Posted by Nick Cifuentes on May 30, 2012 in Entertainment

For Greater Glory, opening in theaters June 1st, tells the never-before-told story of Mexico’s Cristero War. There’s been increasing excitement around the film here in the US among the Mexican-American community, many of whom have ties to the real historical characters featured in the film.

Mexican actress Karyme Lozano, who plays the mother of the film’s main character José Luis Sánchez del Rio, found the shooting to be an exciting opportunity to rediscover her heritage. Lozano herself immigrated to the US eight years ago, but is a Mexico native whose family comes from Mexico City and Ciudad Madero, in the Northeast Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Growing up in Mexico City, Lozano wasn’t familiar with the history of the Cristero War. But upon joining the cast of For Greater Glory, she quickly grew intrigued by the Mexican government’s attempt to eradicate religious freedom. She notes, “it was very beautiful and enriching to learn about Mexico’s history in such an important matter that schools don’t talk about”.

Working on a film that shares the hidden past of Mexico’s history also helped Lozano learn more about her own heritage as well. “It wasn’t until I started shooting For Greater Glory that my family told me, ‘You have a Saint in the family!’”, she says, “His name is Rafael Guizar y Valencia, he was my grandmother’s cousin on my mom’s side”.

The revelation of her unique family history has given Lozano further cause to celebrate her heritage.

“It makes me very proud to know that incredibly these brave heroes existed in Mexico, and thanks to them we have freedom of religion. If it weren’t for them, Mexico could be a totally different country now. I feel proud of my heritage!”

Whether your own family has ties to the Cristero War or if you’re simply a lover of history, make sure to check out For Greater Glory when it hits theaters nationwide this Friday 6/1!



  1. My urge to create the family tree could be from my interest in history book and the movies based on history. Watch the trailer of the movie “For Greater Glory” and it is again inspiring and what a coincidence for the actress to find out more about her own heritage.

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