Posted by Tana L. Pedersen on July 13, 2012 in Family Tree Maker

If you’re a Family Tree Maker for Mac user, you may have noticed some Internet connection issues. Currently, you may not be able to register the software, log in to your Ancestry account on the Dashboard, or use the Web Search feature. We are aware of the problem and are working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

The Family Tree Maker Team


Again, we want to thank you for your patience. We also want to let you know that the Internet connection issue has been isolated, and we are working on a solution. We’ll keep you updated on our progress through this blog. We apologize for any inconvenience.



We know all of you are interested in hearing what progress we’ve made with the connection issues in Family Tree Maker for Mac. We are actively working on an update and feel we will be able to release a fix very soon. When the update is available, a notification will appear when you open your software; you can also check back here—we’ll keep you informed about when the update is ready.

We appreciate the patience of all our users, and again, apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

The Family Tree Maker Team



We are pleased to announce that the Internet connection issues people have been experiencing with Family Tree Maker for Mac have been resolved. To get the update, close out of Family Tree Maker; then reopen the application. You’ll be notified that an update is available. Click Install Update. When the installation is complete, you may need to log in to your Ancestry account again. You can do this in the Web Dashboard on the Plan workspace. If your connection still doesn’t seem to be working, make sure the software is set to go online. You can do this by selecting Go Online from the File menu.

If you aren’t prompted to install an update, please go to the Family Tree Maker menu and select Check for Updates.

We thank you for your patience during this situation.

The Family Tree Maker Team



  1. Robert Brown

    Your blogs are well written and interesting. However, although an international service, appears to focus almost exclusively on its USA customers.
    How about including Europe now and again? It would be a welcome change.

  2. Dawn lDeTambleCash

    I have been unable to “Sync” my trees for the past 3 or 4 days. I’m a PC user. I even uninstaled the Fam. Tree Maker and reinstalled it…but still only Sync errors . Read all the Help files and still it will not Sync. Lost many relatives on my tree and started over in many instances. My internet connection is great so that is not the problem. Any sugestions not listed in the Help files??? Thanks

  3. Sara McGlothlen

    Not using MAC – Websearch connected to yesterday but not today. Rebooted several times. Decided to upgrade to FTM2012 – don’t think the register process was successful – went through steps a second time – still no connection to

  4. BobNY

    This is the kind of notice that should be in a banner on the home page — not buried in a blog that nobody reads.

  5. Vera McHale

    I have, I do believe, every FTM sold since FTM 16 except 2011 maybe. I have used PC and iMac. Look into your system to see if any WiFi users managed to park there. I had three and the addresses of their computer’s WiFi. That should not be. Check all your connectors to your power sources. And if you are wise you will not use WiFi without some back up safeguards. Keep it turned off. (iPads are cellular-not WiFi)
    Avoid Australia and the rest of the UK when your Ancestry URL ends with anything but .com. Keep an eye on it. I just had to have a hard drive replaced.
    There are people who will trespass deliberately as if their allegiance to a people requires it. What they don’t realize is that when things go back on them, the people they fought for suddenly don’t know them. Many are medical people covering up errors and crimes for big money. And some are just plain stepping into what was not their computer by error. I have noticed that if I am on Ancestry’s web site around midnight EST USA I am being hassled over not make my trees public and blocked with limitations from using the site. I have to keep logging in again and again until I get off the site. The bigger problem is not particular to Ancestry but to a wider world that uses information to study genetics to trace roots to places. Right now religious beliefs are in a tilt over archeological facts blowing away the cover of history.
    Our Earth now has proton cameras that can see through things without opening containers to damaging air. It can prevent wasted time digging where there is nothing covered over under the land.
    The findings of blood sample DNA and ancient history is something that needs caution to prevent the wars over belief verses fact. This alone has caused major wars in history, trying to own and hide documents to save belief systems that are big money makers. One thing genealogy does for anyone who dares attempt to understand their own family history is to slow rash judgements or keep ones own beliefs set not in stone. The nature of Earth is movement like a Kaleidoscope. Every day we get new pieces to add to our understudying. The one thing we can never know for sure is anyone’s true deep down intent for their behaviors. An example is, did the governor of Galilee (son of King Herod) deliberately pollute the water with sewage or was he just trying to save money not knowing what could not be proven to exit at the time, unseen disease producing microbes. We may never know. But we do know a lot more that we did in centuries past. Computer are a doorway to finding pieces to understanding the bigger picture. Enjoy. Keep it safe for all to enjoy. Just think of how history could have gone if the waters of Galilee were kept safe. Fewer sick people, dead fish and fewer wrongful executions.
    Not to mention world wars. Who needs bad memories or bad times. We all make a difference one way or another.

  6. Anthony Stancombe

    I have spent the past 3 days trying to figure out why I couldn’t connect to Ancestry from Family Tree for Mac2, and just came across this blog, has the problem been rectified yet?

  7. FrankFLA

    I agree with BobNY. I had to search through 8 different “hits” in Google to find the notice from FTM that there were issues with connectivity that FTM is working to fix. It should be prominently displayed on the front page of the FTM website. There must be hundreds, if not more, of other people looking for reasons why they can’t connect.

  8. Charles Hill

    Why is it that there was no notice of this problem on the web site? I have spent hours over the past few days following the web site’s regular instructions on what to do when FTM Mac says you don’t have an Internet connection (ie, check you firewall, go to safe mode, reinstall the software, etc) only to find out today, through the umpteenth Google search on this problem that … (wait for it …) this is a problem with the company’s servers. An example of terrible corporate relations with consumers.

  9. NDTerri

    I wholeheartedly agree with the above recommendations/requests to place a notice on the home page acknowledging the issue. Too many customers are struggling to try to solve the problem thinking it’s something wrong on our side. Keeping customers informed should be a top priority on the page that faces everyone first … not JUST buried in a blog.

  10. Lori Giancola

    I just bout Family Tree Maker Mac 2 yesterday and have been trying for 2 days to connect, thinking it was something wrong on my end with my internet set up. Shame on for not maker the purchaser aware of the situation BEFORE I make the purchase. If this is the type of customer service I can expect in the future, I will probably be returning the program

  11. John

    Just spent hours trying to get this to work after buying this software yesterday! You should STOP selling your software until it works. Assume you will notify posters directly by email when this is fixed?

  12. NDTerri

    In defense of FTM software … it is a GREAT tool, and the online resources are wonderful. This current problem is rare – but still frustrating none the less. Hang in there, new customers. I’ve been using the product for years (both PC and Mac versions) and have been very happy with it.

    I only wish they would communicate this issue on their home page so as to avoid the frustration of all their customers.

  13. Bettye367m

    I have used FTM with PC and now with MAC forever since it started. I have always loved it. However I am having same problems as others; no internet connection fm FTM 2! Yet the rest of my machine is connected. Assume you have taken it off line while trying to get a fix? Waiting for an update! Thanks!

  14. Linda

    Seriously!!!! Again no internet access from ancestry through FTM. This is getting really old.

  15. paulbrooks

    New user here – downloaded the software and wasted hours trying to figure out why it is indicating there is no connection to the internet – the internet is up and there’s no firewall in the way – frustrating!

  16. jcwalsh

    just purchased FTM for Mac 2 today and cannot connect to register product, connect to very frustrating. And I have to agree with several of the other postings that it took a lot of time and searching to find the postings etc that tell us that there is a problem. It SHOULD be prominent as soon as you do a search or an ALERT on

    If I cannot connect within the next few days, can we get refundss????

  17. reddevils1968

    It has been a few days since the blog post. Can we get an update of what is going on and when it might be fixed?

  18. Peter Kirby

    Please fix ASAP. This is ridiculous. I’ve signed up for a 14 day trial membership and now I can’t even use it!!

  19. Brenda Taylor

    I have went around and around with for weeks about not being able to sign on. I was made to believe it was my softwear, computer, anti-virus softwear, and even my server ATT. I hired a tech of my own to clean up my computer and fix the problem. Soon I found out it wasnt my problem. I called ATT and they said it wasnt a problem on their end , but on the wedsite end. Also they also said no one from had called them to report a problem. I had to get both sides together to work on this problem. It has been well over a month and no one has contacted me me from either side to follow up on the issue. I dont know what the problem was, but I am back up now, dont know why or how. Just glad I am. does not give refunds as far as I know, but my account should be extended for the time I couldnt work on my family tree.

  20. Jackie Schmidt

    I was connected intermittently on Saturday morning, and was able to get a sync completed. Then lost internet connection between FTMM2 and Ancestry. I know it’s not at our end, because we are running 2 Macs with this software and they both failed…One more than the other. Makes no sense.

  21. Shirley Turner

    I see that “commenting on this article is open until Friday, 27 July 2012″…do I need telephone Ancestry/email tech help to find out if and when my FTM for Mac2 internet connection will be restored?

  22. Lori Giancola

    I cannot believe that is currently promoting the sale of the FTM Mac2. I just got an email solicitation for to buy the program for 520 off. I don’t care if it is free, if it doesn’t work. needs to stop selling the program until they fix the bugs. Most currently not being able to connect to the internet through the program and sync you tree from the web site. That was a big selling point that is currently unusable.

  23. Joyce Roderick

    Please put this on a banner on the home page. It is simply not fair to ask your customers to hunt all over for this very simple information. Many of us have spent significant amounts of time reinstalling, looking for phantom firewall issues, and possibly making system changes by the time we stumble on this blog. By today’s standards, the FTM Mac software is expensive. I won’t take the chance next time.

  24. Susan Noname

    Well is in for a rude shock, I’ve been writing a soon-to-be-published review and ever since I installed the software, the online feature has not been working due to a known problem, so this product is getting the lowest rating out of all possible products! Get your act together and don’t rip off paying clients.

  25. David Pacek

    Another day without sync functionality, and no communication from Ancestry since the 13th. The first is disappointing. The second is inexcusable. This is shabby treatment of your customer base.

  26. Jerry


    Your silence in this matter is a slap in the face to your loyal customers. You should;t think that you are beyond reproach….. I have spent a great deal of money with you one rate past 10 years, this might well be that last year!

  27. NoOceanInKansas

    This seems to still be an issue, and I can’t believe that Ancestry hasn’t posted anything about it on their home page, not any kind of update or acknowledging the issue in the first place. I’ve had this happen in the past, and when I called customer service was told that I would need to delete the on-line file and then upload it again. What a pain! I hope we don’t have to do that again.
    The problem is, FTM + ancestry is such a great combination that they know they have us hooked in and even though we say we’re leaving, we really won’t. I really love the products, but it’s so discouraging how poorly they treat long-time customers. They offer free trials all the time, then have technical issues like this, and no offer is made to extend our memberships free of charge. I have been a customer for years, and didn’t even get an invite for the DNA product (and in fact still haven’t).
    You really need some new software developers and testers, ancestry! And shame on you for treating your customers so poorly.

  28. Jane Boutwell

    PLEASE notify us of problems on a homepage that is easy to find. I have spent HOURS trying to find out why I couldn’t go online….reading all the Q&A,
    instructions, etc. I was so frustrated and finally today found this notice.
    I’m just so happy now to know the problem is being resolved.

  29. Rosemary Morgan

    I have recently upgraded to FTM for Mac 2. Prior to this I was totally happy without any internet access (kept my trees separate and used this fact a good checking procedure), and after this experience I think I will just go back to keeping my trees offline!

    I was busy printing off some charts for a client, but the tree had done some weird syncing, so I wanted to re-sync it with the online tree. No chance, as FTM for Mac 2 was now offline.

    I spent half of today trying to work out what was wrong on my laptop. Only after I posted a comment on Twitter did I discover that this is a major problem with Ancestry. I do think Ancestry could have have done a better job of informing people that there is a problem. Maybe via Facebook and Twitter.

  30. Jim O'Rourke

    I had no connection problem using the FTM2 integrated search program until about 3:00 pm today. All of a sudden I’m getting “no internet connection…’
    After an hour of hair pulling I happened across the blog article discussing the issue. Two :questions for you: first the problem was not well publicized and many of us spent hours trying to figure out what we did wrong

  31. frank harbert

    Would it have been to much trouble to post the problem on your home page or send out an email explaining the problem. I wasted time trying to trouble shoot the problem, since all my other internet connections were functioning.

  32. wayne morgan

    I bought FTM 2012 for MAC in January 2012 and have had numerous problems with it from the beginning. This latest issue is the worst of the problems.

    Wny can’t your technical staff get this program fixed? I have spent hours downloading and using new FTM files, only to have the files get messed up a few days later.

    Will this trend EVER STOP!!!

  33. Tracey Fisher should not be promoting the sale of this product (i.e. email advertising 20% off, which caused me to purchase the product) when they KNOW that it is currently not functioning as intended. Not ethical, guys…

  34. brnn69

    I have been frustrated with this issue for several days now and deinstalled and reinstalled FTM2 only to find reference to the issue in this non-descript blog via Google today. Ancestry needs to get its act together and ensure that important and critical issues like this are communicated to their customers and not buried in a blog somewhere, what is a blog anyway? Is it like a rant?

    I have had nothing but problems with FTM2 since I purchased it in Feb12 what a waste of money the sync works then for some unexplained reason the link gets broken, resync, a few days later same problem the cycle continues. The service centre obviously work off a script when responding to these issues with stupid and dumb answers. Now the problem with internet connection. It seems that Ancestry are not testing their system changes and updates correctly for this type of issue to occur. Do they care? one gets the feeling they don’t but they probably do! I certainly will not be recommending Ancestry or FTM / FTM2 to any of my wide circle of contacts.

  35. Shaun Rainey

    I agree Tracy. I held off from buying this product due to financial constraints. Only to buy it today and not be able to use it. I was also lured by the 20% off email. This is really not cool!!!!

  36. They’ve had quite a few problems with the sync feature, but this is the first time to my recollection that access to the internet isn’t working through the program.

    I get that bugs happen, but for pity’s sake, put a notice on your homepage so your paying customers aren’t wasting precious time looking for a problem on their end when it’s on yours. At the very least, this post should also be stuck at the TOP of the blog where it can be easily seen– no one probably give’s a rat patootie about Michelle Obama’s ancestry when they are having trouble searching their own!

  37. huskergma

    I have had FTM Mac2 version for months now (since December 2011) and am very upset with the fact that it has not worked correctly since it was purchased last year. I would have hoped that the update fix would have taken care of the issues with the syncing – but it has not. This program is extremely slow and syncing continues to be a big issue. Now I not been able to even have access through the program for days, it tells me I have no internet access or a firewall issue – both of which are untrue. Guess I will have to really consider my options at renewal time as the cost is extremely high for not being able to use the program as advertised with ancestry.

  38. OconeeBelles

    Thank goodness I found this!! I have tried everything the HELP section told me to do. I’m new to iMac and have had problems with FTM/Mac ever since it was installed 6 months ago. It doesn’t seem to run as smoothly as FTM/PC.
    Hope problem is solved soon. Tired of having to go to and search; then having to type into FTM. The Mac program really needs to be improved.

  39. wayne morgan

    Great Group of comments about a highly flawed piece of software. I wish I had confidence in Ancestry’s ability to fix the problems.

    I have experienced 3 updates of FTM 2 for MAC since buying it this year. Every time that a fix has been made available for a problem, it usually causes more new problems than the update repaired.

    By the away, your duplicate family member locator in does not work either. You need to get it right this time or you will see your stock price go South very quickly and need I say any more!!!

  40. Lori Giancola does not want to post information about problems with FTM mac2, because who would buy it if they had that knowledge in advance. This way can keep raking in the $$. Deception in advertising, continuing to sell a faulty product even though they are aware of the many bugs and issues, does not speak well of the organization behind

  41. James in Buffalo

    This is unacceptable. You don’t build customer loyalty with broken software and dead connections. Especially for THREE days.

  42. Michael Tulley

    I’m not going to slag of FTM mac 2, because I think it has been a fantastic program and I have enjoyed linking up to Ancestry up until now.
    BUT, please please please fix this connection problem or it won’t be worth having the program at all anymore. Like others I spent hours trying to find out myself what might have been wrong with my Mac only to learn third-hand that Ancestry already new about the problem.

  43. Jim Sturges

    Complaints here are hidden away from potential new money for Ance$ To make a difference, tweet your complaint to @Ancestrydotcom so that a broader audience is aware that your $ub$cription fee$ are not being used to provide a reliable service.

  44. R F Berry

    System will not connect via FTM 2012 for mac nor on old 2005 FTM on PC, I can however connect directly to Ancestry site on Mac & PC using my internet, so issue seems to be at FTM end.

    Needs to be sorted quickly

  45. Bhawkins

    This is very annoying. I purchased the Mac 2 software two days ago, and there was no warning that it would not be functional. You had no problem processing my payment!

  46. Irritated Customer

    I agree this is very frustrating. I along with others did not purchase extra software just to not have it work. Even though you are Ancestry know there is a problem and continue to say that you are working on it. You are getting a lot of irritated customers in the process. From the looks of it not just people in the US either. I believe that you should be doing more to inform people of the problem. I know this morning there was finally a message first thing when you called tec support. Again, and I stress. You need to be doing something more other than tell us you are working on the issue otherwise I have a feeling there will be people who choose NOT to stay with Ancestry. By the way this blog was not easy to find!!!

  47. ranneyfranger

    I am so disappointed with how long it took me to find something somewhere that the issue was with YOU and no ME. I have been checking all kinds of connections etc. Was just about to re-install when I decided to do Google search of the problem. This is where it led me. Why didn’t FTM contact its members by email? You have all our addresses and take our money — there is no excuse for this.

    So, do we get a refund for these days you are down?

  48. Emily

    “ does not want to post information about problems with FTM mac2, because who would buy it if they had that knowledge in advance.”

    Lori, I would buy the program all over again… and again. I’ve had FTM since the first Mac version came out two years ago, and I love it. It’s an essential tool in my genealogy. The server outage this week is a rare event. Annoying, yes. But the problem seems to be with the server.

    I suspect that Ancestry would grant a partial pro-rated refund for the days of the outage to those who call and ask for it. Membership is, what, about $1 a day?

  49. Lin P

    I have bought FTM software twice over the years, and finally got a paid membership on Friday. Five days later, I still can’t sync. Incredibly frustrating.

    The next software update needs to alter the blame-shifting “can’t connect to the internet, check your connection/firewall” message and add a direct link to a page where users can check ancestry’s sync system status. It is wholly unreasonable to expect users to find this post on the blog.

    ONE status update during a five-day-and-counting outage is shameful.

  50. fallen leaf

    I called about the online connection problem w/MAC and FTM 2010 as I’d been working on it for 3 days on my own thinking it was my computer’s problem, only to be told this is a “known issue”, and then the next day the blog appeared – so the problem’s been going on longer than stated in the blog.

    And then after assuring me they are working on it can you believe they had the nerve to try to sell me FTM 2012 for MAC with it’s great “sync features”????

    I asked, why would I want 2012 when you have no internet connection and this is not the first time this has happened with FTM for MAC? In addition, the program costs twice what they charge their windows users, has fewer features, and according to reviews, 2012 is buggy.

    I realize they don’t work for Apple, but MAC users are a big market and should not be made to pay more for a software that is better for Windows computers. They get enough $$ from us through their membership fee – and I’ve had to do most of my research at NEHGS, google books, archive books, FHS, anyway. The only thing worthwhile is the card catalog and the census records, and a few others.

    I’m sure there are a lot of steamed MAC users out there. If there’s a better software for MAC I’d like to learn of it.

  51. David Pacek

    Emily, membership may be a dollar a day, but my time (and I expect that of everyone else posting here) is considerably more valuable. If there’s one thing that stands out clearly, it’s the huge amount of time wasted by users trying to troubleshoot a problem that lies solely with the vendor and the software.

  52. Roger Demers

    I am a 2 year subscriber and just purchased your Mac 2 application.

    I called Family Tree Maker tech support (800-361-8556) and they informed me that the software does not work at this current time or gave any ETA as to when the fix would be available.

    I’m sure that you do not willingly sell a defective product as this would be fraud.

    They told me the only way to get a refund was to go through the company that I purchased it from.

    I have wasted 2&1/2 hours of my day due to your oversight (intentional or not). Not a good way to make friends.

    I expect you to stop selling a defective application until perfected.

  53. Ronette Obrey

    I too am frustrated beyond words that its been 4 days since the problem began. At my first call-in I was told it was a server update. However in the same sentence he said it should be “fixed” soon. Iʻm by no means a computer expert, but in my mind, an update is far different from a fix. So which is it. Of course over the next several call-ins they were more upfront about there being a problem but I am amazed at the lack of customer support and the pat answers that tell me nothing new from day to day as to when the issue will be resolved. I am not aware of any other online service that has gone down for this many days and, especially, where a mass email or notice is not given. How easy would it be to post a notice on the home page advising us FTM for Mac users of the specifics of the problem, the steps theyʻre taking to resolve it and an estimate of the time before they are back up and running? This reeks of the support we used to get circa 1990, youʻre on our own kid. Customer support is the lifeblood of goodwill and it seems they donʻt know this or donʻt care. I just need one more sync before I print a 200 page book I need for a reunion this weekend. What timing!

  54. Peter Kirby

    i’m not just expecting a full refund, i’m going to bill for all my hours lost as it is 100% your fault. let’s see if you stay silent then!

  55. Bob Huson

    Why can’t FTM post relevant information via an e-mail like you do for all of the “special offers” etc? I’m sure I am not to only one who DOES NOT blog, Face the wall, Twiddle, Push, Pull, and all of the other fancy waste of times. I bought FTM 2 for Mac, upgraded to World and now can use the simplest of functions. I’m sure the fine print stipulates that there is not reimbursement for lost service, just a friendly reminder that the next due date is approaching.

  56. C Atherton

    I am having the same problem as everyone else, while using the Mac V1 FTM, since the weekend. I have read this connectivity problem, could take an age to fix. Is that just a rumour, or not? How will we be informed, when the problem has been resolved? I am so frustrated with the FTM, I have stopped using my FTM and will not be using Ancestry for awhile either. Perhaps Ancestry would be kind enough to send an email, when all things are back up and running again. I also think a refund on membership would be in order too.

  57. Lori Giancola

    Emily and David
    My biggest problem with this whole situation is that I solicited by for a %20 off to buy FTM Mac2 on July 13. I purchased this software through on July 14. Clearly, since their first blog acknowledged server issues, lack if internet connection and more, I, as a consumer through, should have been made aware of the situation or the product should have been removed from their web site until it was fixed. Are the 50+ people on this blog the ones who are having problems? I don’t think so. How many people are currently considering buying this product and have no idea the issues involved or are still spending valuable time searching the internet for answers? I don’t really care how good the other products were in the past. To continue to sell this particular product on today, or until this problem is fixed is fraud

  58. Vincent Manara

    Strange that on the fourth day of an unresolvable technical problem that prevents connectivity between FTM and Ancestry, Marketing decided to issue an email suggesting people update FTM to take advantage of that connectivity. I had enjoyed it in the past and was surprised to find it no longer available. I spent most of a day checking my account to ensure I had updates, checking my internet connection and checking for blocking firewalls. Nothing helped until I finally found a tech support phone number and learned about your problem. The latest versions of FTM do not display customer friendliness and this does not help. As new alternatives to Ancestry and FTM grow in number, you are going to become lonely.

  59. DB Foster

    Having spent $$ on the program and more $$ on the upgrade and more $$ on the premium membership, perhaps one way to get the horse moving is with the stick and not the carrot. I intend to go to the Apple store and write a review of the FTM and my displeasure with the lack of customer service and the unending issues I have had with the Mac version. At the very least it may save some poor soul from sinking hard earned $$, as I did, into a program that only half works half of the time.

  60. DB Foster

    Oh, interesting, purchased my program through the Apple store, but oddly enough, can’t review it there as “this is not currently available in the U.S. store.” Go figure!

  61. Wibs

    Really disappointed that the problem re not being able to get online with FTM for Mac is still an issue now a week after first cropping up, but more frustrated by Ancestry’s really lax attitude to customer comms in terms of updates…… is a 2 day old 3 line holding statement hidden in the middle of the corporate blog really the best they can do????? Very poor.

  62. huskergma

    I made contact with the corporate office today, apparently they were not aware of the ongoing issues of the software and connection issues – at least that is what they told me.
    They checked with the software people and were apparently told they did not know when the issue would be resolved. In the meantime our subscriptions just continue to run their course to the end, as you can go online through you just can’t sync back to your program on your own computer.
    I did ask him about discounts for renewals, and they did not offer any rebate or discount on any upcoming renewals. I did ask him to check on the possibility of such for us Mac 2 users that have been experiencing issues for months.
    He is supposed to check and get back to me via email.
    In the meantime he told me I might have a bad software disc and offered to send me a new copy of the program. So we will see…….I doubt that will fix the issues of going online with the program.

  63. Joel Hirsch

    I bought this software after having used the PC version, and foolishly expected it would work. Now after spending hours and hours I finally called in frustration only to be told that the inability for Mac users to connect is a “known issue” and the are “working on a solution” but have no idea when it will work as advertised. Selling non-working software is, or should be, fraudulent activity, and I for one will withhold my credit card payment until this is fixed. Maybe if Ancestry’s revenue flow is disrupted enough they will actually find a way to solve their problem.

  64. Susan Lake

    I wonder if FTM, Ancestry, and their various marketing departments realize that the ONLY reason many of us stay with them is because of the seamless access to the Internet. Without those little “green leaves” I might as well move to a program that does not crash regularly and has some consistency. And this is from a stock holder who will sell this stock at an appropriate time because I believe that they no longer respond to the needs of their customers. This is far too many days of “problems” unresolved and absolutely no notice to their customers. Intolerable.

  65. huggyheaven

    I trust I’ll be given an extension to my membership period – it’s been like this for over a week. Not acceptable considering how much I’ve paid!

  66. Elizabeth H.

    This inability to connect is frustrating, but I do like my Family Tree Maker program. I’ve been using it since its early days on a PC.

    Could we at least get an update on the status of this connectivity issue? And will we have an opportunity to get additional days added to our subscription for these days that we’ve been unable to sync and to access it through Family Tree Maker for Mac?

    Looking forward to an update – Thanks!

  67. Jacqueline Neun

    Last Friday, I also uninstalled and re-installed the program on both my desktop and laptop Mac computers, thinking I had the problem. It worked on Saturday for a while and then was gone. Could you not have a large notice on the Home page to let us know of there was a problem at your end?

  68. Debbie G.

    Just like any new software product, technicians have to get the kinks worked out. Maybe this was an eyeopening they needed in order to bring attention to the other FTM Mac2 issues. I will still be a loyal customer as I have for awhile now.

  69. Linda Texada

    How many years will it take to get the kinds worked on FTM Mac issues? It is very frustrating.

  70. jerry

    The powers that be probably won;t even read this blog. Why should they? They already have our money.

    I suggest that everyone call customer support and ask for a refund. I did. And the rep ( poor thing ) promised to make notes so that once its resolved ( if ever ) I would get a “token” refund. BTY, when you call, don’t start complaining at once, ask them to tell you how long you’ve been a member, just so they now you legit.

  71. Bill Wilson

    Some people have commented that this is just a kink that all new software experiences. Not so. I bought FTM for Mac as soon as it was released, and until now I have never had any problem connecting to through it. I have had other problems, but that’s a story for a different time.

    I have used Macs since 1984, and used them on the Internet and its Unix-command-based predecessors since about 1990. I have NEVER had any problem logging onto a site accessible to the public or for which I had a username and password before last week, when Ancestry stopped recognizing anything from a Mac running FTM2M. Clearly, some software change on the Ancestry server is responsible. Why not revert temporarily to the software that was on the server before July 13, or 12, or whatever the date of changeover was, then debug the new software and reinstall it?

    And when the problem is solved, credit all users of Family Tree Maker for Mac, versions 1 and 2, for the lost days of syncing by extending their Ancestry subscriptions. It seems the least you could do. staff: you ARE reading these comments, aren’t you?

  72. Kelly

    Bill Wilson, I totally agree with you plan. I work in IT and we always with a go live of a software product have a fall back plan. Usually the question asked is “Can we roll back to the previous status we were?” Prior to any go live the key is Test, TEST, TEST! I know from experience that every scenario can not be tested especially with overwhelming the systems servers with users, but I don’t know what the issue is. But a back up plan should be in place and a compensation for users who had purchased the products should also be in place. Tracking of this can be done with tracking of the syncing of the accounts.

    I do hope does listen, since they seem to be the primary resource for amateur genealogists like me.

    Please HELP!

    Thanks, Kelly

  73. Bill Knight

    Been using FTM 2010 for Mac since it came out. Have never had a problem like this. It is very strange to me that it seems to be just Mac that is affected.

    For those that are not aware you can got to the “Tree Settings” page to download a GEDCOM file to import into FTM. Granted this does not bring the pictures and other info into FTM. Save the folder that has this info in another location so you do not lose them. Granted they are not saved in a easily recognizable format but you’ll still have them.

  74. Charles

    Having read through these comments and going through the same problems myself I can only conclude that sold the Mac software fraudulently. To have to pay 70 bucks for an upgrade is bad enough and when it doesn’t work it’s larceny.

  75. Barbara MacMillen

    I too thought it was something on my computer and spent hours over several days trying to figure out what was wrong. I finally “Googled” the problem and found a comment on Ancestry message board that then had a link to the blog. Ancestry is negligent in not making this more apparent to users. I would not usually add my comments, but I figure the more people that speak out on this the greater the possibility of Ancestry taking note. I hope they get this fixed soon.

  76. Gary

    I have working 3 days trying to figure out why I had “No Connection”. I finally called Tech Support today to find out it is a known problem. I wasted several hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my Mac. I am really disappointed in Ancestry. And I haven’t been able to sync in two weeks. Now I have to go back to FTM version 16 running in PC mode on my Mac. In many ways I prefer FTM version 16.

  77. NDTerri

    Bill Wilson ~ you make some excellent points. Being a software developer myself, that would be the first line of defense … go back to what worked!

    Hello? FTM? Hello? *tap*tap* Is this thing on??

  78. Laura

    Some of you seemed to have a better interaction with Tech Support than I did. It wasn’t even mentioned to me as a current problem but instead I was told to call the Company that I downloaded FTM from. Luckily, I was paying attention when the phone system told me about this website or else I would be in a big circle. Get it fixed!

  79. paulbrooks

    Amazing to me that FTM are continuing to sell and promote to new users a product that is clearly not functioning as claimed, no warnings on the main website, no recalls, no offers of help, no obvious direction to this blog or offer of any compensation for the frustration. From the evidence on this blog it is clear the company has know for at least four days that this product is not functioning. It is also clear that many of us have spent many hours trying to fix something that can’t be fixed. The best I can say is this is a very poor show indeed.

  80. Ed

    My company does custom web application development and I know it’s not easy to deploy new features and functionality into a production environment. So I have some sympathy. In this situation it’s obvious to me that Ancestry must have tried to deploy “the latest” and “greatest” or even some “minor” tweaks without following a software test plan that took into account all the variables like FMT 2 for Mac. Ok, something was overlooked. It happens. Now roll back your changes. Oh, no! No rollback plan? Now you’re customers are VERY unhappy with broken software that you eh hem, tried to sell again on Monday with a poorly timed marketing email bomb.

    ECHO – it’s on but nobody home

  81. fallen leaf

    P.S. Hear, hear! What Ed said,




    Hire some ex- Apple techs to help you with your MAC issues – not rocket science there either.

  82. Marsha Guerard


    I just bought Family Tree Maker for Mac two days ago, only to discover that it doesn’t actually work. This should not have been a surprise, I guess, since has known issues with Safari and Chrome. But instead of putting it in an obvious spot where potential customers could see that they might have a problem before they buy, you bury it in a blog and don’t tell us about it until we go through step 15 in a phone call to your company.

    My question is this: Why keep selling the product to unsuspecting Mac users when you know that it won’t work? It’s false advertising. And yet, you continue to let us poor suckers download the program, and even send out emails urging more purchases. Maybe you could use some of that new revenue to hire someone who understands Macs.

  83. Pattie

    Add me to the list as I can NOT connect to Ancestry with Family Tree maker Mac version.

    HURRY UP and get it fixed!!

  84. Al

    I have had this login and search connection failure problem since Friday 13th July on MacBook. It still persists. I read the “error” message in FTM Mac2 and thought the problem was at my end… After a reinstall and still no go I checked my desktop installation – same problem!! Resorted to Google to try and find some info and after a several searches I came upon the reference to an Ancestry blog – low and behold there is the offending problem buried in an obscure blog list, nothing on their web pages, servers or such like admitting to anything.

    I have had a few minor and irritating problems, poor performance prior to last update BUT this is the first major fault!!

    I have used several packages in the past (iFamily, Reunion, McFamily Tree) but switched to FTM because of it’s online data search abilities – now this is kaput!

    I have no data access for four days now and am rather pissed off to say the least and especially about having to search high and low with Google to even find the fault was at Ancestry’s server end.

    They must have made some change to the server end and failed to test it adequately before going live and killing login and data services for Mac users.

    Before retiring, I worked in the IT server area with my employer and would have been hung, drawn and quartered if I had mucked something like this up!!!

  85. R Gostautas

    Ok Ancestry…over a week now…

    Have you seen my leaf?
    Once was green is now just grief
    Need new gardener


  86. jerry

    If anyone is using any version of Family TreeMaker for MAC you most likely are unable to connect to the internet or sync your tree to Ancestry ( which owns FTM ) The message is usually that your firewall is blocking access, which is false. This has been going on for a week, and Ancestry knows about it but refuses to make it known publicaly for fear of the bad PR. They do acknowledge the problem deep inside a blog ( of all places! ) rather than post it on their website. Nor have they sent out emails to users, which they could have since they have our email on file. Calls to customer service are basically the same : they know about the problem but will not or cannot say when or how it will be fixed. I did manage to get one sympathetic rep on the phone who told me that even they have not been told anything about the problem. To me that is very poor management. has grown so much until it seems they think they are above approach. We should all demand not only refunds for the days we can use the online features but threaten to cancel our subscriptions. Personally I am demanding that they refund me the purchase price if this expensive and mostly useless software.

  87. NDTerri

    I’m no lawyer, but I think by now Ancestry would be getting a little nervous about a class action lawsuit. There’s a lot of documentation just here on this blog as evidence. Quick! Someone save it before they take it down 😉

  88. amber sabia

    Beyond frustrated with the lack of communication and correction of this issue from Ancestry. I receive other emails regarding upgrading and ordering. So I purchased FTM for an upcoming family reunion. I was shocked when I couldn’t use it.

    However, I NEVER received any email notice of this obviously ONGOING issue. When I called customer service the representative was very unhelpful, and imo didn’t seem to care, about this issue. She had no idea what was causing this or when it would be fixed. I’m sure she is frustrated, but I am paying money for a product I can’t use, I am more frustrated.

    It does not make since to me that I was able to download FTM from their server with out internet connectivity problems. But, unable to connect to the internet when trying to sync??

    Maybe we need to contact the better business bureau? Ancestry has our email addresses, they should be on top of communicating issues and offering discounts for our inconvenience. To hide their communication inside of a blog is ridiculous and unprofessional. I am also frustrated that Ancestry created this blog and has only given one update and absolutely no responses to comments when so many customers are upset.

  89. Kevin Handy

    I have had the same outages as you folks for going on a week now. I don’t think it will end there. I am a FTM 2 for the Mac user. I have been using the product since it first came out, I was a Mac user of the product more than 13 years ago when it first appeared for the Mac. The very sad fact is that this not the first time has had issues either with this product or with online issues. Recall’s 2011 major outages in which their site was down for hours. Lately I’ve also seen evidence of database indexing issues whereby the data matches are displayed incorrectly – some of it has been alarming. I’m still seeing data records (very recently) where the individuals are shown as having been born in China yet independent research shows that to be impossible. Sadly folks who log on here are good, decent people who only want to be able to do their research – they may not have the knowledge, skills or abilities to do complex troubleshooting – or the desire. FTM 2 is not made by A quick “About Family Tree Maker 2” shows that MacKiev makes this software. MacKiev is a firm that is based in part at least in the Russian federation. That’s not bad – but there is a cultural difference between East and West. I contacted them directly after unsuccessfully trying to resolve issues myself. I gave them log files, samples of a couple of files created for them and I demonstrated to both Ancestry and MacKiev that I had done some fairly complex troubleshooting. My problem was never resolved – neither had good solutions. Basically “real” images are displayed with a generic image that is repeated with every image uploaded that somehow didn’t make it or is otherwise corrupted. The images were fine on my side but never successfully uploaded to I have to say this is a very strange organization. They’re publicly traded yet they use volunteers. They use these blogs to quietly hide issues. If you phone the US support line they appear to have no idea what a Mac looks like. I suggested several times they use a virtual drive on their Windows machines so they could operate the product as if it were on a “real” Mac yet nothing has happened. If you call they’re just as clueless. They appear to have a just a few Macs for their entire call center operation. I shutter to think what they might do with iPad users. I’m sorry folks these people are fleecing us and they know it. Long ago they could have made the online application service robust enough that any user – Mac, PC, iPad, Linux – whatever – could get the same great service. Instead they’ve just tacked on new databases, fixed obvious issues so they wouldn’t get sued and left the other thousands of issues in tickets in some developer or product owner’s “break and fix” queue. In other words for the millions and millions we spend – discounting the $30 or whatever for their “software” we get schlock. Most of the databases are indexed – but many with no images. And what burns me are all the dollars they supposedly spend on these databases for products that are actually owned by the U. S. government – like Federal Census records – which they love to tout. They didn’t have to develop those products – create images or whatever – the images were already present. They might have had to do some indexing – but they have volunteers to do that. So my question friends is – where is our money going?

  90. Tracey

    Would really appreciate a status update more recent than Monday Jul 16, 1:30pm. It’s been five days without FTM connectivity and I would think there would be a mutual benefit in having informed customers who were not grousing about the lack of communication.

  91. amber sabia

    I just called the corporate office and spoke to Tyler Summerhaze. I called 801-705-7000, Tyler is at extension 2197. Tyler gave me another number of 877-283-9504.

    Tyler and the corporate office is aware of the issue and said it started on July 14th. He said hey currently have a team of technical developers correcting the issue. However, he could not tell me what the issue is or when it will be corrected. He did say he HOPES it will be fixed by the end of the week.

    I explained to Tyler my frustrations with the lack of communication for I asked why I haven’t received an email notification. He said they do not email customers when there is an issue, he also said that they do not have a list of everyones emails who uses FTM because they are from a 3rd party.

    I told Tyler this hidden blog is very unprofessional and useless when only one update is posted and comments are not responded to by Ancestry.

    I want to encourage you to call Ancestry and voice your frustrations. Having our frustrations typed in a hidden blog is useless. Tyler couldn’t even find the blog when I asked him why it had an end date of July 27th…

  92. David Pacek

    Ancestry appears to be in complete denial here. So Tyler says the issue started on the 14th, eh? Wonder how he explains the fact the intial blog mention of the problem is dated on the 13th. (even that came far later than the problem for users).

    For a while I’ve been simply disappointed with how this has been handled. Now I’m disgusted.

  93. Mac users like me should get a pro-rated discount for the inability to use FTM to its full extent. While I realize we can use, that’s only 50% of our agreed to capabilities!! I, too, am not a lawyer, but my gentleman’s agreement said that when I purchased the monthly subscription I would be able to access BOTH sites via the Internet. I would like a manager/director to respond to my comment, please.

  94. Bhawkins

    from the 13th to the 18th with only one update? Poor customer relations. Marketing and selling a product known to be defective? Fraud

  95. Vincent Manara

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the possibility we will have to subscribe to Fold3 to continue this and other services.

  96. TBrown

    At this point, I’m wondering what could cause issues of this duration and severity. A bad software release? (In which case, why not back it out?) A failure of equipment which wasn’t redundant, and therefore the failure was catastrophic to services? Someone figured out a back door into web services so they could get info without paying, so all web services have been shut down until the “hole” can be plugged?

    It would very much be appreciated if customers could be emailed when the problem is resolved. I haven’t yet been able to register. The process of checking to see if I can connect, then coming to this blog to see others are still reporting connection issues, has grown tiresome.

  97. Russ Lipp

    This Internet connectivity problem for FTM Mac users has gotten out of hand, and Ancestry should be ashamed for their lack of customer sensitivity. One notice in almost a week is unprofessional. Such a serious problem should have a notice on the Ancestry home page with daily updates. Once this problem has been successfully solved, Ancestry should step up to the plate and make some gesture of apology, such as a discount for Mac users on their next Ancestry subscription. When all is working, the FTM software and its integration with Ancestry databases is wonderful. When not working, there is a lot more manual research work,along with the extreme frustration.

  98. Michele Napoli

    I also would not have purchased the software if I knew how long it was going to take Ancestry to fix the problem. Totally unprofessional. Everyone should post about this on their social media sites.

  99. Terry T

    I have been frustrated the past few days that FTM won’t go online. I stumbled on this blog to find that Ancestry is the culprit. It is very disappointing a message could not have been added to the Home page or an email sent to subscribers. I was sold FTM by Ancestry’s email solicitations only to be let down that it does not work!

  100. Charles

    Apparently this blog isn’t getting their attention. has a facebook page with a thread about this.

  101. Laurel

    An ancestry customer service representative told me on the phone today to buy the Mac FTM software download. After I made my purchase, I could not register it. Only when I called back to complain was I told there was a Mac issue and they didn’t know how many days it would take to register and use my software. There is no excuse to sell a product that is not usable. The shop link could easily be disabled by their technical department until a fix is made. The second customer service representative told me I needed to go to this blog post for answers. I should have been told to go here before I made my purchase.

  102. Tracey


  103. Kelly

    I agree this is frustrating! I have a family reunion this past weekend and came home to find I can not update anything! I have a lot of stuff to do!

  104. Kathy

    This has clearly gone on too long with no explaination as to why this happened. One day it worked and then next day it didn’t. I am wasting my paid subscription time on They need to extend our subscriptions by every day this has been broken.

  105. Rick

    Well…. WILL our subscriptions be extended for, at least, each day the Mac connection is down? I realize you have no info on when the correction will happen, but you CAN answer my question.

  106. huskergma

    Just filed complaint with BBB.
    These issues have been going on entirely to long. Each day that goes by is one less day on my subscription. I’ve had issues with this software since I received my updated version of FTM Mac 2 in December 2011.
    Apparently customer service does not want to provide us with correct information and the company continues to sell a defective product and sell memberships fully knowing that it does not work.
    I will be canceling my membership if a resolution is not reached soon.

  107. Christine

    Having wasted time over several days trying “fix” my own computer, only to find that the problem is at your end, I am furious!! Why on earth wouldn’t something be posted on the Ancestry home page.

    And I certainly hope that my brand-new 6 month subscription is going to be extended. I bought it to coordinate with Tree Maker.

  108. seems to be wanting to keep this on the down low– i.e., making no mention of this bug anywhere except a post buried in an obscure blog, not even the TOP post– intentionally so that sales don’t suffer.

    I also find it pretty bad that no one representing has responded to the 100 + comments (complaints) on this blog– that would have gone along way towards showing some integrity and respect to their customers.

    Considering that this has been going on since at least Sunday, we are owed something besides an announcement that they “feel” that this will be taken care of “very soon.” Be a big more vague, please.

  109. catharine napolitano

    explaining all of this as a known issue is ridiculous. like so many others, i spent too much time trying to fix what i thought was a problem on my end. it is time for information about when this will be resolved.

    of course, when i have called, it is 20 minutes “on hold” and no meaningful response.

    this should be banner information that does not require us to dig to find out.

  110. NDTerri

    Re: Post #96. Despite what Tyler Summerhaze stated, this issue has been going on BEFORE July 14. I first noticed it on July 12, having been able to connect fine on July 11. There was a short-lived celebration (on my part) when it came back online on July 13th. Only to go down again the next day.

  111. Claudia

    Wow, these comments are very interesting. I really believed that my hobby had turned into an obsession that took down my internet Mac access! I agree that there should be more information coming to subscribers, not just a blog that isn’t always accessed by members. Hope the issue is resolved soon. Actually, we should receive updates free for a year ! I’m frustrated and obsessed !

  112. Robert

    I never would have migrated to a Mac and bought the Mac Version if I knew it was going to be a constant failure. I see five or six commercials from Ancestry on the TV each day. Please fix what you have sold before selling any more.

  113. John Stroud

    Very frustrated after several days with no connection to My family bought and paid for a full year subscription for me at great sacrifice to them, and I am unable to use it. I wonder if has a plan to reimburse me or replace the days I/we have lost? I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what’s wrong with my computer- it would’ve been very nice to know that the problem was with their product.

  114. Valerie

    Although I’m not being affected by this outage, I know that it must be having a big impact on others research. I remembered a time a while back when Member Trees were down for a day. There was such a fuss that Ancestry ended up giving everyone who logged in *on that one day* an extra day on their subscription – because the member trees were down *for one day.* (I don’t delete emails and found a notification of this on 21 May 2010). At this point, the problem has been going on for close to a week and I think that a subscription extension is in order for those affected.

  115. fallen leaf

    I wish they’d quit thanking me for my patience when I’m out of patience. Hire some Apple-techs – geez it doesn’t take a genius to realize they need help. Either that or add more servers if that’s the problem. Ancestry charges a fortune and I’m sooo glad I didn’t upgrade to FTM 2012 – the next time one of their techs asks me to buy it they aren’t going to get a very tactful response.

  116. Peter

    This ‘down-time’ has only confirmed my fears of using and relying on computers to record and keep my hard-won family history details safe and secure.

    I’m no expert, but I find Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 an excellent in-house (ie. on my computer) storage system.

    Likewise, till now, / / (I have no idea why the three – if not more) have proved to be a very good on-line; search, comparison and retrieval provider.

    I see synchronizing my machine with a backup copy held by Ancestry as very reassuring. (ie. If I go down, they could still save the day.)

    This current glitch in the system is bad enough, but what if they loose any of OUR data !

    Before I pay out more good money, I’ll need to be assured of two things:

    1. That in future, ALL my data is recorded and backed-up on MY equipment; and

    2. That their software allows me to back-up ALL my info as a hard, printed copy.

    I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but at the moment, I feel the piles of information I have in cardboard boxes under my bed, is safer than what is floating around somewhere in cyberspace.

    Adelaide, Australia

  117. Emil Dahlberg

    I too tried many solutions to my local computer problem based on the message regarding firewall issue.

    I too spent many hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

    When I found this blog, after much searching for online solutions I was somewhat relieved to find out it wasn’t just me who was having problems, but after a week of this, I am very frustrated. No notification, no email, no major announcement on the main site.

    I had been using Legacy (now 7.0) for many years and I still think it is a better piece of software than FTM. The main reasons I switched to FTM for Mac

    was that I now do most of my work on my MacBook Pro (running Parallels 7 for my Legacy Windows product) and also(the bigee) the synchronization capabilities. Well without sync capabilities, what good is it to me! A waste of $60!

    What’s up Ancestry!!

    The natives are getting restless out here folks!

  118. Jasmine

    Like many other posters, I was struggling with the lack of internet connection and doing searches when I came across this blog. I am surprised that the problem is dragging on this long. This is a major problem in the software or Ancestry’s servers that is blocking everyone using a Mac from making use of their Ancestry programs. Most of what I do through the Ancestry program involves connecting to the internet- running searches, syncing my tree, downloading sources. I can’t believe that it is taking them this long to fix it. I would think that at the first sign of a problem like this they would have a team of engineers working around the clock to fix it. I hope this is resolved quickly, as it is quite frustrating.

  119. Tom Reahard

    Just purchased FTM for Mac 2 and immediately experienced all the problems reported here.

    I own an internet company with major US companies as customers. They would be screaming at me if we had this kind of outage.

    “We are actively working on an update and feel we will be able to release a fix very soon”

    Feel? That isn’t a very scientific term. And computers are scientific.

    Very disappointing.

  120. LAL

    Add me to the list of frustrated FTM for MAC users. I have encountered this “Not Connected” message for the last ten days. I have followed all the suggestions put forth by Ancestry and still have not been able to sync my online tree.

    I work in the educational technology field and I know that it is not my firewall, my antivirus, my ISP, etc. I hope this problem is resolved quickly.

    I wish that the customer service staff would be more proactive in notifying users that there is a problem.

  121. Toni Colombo

    Really…..what is the point of this “blog”… they think that frustrated customers talking to each other is going to solve anything. There are no answers from Ancestry. I’ve called several days in a row and can’t get through to anyone. Some people say they aren’t aware of the problem but will report my phone call. Others say, “We understand your frustration. Believe me, we are working hard to resolve the issue.” If this were an Apple problem, it would be “resolved” in short order. I’ve used Ancestry since it began and I absolutely love it….but it cost a lot of money (I have access to all info) and Ancestry should at least offer long time clients something for this lack of response. But really, I just want them to FIX THIS PROBLEM, PRONTO!

  122. James

    This is ridiculous. Stop the excuses. Stop trying to massage your customers. FIX the problem. Today. Or roll back whatever crappy software you are using to connect to FTM for Mac 2. Don’t blame the makers of FTM for Mac 2. This is’s fault. But stop lying. And STOP ignoring your customers. I, for one, am now looking for alternatives for genealogy research and back up of my data.

  123. AMKavanaugh

    I think what we need to do is come together, as frustrated FTM Mac users, and take our complaints somewhere else besides Ancestry’s blog. They obviously are not paying attention to everyone’s frustrations or they simply don’t care. New users are not going to search for unexplained extended downtimes before purchasing FTM Mac2, so we are not having an impact on their new sales. However, if we can find an avenue to exploit this problem outside of the confines of Ancestry’s listserv and blog maybe we can get more ‘airtime’ that will impact Ancestry’s business and force some forward motion in getting this problem fixed.

  124. Anne

    Fortunately, living in the IT world, I quickly came to the conclusion that my system was not at fault, and a call to the Help line led me to this blog before any real person had time to pick up the call…

    HOWEVER, it has also given me time to take the few small pieces of fact (unsubstantiated, of course) and concoct a story line – probable – but probably fictional.

    Factoids: Small outage on 11 July; Complete outage on Friday, 13 July; Product by MacKiev, whose “software shop” is in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Like any genealogist, who, given too much time with small pieces of fact, can spin a good yarn, try this one on for size. We can all participate – add what you like…

    The Ukrainian penchant for computer hacking for fun and profit is well-known worldwide. MacKiev is a very successful and profitable legitimate enterprise – hence a fat target. Let’s say that the 11 Jul outage was a “trial run” for the hackers – followed by the usual threat of extortion with proof that the business product can be “damaged” and taken off-line. Since the owners are American – and based in Boston, MA, they contacted the authorities – who are, as I type, trying to find the command-and-control server the hackers are using. Except it is taking much longer than planned – perhaps there was a time-bomb planted in the MacKiev code repository, which can (or has) damaged the source code – and possibly any backup repository…

    Have fun with the story line – not much else to do just now.

  125. Tiki

    It is a shame our frustrations are going ignored. All of us are paying customers. It is easier to keep a customer than to make a new one. Any good business knows this much.

    I’ve purchased the FTM Mac 2 software the day this happened (unknowingly). I have yet to use it. I will be requesting a refund.

    A for other genealogical options. I’m a paying customer but I’ve found more information on FamilySearch (dot) org. That combined with NewspaperArchive (dot) com which is where Ancestry gets their newspapers from anyway along with Fold3 comes out the same information wise and cheaper financially.

  126. Steve Brown

    I purchased the FTM2 Mac per recommendation of a Ancestry Rep. Paid, downloaded, used twice and now it hasn’t worked for about a week. STOP SELLING THE SOFTWARE UNTIL YOU FIX THIS!!!
    I have always experienced outstanding customer service from Ancestry. You dropped the ball on this one, I hope you make good by properly taking care of your customers when this connection problem is corrected.

  127. fallen leaf

    Okay they aren’t going to fix this any time soon.

    FTM works fine without, and it’s obviously that is the problem. What else is there? FHS, GenWeb, but what about access to census records, collections by Gale, Immigrant records, etc. I’ve tried World Vital Records – don’t waste your money; they’re designed by the same people as ancestry and their “family trees” don’t even allow the posting of citations!

    What is a good paid-for genealogy website besides ancestry? They are obviously NOT working on this problem and don’t expect a fix anytime soon. By the way, this is not the FIRST time there’s been no internet connect w/FTM – this is at least the 3rd time I’ve experienced it since buying the software less than a year ago, but it’s the longest outage so far.

  128. EGB

    I like others thought something was wrong with my computer and tried several days to find the problem. Then stumbled onto the blog as well. As a business owner myself, FTM is not doing a very good job of communicating with it’s customers.
    I agree we should be compensated in some way by an extension of our membership for the time service is unavailable. I
    have been doing research for 15+ years using FTM and use it almost daily – this is very disappointing. Wish I had stayed with a PC, but I hear that some affected are not MAC users.
    My first thought is that they were hacked and just don’t want to tell us…. there’s a lot of info out there.

    very upset with the situation……WHEN WILL IT BE FIXED…..??

  129. Just a Dumb ACOM Investor


    Whilst still not posting any information on the Ancestry home page, the following now appears on the “Shopping” page of FTM for Mac 2:

    NOTICE: Internet access via Family Tree Maker for Mac is temporarily unavailable. Currently, you may not be able to register the software, log in to your Ancestry account on the Dashboard, or use the Web Search feature. We are actively working on a fix for this and feel we will be able to release an update very soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience. To get the latest information on the connection issues, please visit the Ancestry blog.


    To get the latest information on the connection issues, please visit the Ancestry blog.
    Did anyone tell the marketing maven that not only are there no CURRENT updates on the blog, there are scores of damning comments? Geez!

  130. AMKavanaugh

    Again, while we are all frustrated with the current situation, we are allowing Ancestry to ‘contain’ our comments buried in their blog. I still think we need to find a ‘method’ to voice our frustrations somewhere other than Ancestry’s listserv and/or blog. There is power in numbers, do we think that ‘flooding’ BBB with our concerns is a viable option, are there other suggestions on what we can do in an organized fashion that will get attention that will not be contained in an Ancestry listserv and/or blog? I think it is just a matter of time u til they ‘dispose’ of the current 140 negative comments to this blog.

    Any suggestions from anyone?

  131. Suzanne Roodenburg

    #143, I was in the program and checked for updates and it started updating. I wonder why yours doesnt work. Hmm

  132. Tracey

    There is a software update that fixes the issue. I have downloaded the upgrade and my software now connects with the internet. Check for upgrades if the box does not automatically come up….

  133. me

    Hey All,

    FWIW, They now have an update/patch.

    Open your FTM software.
    Click “Family Tree Maker” at the top of your window.
    Select “Check for Updates”
    Follow their prompts to update to version

    Upload took about 30 seconds and I’ve managed to get online from my web dashboard just fine.

  134. Elizabeth H.

    Will those of us who use Family Tree Maker for Mac and have been unable to connect to the Internet (specifically for the past 5-6 days have those 5-6 days added to our subscription? It would go a long way to appeasing your frustrated FTM / users.

    Thank you for considering this!

  135. Linda

    Just tried to update my software, guess what, no update notice. When I click on Family Tree Maker the “Check for Updates” is inactive. So I went to File clicked “Go Online” and zip, nada, nothing…Now What?

    • Trevor Thacker

      If you are unable to download the update and you are still seeing an Offline message in the FTM program, please contact our member services team toll free at 1-800-262-3787 for further assistance.

      If you are able to download the update and connect to the Internet in the program, but experiencing issues with the TreeSync feature, click here:

  136. Bill Knight

    First time I started FTM today nothing was there. Came back to this blog and got caught up on the complaints. Saw that there was an “Update” and restarted FTM. The update started automatically. I have not purchased the new version but the older download my tree just fine.

  137. Gary

    I downloaded the upgrade. I now have Internet, but still have sync errors which I have had for a couple of months. Tried the suggested link above, but still have sync errors. There are still some issues with this program that need to be fixed.

  138. Bev Jackson

    My update went smooth. Thank you !!! Takes time to resolve these things. Good work. One bug is that on Web Search I see I am connected to Web because I see the pages, but CLIP keeps telling me I cannot clip since I am not connected with internet even tho I am..

    THANKS for getting me online again!!!

  139. Jacqueline R. Chase

    people, places,media, sources, publish and websearch are dimmed out on the top bar when i open family tree maker. wanted to click publish. how can i fix this. anyone else have this problem. the update worked perfectly so i’m back in business for the most part.

  140. Andrea

    (134), (152) I still cannot sync although I can connect to the Internet in the program. I tried the suggested fixes. Very confused and not very tech savvy!

  141. Kelly

    STILL NOT WORKING did the update did the sync came up with an error! Followed the instructions for fixing it and while it was syncing again FTM Crashed! not my ONLINE TREE IS MESSED UP!!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE. NOW WHAT DO I DO? PEOPLE AND INFORMATION ARE MISSING! SOME ARE BLANK AND ONLY SAY LIVING NO INFO WHERE It USED TO BE!

  142. Marie Simspon

    I have just installed the update to fix the problem with Family Tree Maker. I am now logged onto the internet but cannot sync Family Tree Maker with Ancestry. Is anyone else having this problem.

  143. Stephen Scott

    For the upteenth time has tried everything has said to do. Nah, no such luck at all. Not on my MacBook Pro or my MAC Mini, either one. Also, used a DSL modem, and tried on cable modem. Nothing is working. Just tried a few minutes ago to sync and still getting the same error. SYNC ERROR!!!!! Can’t someone up there fix this, if not then find someone who can. As some of the others my data has been corrupted also. Don’t know how much has been lost, but having to go completely back through the tree to see. What are waste of time this, when it’s not my fault. My Sub is up for renewal in 90 days, at this point don’t know if it’s worth staying with or not. Especially, if this is going to keep happening. I’ve never had a problem from any other company that took this long to fix. It totally makes no sense. You sure you people don’t work for the federal government??

  144. Gary

    I agree with Stephen. It would be good if the error message would give you a hint on what the problem is – not just say there is a sync error. I still can’t sync and it’s very frustrating.

  145. James Foster

    “If you aren’t prompted to install an update, please go to the Family Tree Maker menu and select Check for Updates.”

    Okay, and what if we do that and we *still* don’t get the update?

  146. I literally just bought, installed, and updated this app with the same issues that’s been reported here. After a couple hours of issues I started searching for a solution which eventually led me here (hard to find!).

    Just wanted to report this issue is still happening as it’s apparently been over 2 months since this was first reported.

  147. Steve Davidson

    Still twiddling my thumbs here. I don’t get prompted for an upgrade (I’m on and when I go to the Family Tree Maker menu I DON’T HAVE A CHECK FOR UPDATES option!


  148. Grant

    Same issue as Steve D. Running and no access to the internet through FTMFM. Is there an update out there that can be accessed other than through FTMFM?

  149. If it’s not one thing it’s another with this application.

    Crashing now occurs not only on exporting of any large pdfs but 50% of the time on compacting (over about a weeks time and perhaps 150 times tried).

    Stay away from this application if you can.

  150. Sally Kemp

    I just purchased this software solely because I wanted the sync features, but I have not been able to establish an internet connection. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! I would rather not throw $69 into the trash can.

  151. Bruce Morrison

    It’s now July 28 – You just think it’s fixed [july 19th blog] can’t register , just purchased fot 69$ ftm for mac2 [or work in browser] for that price I feel ripped off

  152. John Hedrick

    As a long term subscriber to Ancestry – and new purchaser of FTM-MAC2 I’m APPALLED by the shabby technology and support for this product. It will force me to terminate use of Ancestry-Upgrades — and certainly share this horrible experience with others.

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