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Looking for relatives in Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Utah? We’ve just released fully-searchable indexes for all 12 states. And 26 other states are ready to search. And remember, if the state you’re waiting for isn’t indexed yet, you can still look through 1940 Census images to locate your family—we will even provide you tools that will help.

Also complete: AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, GA, HI, IN, KS, KY, ME, MI, MT, NE, NH, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, TN, VA, VT, WA and WI

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  1. Laurice Johnson

    It’s great that you are moving forward on posting the indexed census. WHEN are you going to update the dropdown menu to include the states that are currently indexed. Depending on where you go to search the dropdown menu either includes ONLY 2 states or about 6 states. COME ON ANCESTRY!!! Get with the program here!
    Can you tell I am a little frustrated? is getting a LOT more attention from me these days – they are a FREE website and with what you charge I would think that you would be more proactive on this.
    Thank you!
    12 year subscription owner.

  2. Walter Darcey Wright

    You LIARS!!! This issue I have been battling with your company for 3 months. I order Four (4) book of the Wright McDonald Family History.

    These books were the Premium Books, i.e., Leather cover, etc. These books (ONLY FOUR) were delivered to me, shrink-wrapped. I went to a family party in which to show and distribute the books. These were books of 150 pages or about 78 paper count (2-sides per sheet). This is the condition is which the books were received. One book was bound upside down, (25% failure rate). One book was opened, and pages fell out (50% failure rate). Another book was opened and the pages were lifting from the bottom, 70% FAILURE RATE! Within the next two days, 3 the books were in such poor condition, except the family who received the book which bound upside down. They were so disgusted, it was not looked at. Therefore out of four books ordered, there was a 100% failure rate. I called, rather unhappy – having worked many years in publishing and demanded my money back. I also contacted my bank, Wells Fargo Branch in Layton, on Gentile Road, and filed a complaint and demanded a reversal on my funds from I also called the office at, and after several frustrating days of trying to talk to the right person – Ancestry delivered four additional books at my door. Two of those had the same problem of pages falling out. I need to mention that the order was Landscape 10.5 X 14, therefore all the weight bearing load would be on the spine. The company was trying to make up for their mistake rather than give me my money back. Now I had eight books (8), of which 6 fell apart within a few days of possession – And rather expensive books, I may add.

    I called again. One would think that at this point, a company would feel embarrassed at their workmanship and with bended knee ask ME what they could do to make the situation good. All I wanted was a reversal of funds. One manager assured me I had been refunded and they were sorry. Then I received a note from Wells Fargo that the Reversal of Funds was not granted. Now I have a Banking Institution who will not stand behind their customers, nor did they want any specifics about the case when I initially filed for Reversal. I have CRAP merchandise, of which the Bank, Wells Fargo will not stand behind be, a client, and I have Ancestry who is so worried about being MORAL and doing was is HONEST and return or reverse the purchase. I am first CANCELING my account with talking to the Attorney General with the pictures I have taken, And I have family members, more than four (4) who will testify in court about the condition of the Books, which Ancestry is not honest enough to own up to their horrendous error and refund my expenses. Which by now, could be more.

    Don’t push a Dog in a corner, you will only first see fangs, and then get the Hell chewed out of you.


  3. Walter Darcey Wright

    One more thing to say. You have the best software for dealing with data. Too many of your clients “cut and paste” information and do not take the time to verify. Please do your Homework!. That is what the Internet is for. I am disabled, yet I travel to all of the libraries and information URLs.

    AND … there is NO such thing as an absolute Date, I do not care what any Historian tells you. Even in my Roman Emperors and Senate members, with all their ‘so called’ date, even these will vary from historian to historian. ABOUT is a safe and logical approach. Live long and Prosper.

  4. wayne morgan

    Since the latest and greatest update of FTM 2 for Mac I am continuing to have fatal results when trying to search for duplicate people with FTM. I am averaging a 90% crash rate when trying to locate duplicate people. System just crashes!!

    I have been re initiating FTM and running Compact File until I get a 0.00% compaction performance. I sincerely wish you guys could contract this fix to a seasoned MAC team that can fix the little annoyances that consistently show up in your programs.

  5. Craig Frank

    How can I get a transcription error from the 1940 Oklahoma Census corrected? I was able to find my mother and grandparents on the census but whoever transcribed my grandparents’ first names got them completely wrong.

  6. Lori

    I want to print an all in one sheet. Is that even possible and if not why. I want a line assending from me including all names on my tree. How do I do this?

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