Posted by Paul Rawlins on June 7, 2012 in Entertainment

While I was glancing at headlines yesterday, I saw that Ray Bradbury passed away. I read “All of Summer in a Day” back in elementary school and have never forgotten it. I re-read Fahrenheit 451 a year or so ago and was startled by some of the details Bradbury included in his future world that sound downright familiar nowadays. For a while, I carried a copy of Illustrated Man around with me because it fit in my pocket and I could pull it out when I found myself waiting somewhere with a few minutes to kill (no iPhone available at the time). It includes “The Veldt,” a creepy story of virtual reality run amok written before the term “virtual reality” even existed.

Maybe Ray learned about predicting the future at Los Angeles High School, where they seemed to have a pretty good handle on prognostication. The write-up on his yearbook picture reads:

  • Likes to write stories
  • Admired as a Thespian
  • Headed for literary distinction.

They got that right.
Live forever, Ray.


  1. Ron Lankshear

    Well said Paul. Yes 451 was a ghastly view of the future that does indeed seem to be happening. And did you have to remind me of “The Veldt” an eerie story

  2. Phyllis Couch

    I remember reading “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. It was like nothing I had read or ever thought of.A wonderfully chilling tale without the use of the terrible monsters and gore (graphically described) in books and movies today. A genius.

  3. Elizabeth

    I read the Martian Chronicles in High School and it changed my life. I could not get enough Ray Bradbury!
    The recurrent themes in his stories and his use of adjectives spoke to me as nothing before and I was a voracious reader!
    I had the opportunity to meet him in 1995. The biggest surprise of all was when I found out from research on Ancestry that he was my distant cousin. Indeed a genius, he was a visionary, amazingly talented, and he will be missed!

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