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We are pleased to announce that the Internet connection issues people have been experiencing with Family Tree Maker for Mac have been resolved. To get the update, close out of Family Tree Maker; then reopen the application. You’ll be notified that an update is available. Click Install Update. When the installation is complete, you may need to log in to your Ancestry account again. You can do this in the Web Dashboard on the Plan workspace. If your connection still doesn’t seem to be working, make sure the software is set to go online. You can do this by selecting Go Online from the File menu.

If you aren’t prompted to install an update, please go to the Family Tree Maker menu and select Check for Updates.

We thank you for your patience during this situation.

The Family Tree Maker Team




  1. Elizabeth H.

    Yes, thank you for fixing this.

    Will those of us who use Family Tree Maker for Mac and have been unable to connect to the Internet (specifically for the past 5-6 days have those 5-6 days added to our subscription? It would go a long way to appeasing your frustrated FTM / users.

    Thank you for considering this!

  2. Diana L.

    I downloaded the software update, and I went to “Go Online” from the File menu. My FTM for Mac briefly shows “Online” then it goes right back to “Offline”. The program states that I have no internet connection even though I am online with all other programs on my computer. So something still isn’t working…

    • Trevor Thacker

      If you are unable to download the update and you are still seeing an Offline message in the FTM program, please contact our member services team toll free at 1-800-262-3787 for further assistance.

      If you are able to download the update and connect to the Internet in the program, but experiencing issues with the TreeSync feature, click here:

  3. Bettye367m

    I appreciate your hard work. I live with a high tech family so know how hard those of you have to work to correct problems. I am set to go! One more question, none of my link for syncs are working so does this mean I have to again upload my FTM and therefore have new family trees on Ancestry? Anyway to link the ones I had syncd before? Looks like all my trees on FTM have lost their sync and I have to start all over? Am I overlooking something?
    Many thanks.
    Bettye Forster

  4. Bernice Payne

    I just installed my new Family Tree for mac.
    Can I synchronize my family tree with
    If so can you please tell me how?

  5. Lori Giancola

    I downloaded the update, ran it and was able to connect to Imported my tree to FTM Mac 2, but when I try to do a search through FTM, all input lines are black, the only way I can see the text inside the lines is to highlight it, and it is very light gray. What gives?

  6. Tracy Dunne

    I have updated my FTM Mac this evening, but STILL cannot upload my tree – and I have had this problem for well over THREE MONTHS now! I have had advice from the help section, as well as personal email help, yet the problem still persists……

    What on earth is going wrong with the Mac version? My sub is due in Aug and I can tell you I am not at all happy and considering whether it is worth bothering to re-sub – pity as I have been a member for almost 10 years :o//

  7. wayne morgan

    It is not fixed yet, still have bugs. I downloaded the new software, restarted FTM and true to sync the 300 name additions that I have made on this week.

    The sync crashed and I was instructed to call Customer Support.

    Same stuff as we have experienced for 7 months now, a new fix that them immediately crashes. Does FTM really test their fixes prior to turning them over to its customers!!!


  8. wayne morgan

    Continuation from my comments in #11.

    I just tried to re compact the FTM file and it showed a .03% in file reduction. I then ran compaction program again and at completion it showed 0.0% compaction.

    At that point, I reinitiated the file sync to get my files to sync with FTM. System indicated I have 312 people on to sync to FTM and 22 changes on FTM to sync to Ancestry. I resumed the sync, it continued for about 4 to 5 minutes and crashed again.

    Boys, this puppy is not ready for Prime Time and is just a piece of crap software that has just too many issues for apparently Ancestry to fix.


  9. huskergma

    Did exactly what Trevor Thacker said to do… still does not work! Continues to get sync error – cannot upload my tree to ancestry. I followed instructions exactly as stated and it still does not work. Why would any company put out such a statement that the problem is fixed when indeed it is not!

  10. Debra McGinnis

    I tried to update and immediately got the message that there were problems and I cannot open my program and to reinstall the program. I was also getting errors on syncing and the message that there was no internet connection when I did have connection. Now I have to reinstall the program, but will my data be there from my back up?

  11. Lori Giancola

    My update did not immediate appear. I went to Family Tree Maker, then updates. Installed the update and was immediately connected. I have a Macbook Pro- an Intel based computer, unlike the old G4 and G5. I wonder if the problem that some of you folks are experiencing has to do with Mac operating system? Maybe not…just a thought

  12. Janet

    Just as a matter of interest, how big is the update download? I have a restriction on the amount of data I can download. In view of some of the above comments, I don’t want two or three big (0.5GB) downloads in one month

  13. Cheryl

    My update link did not appear but I was able to download when I clicked on Check for Updates. It did take awhile to update but I have had no problems with syncing since the update was installed. I have a newer MAC but not running Lion.

  14. Kelly

    Well, did everything I was told to do tried to sync my trees came up with an error did what help said to to FTM crashed while syncing and now my ONLINE TREE is all messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH COME ON PEOPLE THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  15. huskergma

    Called Tech support today and got absolutely no where with them as to why I cannot sync with ancestry. They sent me a link to follow and I did, I uninstalled and reinstalled the program…..and I still cannot sync, I continue to get a sync error! Therefore there must be still a problem with the new software update. I even went as far as to call Apple today…..they told me that it was a software issue with FTM and Ancestry, they did have me try a couple of things, but that did nothing either. After 7 months of this I’ve run out of patience with both FTM and Oh and by the way….it’s not my ISP either!

  16. Susan

    Based on all of the above comments, I have decided not to waste my time and effort installing an update that is likely still buggy. I am very disappointed that Ancestry cannot get FTM for Mac working. So far it has been a waste of money. Please, please, PLEASE put more effort into making FTM for Mac as robust as the PC product. There are lots of Mac users in the genealogy world who would like to see it! I’ve already started entering data into a Bento database and who knows, maybe I will go that route primarily and get the reports and info I need out of my data.

  17. Debra

    I bought the software last Saturday, July 14. It, of course, hasn’t worked since I purchased it. I downloaded the update this evening, July 20, and while it is finally online, it continually tells me my username and password are incorrect and refuses to log in. I will be polite and concise and merely say FIX IT.

    Truly, I only bought your software to do two, just two, things for me because can’t: merge duplicate individuals and break off branches of my tree. If you could give me that functionality on, I’ll never say another word about FTM.

  18. David r

    I wonder if the mac problem is related to the fact that people are also having difficulties using the iPad app. As support do not respond to emails a update of that problem would be most helpful !!

  19. Marie Simspon

    I have just my Tree off Family Tree Maker and then went back and re-linked and it worked. Thank you for that advice.

  20. Marie Simspon

    Sorry should have said “I have just unlinked my Tree off Family Tree Maker and then went back and re-linked the Tree and it worked.
    Many thanks

  21. huskergma

    When you upload your tree you have the option of syncing/linking tree or not linking tree. Since it won’t sync when uploading, I decided to try just uploading the tree without linking it. After 3 hours it appeared that all was going to go didn’t show any errors then I got an error on that the tree did not upload. Therefore, I now know that I am communicating with the site, and that there still continues to be an uploading/syncing issue. Please fix this as it still does not work. Your last update/patch did not fix the problem of being able to link to the site & sync the database.

  22. fkuyken

    Thank you for working on this issue. I could write about the difficulty finding and correcting the problems; but I will just say thank you. Since I do not upload or sync, I don’t have the problems that others might have.

  23. neale

    Performed update. Got online. Was able to sync a couple of times, then it stopped and complained with:

    The last sync failed. An error occurred while “Analyzing Online Changes”. Try again later. If this error recurs, please contact customer support.

    I went to a backup copy of the tree – pre-fix – and tried it, still no good.

  24. Rick

    Update installed fine, but had to unlink my tree from then relink again. Works perfect now. All my updates done on my iPad Ancestry app the last few days came thru perfect. Running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4

  25. Karen

    Ran the check for updates. Clicked on install updates and relaunch but then got the error message family tree maker quit unexpectedly. I then reopened it and compacted the file. Then I downloaded the update again and got the same error message “family tree maker quit unexpectedly” So the bug is not fixed for me. Any suggestions?

  26. Laurel

    I was told by to buy the software when I started my free trial last week. They didn’t tell me the software had issues and was not functional. I finally was able to start up the software on the day the fix was announced, but it crashes constantly and can’t upload my file to my online account. I send the crash reports to Apple, but they say it is not my computer it is a Family Tree Maker 2 for Mac issue.

    FYI: I have an intel based Mac operating OS X version 10.7.4 Lion. Today it asked for my serial number again and rejected it.

    And yes I installed the updates, unlinked, relaunched and every other bit of advice. I have never experienced this much trouble with software, and I have been a Mac user since the first model. It is inexcusable to sell software that doesn’t work, and to post that the problems are fixed on your blog when you know that they are not resolved.

  27. Mine is working fine as of now. I understand software can have bugs and don’t blame for that. However, I do not appreciate the way this was handled– i.e., trying to keep this issue as quiet as possible, thus causing paying customers untold hours in frustration trying to troubleshoot a problem that was not theirs. I also think that someone representing should have personally addressed the complaints on this blog– not all of them, mind you, but at least one comment addressed to all, apologizing. That would have shown respect, and I would have given them more credit.

  28. Hines

    Like Diana L, I downloaded the software update, and I went to “Go Online” from the File menu. My FTM for Mac briefly shows “Online” then it goes right back to “Offline”. The program states that I have no internet connection even though I am online with all other programs on my computer. So something still isn’t working…

  29. fallen leaf

    I’m online now but I still refuse to buy 2012 FTM for MAC w/all the issues. For all of you still experiencing problems, I’d suggest call customer support and get someone to help address you personally. One thing I find unacceptable about for MAC users: they refuse to update their website to be compatible with Firefox (the only browser we can use) which is now on Version 14.0.1 – I’m continually told by to use a version of Firefox (5.2 or something ancient like that), that even though I downloaded the old version, placed it in a different file than my apps file, STILL did not resolve the website and Firefox compatibility issues. is not serving their MAC customers very well – only marginally. That’s why I suggest always calling customer service to register your complaint with an actual person and keep a log of the conversations – and whether they help or don’t.

    Good luck all!

  30. neale

    If the developers think it would help, I have wireshark packet traces that show the sequence of HTML/XML/SOAP requests.

  31. Laura

    I just got a chance to see if my tree would work. It still tells me that I do not have an internet connection. While I know they worked to resolve the problems, they are not completely resolved. I am just a little frustrated. Will be contacting them tomorrow.

  32. Sheila Bosworth

    I tried your suggestion and it worked once. ONCE.

    Now I still get the “no internet connection” yet, if I had no internet connection, how could I leave you this message?

    Very frustrating. I’m paying you for a service which I cannot access. Please fix this.

  33. Benjamin Hollister


    I’d held off until the connection issues were “fixed” before I bought FTMM2 (previously running FTM2012) and I was much happier with the running on my Mac server (especially compared to FTM2012 on a netbook!). Except…

    There still seems to be some syncing issues. I get a perfect download including all media from my Ancestry Tree (AMT) (very happy) but if any changes are made to the AMT, FTM seems to get stuck on the “analyzing FTM changes” part of the sync. Over the last few days it has:

    – “unexpectedly closed”
    – not responded and required my to “force quit”

    a number of times. This lead to needing to compact which then also either “unexpectedly quit” or just closed with no explanation. At the moment I have uninstalled (so much easier on a Mac) and reinstalled and redownloaded and am sitting watching the “analyzing FTM changes” status. To date it hasn’t frozen, but it doesn’t seemt o be making any progree either.

    This is all running on a mid 2010 Mini Mac with Lion Server, Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, Processor 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, and a FTM tree of some 27,000 individuals and 13500 media files (including citation media).

    I’m still happier with FTMM2 than FTM2012 (albeit I never tried FTM2012 on a decent PC) and as I have good Remote log in abilities to my server I can run it using my netbook, if only this sync issue would go away. I really just do the sync so I have the data to do reports, but also to use some of the FTM tools around place names, and the easier adding of sources to events.

    Oh well…

  34. Glenda Carl

    THANK YOU for fixing this. I had been tearing my hair out. It still likes to crash when it finishes syncing, but at least I can reopen my file and be connected.

  35. Benjamin Hollister

    And continuing on from #39

    The “Analyzing FTM changes” is still chugging away, but I notice in the background that the file size of the FTM tree is getting larger and larger. It was about 139,000 kB before I started the sync, and now a few hours later is about 162,000 kB (albeit it is still media processing as well)

    Dammit, it’s such a pretty program…

  36. Benjamin Hollister

    Continuing from #39 and 41

    OK it’s been a few hours now we have moved from analyzing to “Uploading changes from FTM to Ancestry”. Again a bit interesting as no changes were made in FTM. File size now apparently up top 202,000 kB.

    But it is working and it hasn’t frozen or crashed. media is still processing as well (I hope that it’s not deleting things from AMT for the files that are not yet downloaded!!)

  37. Stephen Scott

    Still does not work. I have tried from my MacBrook Pro & my MAC Mini. Get the same sync error on both. Also, have tried running on a DSL modem and running on a cable modem. No, sync either. Just frustrated right now.

  38. C Atherton

    i have just come to the blog, to see if the connectivity issue has been sorted yet. Sadly no emails sent from Ancestry directly, as I had requested of them. Anyway, I read at the top of the page, all had been sorted. A download was available. I thought great at last. I read we have to make certain the FTM is online, first. Now I really do feel like I am hitting my head on a brick wall. I am still getting the offline notice coming straight back on. My Mac version 1 FTM was working just fine over this past year. I had no problems since purchasing it. So why has it been messed about with? I have been to the apple Ap store, to see if an update was available from there. Only to find it says the FTM is no longer available in the UK. All very frustrating.

  39. Bill Parr

    Complied with all directions, still does not work. When I talked to your tech support on two separate occasions, they offered two suggestions: Safari is not supported by FTM and/or, first time I had heard that. Really? I was told to install Firefox or some such, but that’s silly since Macs work best with Safari. Did you tell us FTM would not work with Safari when you sold it? And the second suggestion: “Looks like your tree is too big, you may have to break it up”. That’s disappointing to hear. Where does it say that on your website?

    After reading all the comments, you need to do more work. This is not a quick fix. Are you working with Apple?

    I really like, it’s well worth $300 a year. You just need to find a way to make it work with FTM for Macs, or just tell us it won’t.

  40. huskergma

    System Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.5 or later, including OS X Lion
    Intel-based Mac
    DVD Drive
    All online features require Internet access
    This is the system requirement they have listed for FTM Mac 2 version – it does not say that it is not compatible with Safari…………

    On another note…….to continue to ongoing no sync saga….today I got an email from tech support………now they think my database file might be corrupt…….go figure……wonder how that happened…..must have happened with their software……..just to be sure I tried to upload a much older copy of my database……….did not work………same sync error message. They sent me to some strange site and I uploaded my database to them…….still waiting to hear from them.

  41. Mary Ann

    I was working just fine until I downloaded the update. Now, it says I’m linked on the opening page of FTM for mac but when I open the tree it says I’m not linked. Aargh!!! I have not been happy with FTM for mac at all. Now, i’m really hating it. I can’t upload or download. So frustrating. Wishing I had stayed with my Reunion software for Mac but changed because of the promised linking capabilities. Not a happy camper.

  42. Jeff

    After reading all these complaints, I couldn’t help but think of a Queensrÿche song I just downloaded, (Is) Anybody Listening?

    Hey FTM team, is that your theme song or what?

  43. BobNY

    #51 – Constance

    How do you define safe?
    What older version of FTM?
    Onto a laptop with what OS?
    What do you mean by the “latest version (present) of

  44. Hines

    I’m not sure what is going on, but I called customer support, reinstalled the latest update, and FTM for Mac is working properly now.

    The first time I tried the update, I could not get to my database. I had backed up the database before the update, so I restored the backup, then FTM could not access the internet.

    As stated above, it is now working properly. Is it possible they fixed the update?

  45. huskergma

    just got email from Tim @ Member Solutions. He was able to fix my issue with syncing.
    First go to “File” in the program
    Click on “New”
    Click “Download from Ancestry”
    Make sure the box “Link to Ancestry” is checked
    Select from the list the file you want to download and link.
    I gave mine a new name for my computer so it didn’t get confused.
    All seems to be working again.

  46. neale

    > First go to “File” in the program
    > Click on “New”
    > Click “Download from Ancestry”
    > Make sure the box “Link to Ancestry” is checked

    Tried this but the list has the “No action available” status and an unlink icon next to it. I’d rather the root problem with FTM2012 be fixed than have to jump through hoops especially when the tree is so big (29K+ individuals).

  47. C Atherton

    Surely I am not the only one left, who still can’t connected their tree to Ancestry? My tree will not go online, to download the patch. I have already been in contact with Ancestry support, by email. My message will be forwarded to the tech dept. They should contact me when they can help me. (Hmmm, hopefully before the year is out!!!) As my FTM, 2010 version, was originally downloaded as an Apple App. I have searched the App Store for updates to download. Nothing available there to help either. Seems I am left stuck in the mire.

    Most of my searches are UK based and I have found my membership with “Findmypast” works out cheaper, more reliable, (I have only come across one transcription error) and I don’t get swamped with erroneous information to trawl through, from other countries etc, as on Ancestry.

    Now having an FTM that doesn’t connect directly to Ancestry, negates the reason for me having an Ancestry membership. I have been an Ancestry member for many years. As my membership is up for renewal shortly, I will be thinking twice, about that renewal.

  48. huskergma

    Neale, try creating a GEDCOM file and upload it to ancestry. If that works then try to download it back to your ftm program through the above steps. If that fails contact support and hopefully they will have you upload your file to them to check it out.

  49. Benjamin Hollister

    A couple of things for some of the readers.

    If you are stuck with not being able to connect and therefore can’t get the update, and the auto “You have an update” message hasn’t popped up when you open FTM, try the “check for updates” option from the menu under “Family Tree Maker 2”. The program was still able to download this despite the other connectivity issues.

    Yes the update fixes the connectivity issues, and yes it allows the download and linking of an Ancestry tree. Which is great.

    Where we still seem to be having problems is when changes are made either to t the FTM tree or the online tree, subsequent syncs seem to freeze or crash FTMM2. This leads to the note on re-opening that a compact should be done due to incorrect shut down, but the same issues of freezing and crashing affect the compact process as well.

  50. dklart

    A few steps that should be taken after these types of wonky happen. Sometime simple steps put all back in order.

    -Quit the FTM for Mac (whatever version.

    -Clear the cache of the browser you use to access the Ancestry site. I strongly suggest you don’t use Safari, Firefox is more stable with the Ancestry site.

    -Quit the browser and all other open applications.

    -Restart your machine.

    -Open FTM, you may be asked to update it. Update it.

    -Fire up your browser.

    You should be good to go.

    If you’re accessing (or have accessed) the Ancestry site directly using a web browser, not using the clunky web browser function in the FTM program, clearing the cache will right many “it still doesn’t work”.

  51. Stephen Scott

    I just tried linking my tree and again it would not work. This has been going for so long now, I’m beginning I’m dealing with Federal government and getting no where. This can’t be such a hard thing to fix, especially since it was working until they changed things at They should know what was changed and how to get back to it. Otherwise their programmers need to go back to school. Every programmer I’ve ever worked with knew how to back track their work to see where the program might be and then fix it. This is really frustrating.

  52. Ken Caputa

    I have a MAC OS X 10.7.4 and FTM for Mac version

    “Go online” does not connect .
    I obviously cannot do the automatic update without the online connection.
    I found a manual download of a .zip or .exe file and found they were for Windows.
    My OS is up to date.
    Does anyone know what I should do ?
    Thank you ,

  53. huskergma

    Ken Caputa – Open your FTM program and in the upper left hand corner click on Family Tree Maker when it opens scroll down/click on “check for updates” you should get the update then. Once the update has been installed you should be able to go online.

  54. Stephen Scott

    My MAC Mini or my MacBook Pro will not let me upload my tree. On the Mini I went an deleted the FTM for MAC and then reloaded it. Then updated and now it won’t let me register the program. None of this makes sense at all. I had a working program for quite a long time, then all of a sudden nothing works on either machine. And the amount of time it’s taking to get things fixed, huh!

    I guess I could use Boot Camp and start working with a Windows version, but that does not solve the problem. I just can’t understand why can’t get this thing fixed right. Good thing there motto isn’t “on time, every time or you don’t pay a dime.” Like some of the plumbing companies.

  55. Leslie Townsend

    I have Family Tree Maker for Mac 2010 which does not allow me to update. What am I supposed to do? Meanwhile I see many people have the same problem, Will we be recompensed on our subscription. I am beginning to regret buying this program.

    • Trevor Thacker

      If you aren’t automatically prompted to install an update when opening the program, please go to the Family Tree Maker menu in the upper left-hand corner and select Check for Updates. If you are unable to download the update and you are still seeing an Offline message in the FTM program, please contact our member services team toll free at 1-800-262-3787 for further assistance.

  56. christine

    As I purchased my FTM version 1. (2010) from the Apple app store, I phoned Apple this afternoon, to see what they can suggest. The guy said he knew nothing about the connectivity problem, with FTM for Mac. Because my version 1. is no longer available from the App Store, he doubts there will be any further downloads for it from the Apple. So no hopes of a fix from that source. I was then told, my best option was probably to purchase the latest version of FTM for Mac. He finally suggested, I could try getting in touch with the software developer, to see if they can help me. I believe it is Ancestry who need to be dealing with the software developer, NOT ME. I shouldn’t have to chase about like this, to get my FTM back up and running properly again. I only purchased mine 12 months ago and it was working A OK, right up until the problems started. That’s nearly 2 weeks back now. Does this mean Mac FTM users are going to have similar problems, every time a new version is released. Forcing us all to purchase the latest version. I am becoming a very disgruntled member.

  57. christine

    Ancestry support and the Tech guys, are worth their weight in gold.

    They have finally contacted me by email this evening. With their help, I have been able to get my FTM (2010 version,) back online once again. There was a huge sigh of relief from me. My faith in Ancestry has been restored.

  58. huskergma

    Ok, I believe we are having issues again, tonight I can’t access the website and my software has become unstable…….the Web Dashboard is not displaying anything – can’t login…… showed that my database was still linked to and then while just sitting there it decides it needs to sync….so it starts syncing and then gives me a sync error report………and no longer linked to The program becomes unresponsive and won’t allow a quit program……..what gives ancestry??? what was changed this time?

  59. christine

    Hi Huskergma,
    Just to answer your question. I know my newly sorted FTM version1(2010) was working fine on the evening of the 26th July. I was busy all evening on Ancestry, without any problems.
    Then again, I am using version1 (2010.) There seems to be a huge difference in user experience between the 2 versions. I have read there has been a lot of bugs with the 2012 version. One of the reasons why I have held off upgrading.

  60. Jennifer L DEAN

    I bought the update to Mac FTM back in June, I never got around to using the original, then read the blog about all the problems. Now I’m too chicken to install it. Even though I’ve been on for years, I really know nothing about computers and most of the info given is way over my head. For example, I’m not even sure what browser I’m using, honestly I don’t even know what a browser is. it might be Google Chrome, if that’s even a browser.
    I really only know how to use Ancestry,com, and to be honest I ‘m not interested in why it doesn’t work, or even how to make it work. I bought the
    Companion book, too. Will you have updates, if needed, for it?
    Could you just put an announcement on Ancestry’s homepage when its safe enough for computer illiterate people like me to use?
    I hope you get it fixed, from what little I saw of the original, its a neat
    program and I’d really like to use it.
    Thank you, Jennifer
    PS When its fixed, and you’re not busy :), is there any way you can make the print zoom, like on I am visually impaired, so I didn’t use the first version because I couldn’t read the print; the page itself would zoom,
    but not the print. Recently, I found the Mac’s Universal Access “magnifier”, it helps, but its really a pain to use. And if you’re really bored, could you make the tabs and bar/strip thing across the top zoom when everything else. I hate to be a bother, but its such a b**** getting old. And since the population is getting older, and most of your users are probably older (who else has the time to do this), then others might appreciate being able to zoom everything. Thanks again.

  61. I just got the opportunity to find out if my tree would work. Nevertheless informs me i will not have a net connection. While I know they worked to end the difficulties, they’re not completely resolved. I’m a bit frustrated. Might be contacting them tomorrow.

  62. Dale Monceaux

    My apologies for being rude, but this is one screwed-up company. First, the problem with Internet access for Mac versions of the software are reported for months before a solution is published.

    Now that a “solution” is published it instructs you to:
    We are pleased to announce that the Internet connection issues people have been experiencing with Family Tree Maker for Mac have been resolved. To get the update, close out of Family Tree Maker; then reopen the application. You’ll be notified that an update is available. Click Install Update. When the installation is complete, you may need to log in to your Ancestry account again. You can do this in the Web Dashboard on the Plan workspace. If your connection still doesn’t seem to be working, make sure the software is set to go online. You can do this by selecting Go Online from the File menu.

    If you aren’t prompted to install an update, please go to the Family Tree Maker menu and select Check for Updates.

    Well the auto Install Update doesn’t work as stated. So, I reverted to the Family Tree Maker menu and select “Check for Updates”. Problem again, there is no such selection available.

    Digging through customer comments I found a 1-800 number. I called and selected option 2 in the voice mail only to be bounced back to the same instructions to select option 1 or 2. In frustration is selected option 1, which doesn’t pertain to my problem but was the only option that worked. Well, I have been on hold for 30 minutes, still no help. When a customer support person name Merrill finally answered the phone he couldn’t here me, though I could hear him clearly. So, it appears that their phone support is as dysfunctional as the software.

    It appears that my only solution will be to request a refund for the cost of the software and the subscription to the for the months since the service went down. It is odd that the software doesn’t work but the monthly billing still does.

  63. Wayne Morgan

    Thanks for the new update for FTM2 for Mac. I had great hopes that you have solved a huge problem with the software that I have experienced since initially purchasing the initial FTM2 for Mac in January 2012.

    Less that 15 minutes ago, I downloaded the new update and installed it, this went fine. Next I did a file compact until I received the 0.00% notification. So I thought great, then I started the search for duplicate persons. Less than 65% into the first pass, crash down goes your latest and greatest. I am now into 8 months of new versions and you just cannot seem to fix this problem. Every time I get this crash, my MAC sends the crash data to Apple and it is always thread 10 of FTM2 that crashes. Is Apple sending this crash data to you. It not, tell me how to send it and you will get it. I am sick and tired of this system crashing!!!!

    I would appreciate a telephone call from your developer to explain to me why you cannot test and locate this problem. I was a systems programmer/developer for ALCOA in the late 1960-1970’s and if I had produced software of your quality, I would have been fired. I spent 10 years working in systems development and just cannot understand why you cannot figure out the problem.

    Wayne Morgan

  64. julien Brown

    I bought and downloaded FTM 2010 for Mac sometime ago to my UK MAC computer, but I cannot get it to connect to the internet despite following all your instructions as listed on the web. Version no is and the product code is 046829f00. In addition to not being able to connect it to the internet the programme keeps crashing. Can you please offer advice as to how to solve the problems, or is it a programme malfunction.
    My operating system is OS X 10.8.2


  65. Kathy

    I just purchased a Mac desktop. I am a long-time contributor to

    I am very discouraged after reading these comments that FTM for the Mac is worth the problems.

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