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We wanted to let you know that we have acquired 1000memories Inc.  They are a San Francisco-based startup that, since their launch in 2010, has been focused on helping people capture and share their memories.  They began as a memorials site and have, for the last year, been focused on helping people digitize and share the estimated 1.7 trillion paper photos stored in albums, attics, and shoeboxes.

We’ve admired these guys’ work from a distance for a while now and we’re really pleased to have them join the team.  We are looking to leverage the smarts of the team and their technology assets to bolster our members’ ability to share their family history with others.

One of the pieces of technology they bring to Ancestry is their popular ShoeBox mobile app.   Shoebox turns your mobile phone into a photo scanner, providing an easy way to digitize paper photos and share them online or on your mobile device.

Coincident with today’s announcement, 1000memories will launch a new version of ShoeBox for iOS, which will allow members to post photos directly to their Ancestry trees.  If you have an iPhone, I encourage you to go download the app and try it for yourself.

This is the first step in a broader plan to help Ancestry members more easily share their family’s history with their family, friends and internet-at-large.

For more details, see the official company announcement on our corporate website.


  1. mindy

    I’ve got the app on my phone, so next do I sign up and or login on the shoebox app OR do I do this thru my ancestry app ?


  2. Heather Erickson

    Hi Mindy,
    If you have the updated versions of both the Shoebox app and the Ancestry mobile app, you should be able to share photos from within the Shoebox app onto your account.

    To do this, start in the Shoebox app, choose the photo you want to add to a person in your tree on Click the upper right arrow button on the app and it will give you the option to “Share on Ancestry.” You’ll then be asked to login to Ancestry, choose the family tree and person you want to add the photo to.

    I just did this recently with an older photo I had of my mom. It was really simple to do and now I’ve added a great photo to my family tree all from my phone.

  3. Judy

    I just scanned a photo and have it saved on ShoeBox, but the only options for sharing are by e-mail, facebook and twitter, not ancestry, or scan a new photo. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Brandy

    Is this mobile app(Shoebox) available for the Windows phone?

    I asked about 18 months ago if they were going to get the mobile app(ancestry) available for windows and as of yet its not available. If the shoebox app is then it would be wonderful.

    Please let me know.I am a loyal user and an avid genealogist and I would love to use both of these mobile apps.

  5. susannah

    I am with Brandy. Thank you for the Surface Ancestry app, but it has a long way to go to do any actual work using it. There are lots of Windows Phone users out here!

  6. Anna

    I recently got the iPhone ap for shoebox. I set it up and scanned a pic and no problems. But every photo I’ve tried to upload since has failed. I get “upload failed”. Anybody have an idea why?

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