Posted by Ancestry Team on August 17, 2012 in Family Tree Maker, News

We know many of you have been eagerly waiting to hear when Family Tree Maker 2013 will be released. Well, we’re doing things a little different this year. Instead of creating a new version of the software, the team has been putting all of its resources into improving Family Tree Maker 2012 so you get new bonus features throughout the year.

If you haven’t purchased or upgraded to Family Tree Maker 2012 yet, there’s never been a better time.

Since Family Tree Maker 2012 was released last fall, a number of updates have been sent out that include improvements and new features. Here’s a list of just some of these great changes:

  • Numerous enhancements to TreeSync so syncing your tree to is faster and more reliable
  • A new Family View Report that displays a person’s ancestors, spouse, and children together (similar to the Family View in the People workspace)
  • A new Undocumented Facts Report that lists people’s facts that have no source documentation
  • The ability to merge info from multiple versions of the same fact
  • New source templates for the 1940 U.S. census and improved support for city directories
  • Dozens of report enhancements including performance improvements and new options in the relationship chart, family group sheet, Individual Report, Notes Report, Data Errors Report, Outline Descendant Report, Media Item Report, photo albums, Media Usage Report, Documented Facts Report, and calendar

And there are more enhancements to come in the next bonus update—so stayed tuned.


  1. It's The Little Things

    Maybe product management at FTM ought to take care of some of the mundane little details before spinning why they have to keep updating — read that as fixing — the product.

    From FF 14.0.1: uses an invalid security certificate.

    The certificate expired on 8/13/2012 2:48 PM. The current time is 8/17/2012 1:28 PM.

  2. Rosemary Jones

    And please say that you are going to at least TRY to speed up Publish. A must is to fix the memory leaks … this is critical.

  3. Elizabeth H

    Along with Roger, I would like to know if there will be significant updates to Family Tree Maker for Mac 2, and what they will be. Thanks.

  4. James

    Are speed improvements and better memory usage part of the upgrades?

    Screens still refresh with every instance of a change in a source/citation (bug present in 2008, 2011 and 2012).

    Out of Memory errors and resulting crashes. Present in 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012.


  5. Tana L. Pedersen

    It was an oversight that the Mac product wasn’t mentioned. Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 has also been receiving similar bonus updates throughout the year and there will be more to come.

    Also, we want you to know we’re listening to input from you and other users and are continually working on many of the little details you’ve mentioned. Each of the previous updates has included fixes as well as new features, and we plan on continuing.
    thanks for your questions and comments.

  6. Rick

    One thing I would like to see is a method for ignoring Hints in FTM as you can on the web site so they don’t keep cluttering up the websearch results.

  7. Steve

    I do like the periodic, free updates. Some of the ones mentioned that we’ve already received are nice, but not huge either like the source template for the 1940 census (the lack of a template didn’t prevent me from entering 1940 census data without one).

    It sounds to me though like there just weren’t enough updates on the table to market a “2013” version — and I’m ok with that! I actually would rather do it this way rather than spin a 2013 version that is a bit light with new features.

    For 2012, TreeSync was a pretty big deal and I think the main thing is just doesn’t have something “big” like that for 2013.

    Some things I’d like to see:

    1) Ability to sync more than one copy of FTM with an tree.

    Pre-2012, my Mom and I both had copies of FTM 2011 and I had to share the .ftm file with her. With FTM 2012, I was in heaven as I could just have her casually view an up-to-date tree on There are things FTM does though that does not (like all the nice reports) that my Mom misses and I’d rather not have to go back to sending her the ever-growing .ftm and media files the “hard way”!

    2) Better “hint” management. seems to handle hints far better than FTM (though both are far from perfect). Quite often hints I see with my tree on do NOT show in FTM. I’d also like to see some of the “recent hints” functionality on in FTM.

    3) Better integration with other websites.

    There are a ton of websites with genealogical information on them besides (and owns some of those other ones too!). FTM is pretty good with integrating searching with easy merging of records. Yes, I can do “web clipping” with other sites, but it would be nifty if FTM were at least able to be better integrated with owned companies like fold3,, and any others that have been acquired by

    4) Along with #3, expose an API for developers to create a plugin for integrating third party websites with FTM.

    Yes, there is web clipping, but if there was a plugin API, other sites could give away or charge for the plugin with FTM, FTM would get more users, would make more money, and the world would be a happier place!

    5) Better memory management.

    FTM 2012 uses a ton of memory and FTM needs to handle this better.

    6) owned site subscriptions under one roof please! keeps swallowing other sites, but wants to continue to operate them independently. I presume this is because they can continue to market to specialized audiences (like military for Fold3) while continuing to draw money for each site.

    I’d really like to see some subscription plans from that acknowledge what I’m already paying and give me a discount on some of these other sites owned by, all managed in one, central place! Pretty please?

  8. wayne morgan

    I continue to have problems with FTN2 for Mac and there is no way that I will buy FTM 2013.

    Everytime that I run the edit feature search for Duplicate Persons, the overall progress bar gets to about 70% and then the system crashes. This is happening 100% of the time, I have recompacted the file using every way you guys have told me to and it still continues to crash.

    The main reason that I purchased FTM2 for MAC was to get the duplicate person checker as the one provided by does not wort either.

    HELP !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hoping to be able to copy & paste media items efficiently. Currently, I copy and paste…then must copy AGAIN before being able to paste to another ancestor’s record. Really?!? Only work-around I’ve found is to paste into the Windows notepad, than copy/paste from there. How on earth can FTM fail to have basic copy & paste functionality right out of the box? Even Microsoft figured this out years and years ago.

    And…how about a way to set the default thumbnail size in the “Find Media Item” window? I shouldn’t have to increase thumbnail size each time I access that window.

    Would be much more satisfied with my FTM 2012 purchase, if some basic functionality were added/improved! Please, please, please…let’s make existing features more robust before adding “bells & whistles.”

  10. Madge Norton

    Several months ago I transferred my stuff from FTM 2005 on my laptop (per CD) & half my sources disappeared. I’ve basically quit using 2012. I hate it. I had 2011 on my old PC & liked it but lost much when it crashed. MY backup from it said “corrupted.”

  11. Phil

    I really do like Family Tree Maker 2012. It has a few warts but overall I’ve been satisfied. I’m excited that reports are being reviewd by the developers. I hope one of the upgrades will e the ability to create real footnotes that appear at the bottom of the page as opposed to list of citations at the end of a report.

  12. Alan J. Thill

    please do more robust checking when you release updates. You’ve broken the SEARCH RESULT DETAIL merge ability to refresh when record is changed. Still not fixed & you’ve known about it for 2 weeks!!!

  13. Howard Cooper

    I appreciate the fact that you are trying to fix what’s broken before sending out more bug riddled software. FTM MAC 2 has so many little annoying bugs that I constantly question its integrity.

    Please fix what you have before firing up the marketing machine and rolling out more problems.

    I do love FTM, I just hate having to spend more of my time fixing problems than actually doing research. The software should make my life easier, not harder.

  14. Linda Jencevice

    I really enjoy FTM 2012 and would like to see the sync be available for multiple machines, because, as someone previously mentioned, I also work with multiple computers at multiple locations.

    I would very much like to know how and when Ancestry will contact its customers with the updates, when we were not informed of the situation regarding FTM 2013! I only found out because a friend had heard from a friend, etc.

    I receive emails from Ancestry all the time, so I would suggest sending an email ALERT to all your customers regarding these updates and give specific information as to what the update includes, as well as how often the updates will be issued.

    Hoping for an email shortly.

    Thank you

  15. 1 – Sometimes after extended research the application simply refuses to close the file so that we can open another tree, was in 2011 and still in 2012.

    2 – When adding parents to what appears to be the highlighted person it adds to the spouse – very confusing – was in 2011 and still in 2012.

    3 – When trying to paste (Ctl-V also no longer works) it is possible to inadvertently pick up the value of a field you just clicked on – was in 2011 and is still in 2012.

    4 – Synchronizing from Ancestry to FTM 2012 can cause corrupt links to media. After a download example, one 1830 census fact for a person in Lamar, Texas, actually had an 1830 census image for Harrison, Missouri – the tree on Ancestry had the correct image – FTM 2012 didn’t.

    So in ending – please fix some issues that have been around for at least the last 2 releases before expecting users to fork out for another problematic release.


  16. Judy

    Where in FTM would I find “A new Undocumented Facts Report that lists people’s facts that have no source documentation”?

  17. Hi Judy
    The report is in the Source Report section under Publishing. Can be for eimmediate family of an individual, all individuals or selected.


  18. Judy

    Thanks Tony. I’m fairly new to FTM 2012, although not to research, but FTM is a lot different than other programs!

  19. Was wrong on the Ctl-V no longer works – it didn’t on the first iteration of 2012 – Ancestry must have fixed something – whoopee

  20. And I agree on better memory management – for those that thought IExplorer was a memory hog – take a look at 2012 FTM – mine currently shows 776,948 K – that is excessive even for a windows program.

  21. Mary

    Is there any possibility the test team might accept user databases to verify field issues have been resolved? I’ve been using FTM since v.2.0 but I’ve reached the point where I will find some other alternative if the next update does not resolve some of the major issues, especially towards large databases. Issues encountered daily are:

    1. After the successful merge of a record from Ancestry, any subsequent attempt to merge a record will crash (exception thrown for a null reference, out of memory) when going from the last window prior to the window with the Merge button. The application must be restarted, database compacted, etc. before another single merge can be performed, then the crash repeats when attempting to merge a second record from Ancestry.

    2. After the most recent update to .580, attempts to enter data into any Description field will often result in a crash (database schema has changed, reimport the .ftm file, out of memory). Any attempts to follow the error message’s instructions to reimport the .ftm file will crash with the same database schema error.

    3. After the 2011 to 2012 update, when parents or children are added, the preferred parent(s) must be manually set. This does not occur when a new database is created, only with the one converted during the software update process.

    4. GEDCOM exports of >~3-4K individuals fail with the message, “The export process failed because an unknown error occurred.”

  22. Jerry

    I teach a class at our computer club on FTM. I am not quite sure what Ancestry is going to do for 2013. Will they send all changes at once or will they send them periodically when you sign on? If periodically, will there be a description of what the changes are? The description would really be helpful for my classes.

  23. J

    Thanks for updating FTM 2012 instead of focusing on a new product. Been happy with FTM 2012 and although I have found a few bugs the customer support has been great.

  24. Yolanda

    I quit using my FTM 2012 because of the constant problems as described by all above. So frustrating! Something is causing my tree to duplicate every time I copy documents from another tree. I use the duplicate merge application often, yet in a few weeks, the duplicates are there again! I’ll have up to three trees on and am not able to determine clearly which is the correct to merge since the FTM 2012 does not allow me to view and compare the full entries before I merge and delete the duplicate.

  25. Sonya LaRose

    Madge Norton
    I understand loosing your data, I learned this very painful lession with a finacial program. When I called their tech support they were very helpful but explained because I waited for more then three new releases my data became corrupted because it couldn’t make the leap. My guess, beause I don’t know for sure, this might be the same issue that you had with FTM especially since the computer world has upgrade leaps and bounds in the last four years. Maybe call tech support and see what if they can help you.

  26. Mark

    Why are the Mac version and the PC version different, and better yet, why is the cost for the Mac version so much more expensive than the PC? I find working on the web is much easier and more intuitive than FTM. When you get everything working and synching up seamlessly I’ll upgrade. Hell, even the iPad app is better than the Mac version of FTM.

  27. Richard

    Logic Tree: Fire the programmers that can’t comprehend. The individual persons FACT fields are a mess due to I think where definitions are obscured or ignored. Why in genealogy land does 90 plus percent of Fact appear as Residence (version 2012)?

    The premise is Census (US type) where the person lives is FALSE about 50 percent. WHY: Relatives and guests visit each other, then boarders and renters are often employed for a duration – not a life time, unless they happen to be a prisoner of some dispute under local, state and federal jurisdiction. Not to mention adoption or on loan, foster parents, child labor, enslavement, etc., military functions, reserve and full duty where training and service apply. Then military brig, and federal incarceration. Census imply a period where living quarters may or may not apply, and lacks proof positive if one or more haven’t vanished the following day. The IRS would most likely have much more accurate addresses over that of US Census – Could a disaster affect a persons Residence not on schedule with the US Census or the compiler of genealogy? Weather and quakes, sink holes where Family Tree now resides?

    As for genealogy, my family hobby since before 1955, and later Version 4 of Family Tree Maker (The user Mary on this page started with Version 2), congratulations. Today I am over whelmed by the overly complex programmers dilemma to create garbage (garbage-in & garbage-out) common phrase before we knew there were “Live” Users driving the market, and not sophisticated inept managers. Version 16 (2006) still a stable product, has met this user satisfaction, though experienced all verision since 4 through 2012. I have a large complement of FTM disks, collections, and references – most of questionable use today, except as coasters. I will not move to another version, and will allow my subscription to lapse early next year. My residence may change by then but will not be noted in my family tree, though I am in the US Census.

  28. John

    As you consider improvements to your FTM product and to the on-line trees that sync with them, I have what I think might be a popular suggestion. It would be nice if the little green leaf that shows available hints could change color (to say orange) when the only hints to show are hints on other available trees as opposed to what I would call “record” sources. This would allow one to immediately tell if new record sources are in the hints or if it is just others’ trees that you might have looked at before and did not want to make an “ignore” for the future — especially where there are multiple trees to look at. I for one would find this VERY handy. A green leaf would tell me I have hints for records, stories, photos, etc. and an orange leaf (for example) would tell me the hints available are other trees — that I probably have skimmed already, but could check more periodically than a green leaf hint that I would probably want to look at ASAP.

    I’d be interested to hear what you and others think of such an “improvement.”

  29. Sharon

    I agree with John on the shaking leaf. I have 8 trees and some with the same persons. I get over a 100 hints waving up there and find it a nuisance having to check all the time just to stop them adding up.
    I am Not so great with software, memory challenged, sort of dyslexic with it, so the 2012 sync feature is awesome. Now I just have to make sure my Ancestry trees are up to par, which I have no problem using, except for the Duplicatation that keeps happening.

    Think I figured that out. When adding a record to a tree, I noticed that when I do the tree changes to a different one than the one I am updating. One I have already updated. Therefore the record gets duplicated. I go on my merry way thinking mission acomplished when in fact the tree I wanted it on, didn’t get it. Then FTM has all the duplications too and I spend too much time merging them. Now I pay closer attention to what tree comes up. Just don’t know why it changes to another one?

  30. Sara Jones

    When will FTM for the Mac be fixed and fully operational? It isn’t working on my MacBook Pro and I bought a new Mac in Dec. with Intel just so I could get FTM! I’m very discouraged and would like an answer, please! Thank you.

    Sara Orr Jones

    • Trevor Thacker

      Sara, If you haven’t done so already, please contact us via email at Please include information regarding the issue that you are experiencing, as well as information regarding the operating system that you are using. We’d be happy to help verify the issue for you!

  31. Kathy

    Richard Comment

    “Logic Tree: Fire the programmers that can’t comprehend. The individual persons FACT fields are a mess due to I think where definitions are obscured or ignored. Why in genealogy land does 90 plus percent of Fact appear as Residence (version 2012)?

    The premise is Census (US type) where the person lives is FALSE about 50 percent. WHY: Relatives and guests visit each other, then boarders and renters are often employed for a duration – not a life time, unless they happen to be a prisoner of some dispute under local, state and federal jurisdiction. Not to mention adoption or on loan, foster parents, child labor, enslavement, etc., military functions, reserve and full duty where training and service apply. Then military brig, and federal incarceration. Census imply a period where living quarters may or may not apply, and lacks proof positive if one or more”

    Richard I agree definitely with this comment

    A long time ago around 2001 I also dealt with this issue.

    My solution/workaround was to create a custom fact named “Geographic Location” The people were definitely at the geographic location because the record [example– Census]I had showed they were. I then [still do] use the fact named “Residence” only if the record states/stated that was their residence[example WWI records do a good job of reportin actual residences.]

    There have been studies in this area. Some of the studies show a very high percentage being in a particular town, but their actual residences were in a different town

  32. Donna Goodwin

    Now that my sync works and have not had to go throught the endless problems of that please dont make any changes until you have tested this more than once. Nothing worse than to download an update that wont work properly.

    I would like to see FTM more like Roots Magic. I have it only because I can bring my work with me on a thumbdrive. Absolutely great concept, ya think?

  33. Donna Goodwin

    Forgot to also mention how great an idea of colored leaves those of you above have mentioned. Great idea.

  34. @Trevor Thacker

    I reported an error to Ancestry support nearly 2 years ago – losing focus on an individual and adding the parent to the wrong individual. It was verified and I was told it would be passed to the programming team. Still waiting. TonyC

  35. Lisa May

    This is the second time I have purchased FTM and had it crash with months worth of data lost!!! I am not going to buy another version!!! I also would like to know why this keeps happening!!! I still have my latest backup, but can’t go back to my only version that works (2005)!!!! This is stupid!! As much as we pay for ancestry and FTM they should work better and at least not crash and never reload!! I have tried to reload with no luck!! Just like the other one I bought several years ago!!! GRRRRR!!!

  36. TeeZee2

    I have a simple suggestion for tracking those that have never been married.

    It would be great if there was a check box someplace in the person’s data entry fields to indicate that a person was never married.

    This is a a feature of the Legacy Program on the individuals information page.

    The checkbox is labeled “this person never married and had no children.”

  37. Mary

    TeeZee2, there is a way to indicate a person never married but I’ve never seen it published in the Help document or user guide. Add a marriage fact for the individual. In the Date field of the Marriage fact, put Never Married. Reports will then state that the person never married.

  38. Carolyn Harris

    Hi all, I have had a problem with connecting FTM to ancestry and downloading it.

    I have contacted Ancestry and they say they have passed this on to be sorted, so if this is your prolem it is being taken care of.

    We should be notified when it happens.

    Thanks ancestry 🙂

  39. Anita

    I would really like a “Fact” of Age.

    I’m trying to use the filter (really not very good) to find folks that haven’t died yet . . even though they were born in the 1700’s for example. If I could filter by those that were 90 or older, I could work on those folks.

    Thank you,

  40. Theresa Mitchell

    I love the hints feature, but it has become overwhelming. My tree is showing over 12,000 hints – the majority of them are other people’s trees and about 80% of them are just copying data from other trees with no records or sources.

    I love the idea of the colored leafs to distinguish between hints that are other family trees vs sourced information.

    Another helpful option would be to give the user the option to sort (or ignore) the hints by type (ie. other trees, photos, records) or at the very least ignore other trees with unsourced information.

  41. Theresa Mitchell

    I have been an subscriber for years. I purchased the original version of FTM years ago, but quit using it due to the inability to sync with the online tree. When I saw the sync feature with the FTM2012, I purchased both the PC and MAC versions. I even bought an iphone and plan on buying the ipad so that I can use the apps when traveling.

    I have a few suggestions for FTM updates/upgrades, not sure if you prefer them all in one post or in separate ones, but put them all together here.

    1. PLACES – ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL — give user the ability to sort places list and generate reports with places organized from LARGE to SMALL (i.e. COUNTRY, STATE, CITY, Address or Place of Interest). I can not even begin to tell you how much time it would save when traveling for research. I have had to manually create a spreadsheet with each location fact for each person entered on it so that I can sort the locations from LARGE to SMALL. This allows me to filter my list and search county or state archives with an alphabetical list that more closely matches the way the records are organized. Even the search engines in and the US Census bureau go from large to small locations. (If I remember correctly, the original version of FTM had locations broken out so that the user could open a location detail window and enter the city, township, county, and state in separate fields in order to get better report results. (helpful when there are mulitple cities, townships, counties, within a state with same name.)

    2. Manage Repositories:
    – Add location field to the repository with GPS coordinates. Add option to include/exclude repositories for sources in reports/maps. This will allow user to create a repository for a specific cemetery and then link the cemetery to individual sources and individuals in the tree.
    – Add notes field for repositories. This would allow user to add notes like “closed on Mondays”, “must stop here”, or “research clerk, Claire Smith, is a great person to assist with questions”
    – Add repositories report so user can generate report with list individuals/facts associated with that repository.

    3. TASKS — ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL — I am a HUGE user of the TASKS feature. Since FTM doesn’t have the ability to tag individuals by categories, I use the tasks feature to create lists that I can filter by category. Thus I have task categories for actual tasks to be done and task categories that I use to filter individuals. This is VERY time consuming since it requires that I create a separate task for each person in the tree when I want to create a filtered list.
    — need ability to copy a task to multiple individuals all at once(i.e. “photograph gravesite”). I have over 6000 people in my tree and am having to manually enter the same group of tasks for each individual.
    — need individual tasks to sync with APP for iphone/ipad – PLEASE!!!!

    4. Index of Names
    — Add option to include BOTH maiden and married names (current user option is one or the other, not both). Possibly have married names appear in list in a different color or in italics to distinguish from maiden names. I think the Legacy software has a symbol in front of married names.
    — Add ability for user to create and save filtered lists of individuals or tags. I am currently using tasks list as a way to filter individuals by specific categories (ie females living in a given county so I can search marriage records), but this is VERY time consuming and requires the creation of individual tasks for each and every person in the tree.

    Thanks for providing a forum for user input.

  42. J L Hintz

    Is a fix for the formatting issues in the Smart Story (Text)on the bug fix list for this fall? It is my understanding that a 3rd party product is being used – but it doesn’t wrap text around the photos. If the vendor won’t/can’t fix it, another should be installed that will work.

    Place Authority function could use help as well. Again, I understand it’s a 3rd party file of current place names which likely cannot be modified. However, genealogy needs historical place names. Place names are date dependent. It would be possible to display a merged file of user-entered historic places and the base current file with date ranges. There are many Ancestry files that have corrupted locations due to picking up current place names from a wrong location because they are similar to the historic name the data owner was looking for.

  43. Jerry Hemstock

    Caution! Caution! Apparently there is a patch for FTM12 available today, Friday, Sept 21, 2012. I was prompted to upgrade, and I did. I closed and re-opened the program and looked around for obvious changes. Under “Places”, I found that maybe 2/3 of the locations have disappeared and the ones that remain are now only connected to one or 2 people, instead of dozens for some locations. Also, every single location, now has a question mark or a check next to it and very few are in to “sleek” City, County, Country” format that is standard for FTM. So, watch out before you accept the patch – there may be problems!! I sent an email in to the “help” folks and spoke to a great FTM associate, but as of now (about 10 am pst), it is still a problem. I am afraid to “sync” with Ancestry, as I don’t want to infect my Ancestry trees. I hope it is an isolated problem and/or a quick fix.

  44. Don Knupp

    Re: Number 52 Jerry Hemstock
    I’ve encountered a similar problem. Most of my family came through West Virginia. All of my West Virginia locations and even West Virginia itself are gone from the Places Tab. Curiously though I notice as I’ve been cleaning up some of my locations in my research (I was doing this before the latest upgrade) that the town and state references are correcting as before but they do not appear anywhere in the Places Tab. I do not sync to my tree on Ancestry for reasons that would take too long to explain so I cannot speak to that. Between what Jerry Hemstock wrote in Number 52 and what I’ve experienced I would warn anyone who is considering installing the upgrade to be aware that it could foul up the Places Tab – an important consideration for those who use the Places Tab heavily. Also, if it has problems with Places, what other problems might it have?

  45. Faye Crescibene-Brown

    When I got the new program I have had 2 problems.
    1. some of the media did not go into the Ancestry file.

    2. Some of the citations have disappeared.

  46. Fred Matson

    re: comments 52 (Jerry Hemstock) and 53 (Don Knupp) re the patch for FTM 2012: I agree with Jerry, beware!!! What is going on? The Sep 21, 2012 update is acting like a virus. I am trying to figure out what to do next. | Soon after installing the suspect update on Sep 21, which treated me also as new to FTM 2012, an error note at the Link to Ancestry Tree area for one of my Trees said that my Ancestry Tree had been deleted on Ancestry. It now says “Not uploaded and Linked”. When I choose the “Upload to Ancestry & Link” button it is starting from scratch…if I do it. So, I checked my Ancestry Trees. Sure enough, the Tree in question is shown as not linked. Then I noticed that three other of my Trees on Ancestry had the Linked logo as they should. So, I checked those Trees on my FTM….on FTM they are not linked and cannot be synced. I have no links, yet I have the Trees on each end, Ancestry and FTM, but they are unlinkable! I can only point to that Sep 21 patch update as the source of trouble.

  47. Kat Hastings

    I installed the new update for FTM 2012 on my 2nd PC (trees are not synced with online trees) After restarting FTM, all three trees were missing. I’m wondering if the same issue will occur on my main PC where the trees are in sync with the Ancestry Online trees.
    I reported this a few days ago and the reply from Ancestry is – it has been passed onto the programmers.
    I am reluctant to add this new update to my main PC.

  48. Trevor Thacker

    Jerry (#52) and Don (#53),
    One of the most noticeable additions to patch .704 is the new hierarchy list. The Places list can display fact locations by hierarchy or a flat list, hierarchy being the new default. The hierarchy view groups places by organization, such as country, state, province, and so forth, down to locality. You can expand or contract a group by clicking the arrow next to it.

    If you prefer the original view, you can easily revert back to the flat view by selecting the “Show place names as a flat list” button located directly above the places pane on the left-hand side of the Places workspace.

  49. Trevor Thacker

    Faye (#54) and Fred (#55), If you haven’t done so already, we would suggest contacting our Member Services team toll free at 1-800-262-3787; we’d be happy to address the issues you are both experiencing.

  50. Trevor Thacker

    Kat (#56) You should be able to open the tree (File -> Open) and have it appear on your tree list once opened.

  51. Kat Hastings

    Reply to Trevor Thacker.
    Thanks for your reply and advice. The problem is the file is now outdated as no backup was done before the update went on.
    It would be good to be prompted to do a backup before the new update goes on especially for those that manually update. This file is on my 2nd PC which obviously doesn’t sync with the online tree.
    Comparing the old and new version on both my PC’s -any changes to the software underwhelm’s me! – sorry.
    Regards Kat’

  52. Fred Matson

    re: my comment 55 above. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled FTM 2012 and then downloaded my Ancestry Tree. Sync then worked….until it didn’t. But, solution when it quits working and once again comes up with an error or if it says it can’t find the on line file on Ancestry and it may be deleted, is to open a different file (this closes the 1st file)and when it is open, open the 1st file once again. The only message is then “Needs Sync”, I Sync and then all is good. | I have no idea what generates the error nor why this solution works.

  53. Fred Matson

    ref my #61 above, Now even this process (described in 61) has failed. Never had these problems til last update.

  54. Gerry

    I have been using for a year now and find it quite awesome. I’m wondering if my information on can be downloaded to FTM2012 without having to to have a computer degree.

  55. Don Knupp

    RE: Post Number 57 from Trevor Thacker

    I did discover that resolved locations in the United States are now placed under a grouping titled USA. I did not know it was possible to revert to the previous view. Since I’ve been running like this since I posted I will experiment and see what I want to go with.

    Two other points though.

    First, is there somewhere a record exists online that lists/explains what the latest features/updates to 2012 are?

    Second, since at least Version 2009 (when I first discovered it) there has been an issue where wide Tree Charts are cut off somewhere towards the right end. This seems to be some kind of size limitation. Is this ever going to be fixed? My relatives would love to see a tree chart but unless I gather them around my computer I cannot show it to them because it is cut off.

  56. Rita Clements

    I have FTM 2006. I’ve always been happy with it but today it started giving me trouble. Would not print the preferred pictures from the scrapbooks on the Family Group Sheets. I have always planned to write a Family Book so I have a lot of that completed in the 2006 version. If I convert to the 2012 version will I still be able to write and print my own book? (Not need to have it done through Ancestry. com)) I have a huge tree as I have been doing genealogy for at least 30 years and have included many lines – husband’s, daughter and son-in-laws.

  57. George Thompson

    Both my Maternal and Paternal lines contain many of the same individuals, i.e. Charlemagne and his ancestors and some descendants are the same. I would like to see some mechanism that lets you see the relationships to both lines (color-coded) and perhaps all relationships between myself and a certain ancestor.

    #2 Wish – color code differentiate individuals in my Index (and elsewhere) the people where I have No Direct relationship.

    #3 Wish – add some built-in diagnostic code/hint that alerts the user to situations such as a great-grandmother whose ONLY husband is listed as Husband of ??xxgreat-grandmother. Give me a clue to point me where to look to correct the relationship to reflect that this “husband” is my great-grandfather.

    #4 Wish – some indexing help/name resolution so I don’t have a DESENLIS, de Senlis, d’Senlis, and all other derivations so I don’t either needlessly duplicate an individual but wind up with 8 (16 ??) husbands and wives from two people when I manually merge the obvious duplications of the 4 spouses of Louie de Loupe with each of his wives, all whose names are spelled differently. Drives me BATS !!!

  58. John

    2012 sale is just a ploy. Yes they are definitely coming out with 2013 but not until March. Trying to sell as many 2012 as they can now, knowing full well nobody will buy 2012 next year.
    I’d advise you to wait

  59. It’s likely been said before, but why can’t you EASILY add pre-existing video and audio files to Member Profiles?! I have documentary style video of family history that I’d love to share on ancestry, as well as audio recordings of my late grandparents talking about who they are, and where they came from. At least the ability to embed html code from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud…that would actually be ideal! I think it put’s at a distinct creative advantage, especially for younger users like myself, not to have those certain flexibilities with media sharing. My 4th cousin, for instance, was Tom Zachary. Tom Zachary was a MLB baseball pitcher for the Washington Senators in 1927, and he threw the pitch that would be launched by Babe Ruth into the right field stands at Yankee Stadium for his record setting 60th home run of the season. I’d love to be able to put that YouTube video highlight on Tom Zachary’s Profile page, as simply as I upload a photo! I’ve been to the message boards with this already, and i’ve heard all the back door ways of achieving this, but it just seems like the most obvious thing to do, to allow users to upload video or audio, or at the very least to embed code. Ancestry does everything else so masterfully, it just doesn’t make much sense that the buck stops there. Thanks!

  60. Neva

    Has anyone else noticed that you can’t upload a GEDCOM without all of your notes? I called to find out why it wouldn’t work, and while it will privatize all of the living, you have to go into each and every person’s notes to block them from being shared. This should be a must in any new update!
    For the record, I may be one of the few, but I’d like to keep my family tree to myself and not have it associated with my ancestry. I like to do my own research rather than copy the copies that have been copied from so many other wrong trees. To me it is making it harder to get accurate information, and it is allowing too many to link up people of similar names and ages who are really different people. I’ve put original information on ancestry that is now so distorted with additional family members, new locations and parents (from all the copying and merging that is going on) that I don’t know if I’ll ever find real cousins again.

  61. Kent

    Every time I do a vulnerablility scan of FTM with Kaspersky it picks up on the fact that FTM 2012 is using an old version (10.1r52)of Adobe Flash Player and it is a vulnerability and should be fixed. Don’t know if it is but would appreciate it if FTM would check. Thanks.

  62. Bill F

    Database Integrity Issue on FTM2012

    I have noticed a significant and ongoing problem of corruption of “Source Citations” with the FTM2012. In one family today I have found 8 or 9 offspring with source citations applied to the incorrect person. The source information is undistrubed but it is attached to the wrong person. I have been noticing this problem for the past 6 months whenever review previously entered individuals. My only suspicion is that the database corruption could be associated with compaction of the database. Has anyone reported and/or investigated this serious problem?
    I have been a FTM user for over 15 years and I have reported numerous confirmed bugs with FTM over the years. This is very serious issue because if you can’t trust the integrity of data enetered into a database what is the use of entering it? FTM has serious problems which need serious attention at its the most senior management levels. Fix your software please before releasing FTM2013!

  63. Ellanor

    I have found the FTM progrem is corrupted because it closes at times without saving a thing, just closes.
    Then a box comes up abput debuging, what is debuging??

  64. I have encountered most (or all) of the problems listed above!, especially blogs #52 through #66. When upgrading and transferring data from FTM V10 to FTM V12, I also lost most of the data I had input into the previous version, even after having backed it up. Had to re-invent the ‘wheel’; i.e., re-input a lot of information.

    Also, recently I have found that after sharing my tree(s), some of the information I had input on my tree, switched to another member’s tree! I should (and do) know the dates of my grandmother’s birth and death, as I even have a photo of her gravestone. Yet … it disappeared from my tree and transferred to another tree on (also got lost on my FTM V12. Thought it was something I had done, apparently not. I ALWAYS sync my trees with Ancestry.

    I’ve also found recently that the information and citations I had synced with FTM and Ancestry disappeared from my FTM tree. Yesterday, I had to click on quite a few green leaves to re-import and sync my previous information!

    I had purchased Roots Magic just before Ancestry bought them out. I had started to input my information and had imported a GEDCOM; but now, it is a useless bit of software for me. My beef is that I really liked Roots Magic. What to do?

    One thing I DO like very much … You can click on ‘what relationship is this person to me’? at the top left of the person’s edit page under the name, and it will give you the relationship of your ancestor to you. Of course, I had a DNA test done late last year, which I recommend highly. I have traced/verified my ancestry to my 21st Great Grandparents!

  65. John Whitcomb

    I am very disappointed that Family Tree Maker 2012 is missing important features found on the Ancestry website, so working in FTM is harder than Ancestry. Specifically, the Family tab of the people view is very limited, showing only what Ancestry refers to as the Pedigree View, entirely doing away with the interactive Family View. Providing a report is poor substitute. I hope this changes very quickly.

  66. Charles Voelker

    I feel like I was snookered into my last purchase of FTM. I thought I was getting 2013 version but just a second copy of 2012. This time I got the Deluxe version and there was no indication that it is last yeas’s version. So, now I have two copies of version This means that IF I do order the next version it means another charge. Despite all of the PR explanations about a update that is in the works, it feels like a swindle.

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