invitations.

    No, you didn’t. I had to complain here before I got a call the other day offering me the test which I took.

  3. Rebekah

    Well that’s just peachy – all the invitations sent out? I wonder what happened to mine that I’ve been waiting for a loooong time? I’ve always been a supporter of most of what Ancestry has done, but my blind support is waning.

  4. Sderkoch

    Really sorry to find that I can not order additional new kits because now it says cannot ship to Canada. When will Canada be able to purchase the additional kits?

    • Trevor Thacker

      Sderkoch (#4), We are working to comply with regulations & operational aspects of offering the DNA test outside the US at this time.

  5. Wayne Holland

    I am in same boat as a couple other commenter’s. All invitations sent out hu, I waited for months for an invitation…..well apparently im not getting one. At least I can order it now though so I guess I should just stop complaining. Gotta admit im disappointed

  6. rosejp2

    It’s weird that you sent out all the invitations, since I’ve been waiting months for mine. And I did click on the ad and request it.
    Guess I’ll try it this way instead.

  7. Donna Mayo

    I didn’t get my invitation either and thought I was on a special list – even talked with a LIVE person about it.

  8. Mary Scott

    I was lucky I received the invite after waiting for months….Now I’m waiting for the results, should have them in the next 2 weeks. I’m at week 6 on getting results. They said results in 6-8 weeks.

  9. Jackie Strickland

    I, too, am still waiting for the notification to take the new DNA test. I signed up for it months ago. I have been a member of ancestry for many years and assumed I would receive the information needed. Is it true that there are not any more test being administered. It was offered for $99.00 special price for members. Would appreciate any information on this.
    Jackie Strickland

  10. scwbcm

    Sorry I just saw your message here Trevor. I called yesterday but it didn’t all get resolved. I am not blaming the person who responded. It is a challenging topic. I will try to call again on Monday. Absolutely hoping for the best.

  11. Reba

    I have waited since May 2012, called several times and still never received the email to order the DNA Test and I am also a long time member. My question is, what happen to the $99.00 offer that everyone else received?

    Thank You-Reba-20121027

    • Trevor Thacker

      If you were originally on the invite list and an Ancestry subscriber but never received the invite, call us toll free at 1-800-262-3787 and we’d be happy to help!

  12. Crystal Toenjes

    I did get the invitation…TWICE in fact. Tried both times to purchase it and got messages each time saying I actually could not order it at that time. Pretty frustrating. Hope they get the kinks worked out so it can eventually happen.

  13. Monika

    My contact with the DNA section of was by far the most professional experience I have had with over the years. Don’t remember the name of the lady that I spoke to, but she was super-friendly! Am thrilled that we can now order additional DNA tests.

  14. Marilyn Hawes

    I’m very disappointed to read that all invitations have already been sent out. I am a member who applied months ago maybe a year ago when the offer was first made and have not gotten my invitation yet. As a member of Ancestry, I do hope you will expedite invitations and test kits/results to those of us overlooked.

  15. I got this offer but when I went to the website I was told –
    Sorry, this invitation is not valid.

    This invitation to order an AncestryDNA test can only be used by the intended recipient. However, if you are not currently on our invite list, you can request an invitation here.

    But I clicked on the link in the invitation…

    Additionally, there is no information on WHAT this test tests… how is it different than the one I already purchased? And lastly, I have gotten so many messages of DNA connections through my Jewish ancestry that no one can trace to how we are related… thus I think there are still flaws with the eastern European Jewish results…

  16. Bob Scales

    I too received the original DNA email saying the invite was coming but assume that because I am in Canada they did not send out the actual invite. It would be great if Ancestry extended the original $99 offer to those of us who are members in Canada as soon as they have resolved the issues in supplying the test to us. Thanks.

  17. Don Lindale

    I ordered a DNA test for my Wife Carol Lindale (nee de Silva) and was advised that an invite would arrive. It hasn’t and now it is open to the public at $129 – my order was at $99. What is happening?

    Don Lindale

  18. Sderkoch

    Trevor why is it different this time to get the kits to Canada? I received my original one on the invite list and got results back. Just does not make sense.

  19. Aislynn

    I received an invitation, but when I went to purchase – it said the product wasn’t available in Canada. Why would I get an invitation to a product I can’t have?

    Thank you.

  20. Sheryl McGee

    Sent in my request for the $99 DNA and did not receive it. Why did some receive and some not? I have been an Ancestry member for years.

  21. valerie davies

    I just went to the ad where one is invited to order an additional DNA test and thisbis right on my own ancestry page… It says and I quote “for Subscribers”. Here is the problem. At this point it should indicate for U.S. SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. One has to scroll further down the page to see in very tiny print that you can not accept orders out side of the U.S. Perhap that would help everyone. Make it clear on top of the page in bold letters. Hope that helps.

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