Posted by Ancestry Team on May 18, 2012 in Family Tree Maker

A free update for Family Tree Maker 2012 (Windows) is now available. It contains a number of improvements and fixes of reported issues including:

  • Improvements to TreeSync performance and stability
  • Added support for media, notes, and sources during file merges
  • Improved handling of media during Web merges
  • Bug fixes for tasks, media items, and window resizing issues (on computers running Windows 7)

When you open Family Tree Maker, you should be notified that an update is available. If this doesn’t happen, please visit the KnowledgeBase for instructions on manually downloading and installing the update.

New Features

This update includes a variety of new features and even a new report.

Merge for Duplicate Facts

If you have multiple versions of the same fact, you can merge them together.

New Source Templates

Source templates for the 1940 U.S. census have been added and there is improved support for city directories.

More Support for Blended Families

When you add a spouse for an individual, now you can indicate whether he or she is also the parent of the individual’s children.


In a relationship chart, an individual’s father and mother will both be included at the top of the page; shortened place names can be used; and, fonts are resized automatically so text won’t be cut off.


  • Family View Report – This new report lets you display an individual’s ancestors, spouse, and children together (similar to the Family View in the People workspace).

  • Calendars – You can change the font size for events.
  • Data Errors Report – A new option lets you include only preferred facts.
  • Documented Facts Report – New options let you include or exclude source citation notes and include only preferred facts.
  • Family Group Sheet – An image that is linked to an individual can be displayed at the top of the report. Also, spacing and labels have been improved.
  • Individual Report – A new note indicates when a couple has no children together. Also, there are new options that let you include an individual’s life span in the summary and add the summary to all pages.

  • Media Item Report – A new option lets you include or exclude notes and links.
  • Media Usage Report – A new option lets you include captions, dates, descriptions, categories, and notes. Also, media images are resized based on amount of descriptive info that is included.
  • Notes Report – Notes can flow across page breaks.
  • Photo Album – Improved spacing when including dates and descriptions.
  • Undocumented Facts Report – A new option lets you include only preferred facts.
  • Improved speed when generating reports that include notes and/or sources.
  • Saved charts and reports are listed alphabetically.
  • The person you’re currently viewing will be selected now when you open the Filter Individuals list.




  1. dannieb

    I love the auto-resize fonts option. Complete addresses always were too large for the person box, and modifying manually was a pain. I do wish that was a “sticky” setting, so I don’t have to do it for every report!

    What I don’t understand – I always compact from the Plan workspace. Before the update, when the compact process completed, I was still on the Plan Worksapce. Now, when the compact completes, the screen “blanks” to the logo screen and then sends me to a Person view.

    Why? When I compact, I’m usually getting ready to close down and certainly don’t want to go back to the last person I viewed. This behavior has occurred each time I compact, and I just repeated a compact, to be sure, and it happened again.

  2. Tom Plocinik

    Boo! Hiss! Sync does not work again after mandatory update. It has worked fine for the past few weeks. What did you do to mess it up? Again? Help!

  3. afwright145

    Also Boo! The update has broken Sync for me, which had been working like a champ until this update.

    Please fix this ASAP!!!

  4. James

    We still need significant speed increases (screen updates are still show when editing a citation) and much better memory management.


  5. Gregory Patterson

    I am a user of and a former user of family tree maker for the PC. I now own a MacBook Pro and I was wondering as an owner of an older version of family tree maker for the PC am I eligible to buy the family tree maker MAC 2 upgrade? And must I also buy the original version of FTM-MAC 2?

  6. Edward Duxbury

    When importing from census it doesnt pick up all the family, I have to use web site then sync.
    Also it will only let me alter the first import from a census , i,e the address. Please update software so that if one address is changed all the address’s are changed that are imported from the same census.

  7. plundberg602

    After a mandatory upgrade…my Family Tree Maker 2 would not open. I have been wandering around out here not knowing what to do next. I came across this article and it said
    “Most sync errors were resolved in update patches made to Family Tree Maker for Mac 2. This is an important first step to resolve any errors you may be encountering. To make sure your software is up-to-date, open the program and go to the Family Tree Maker menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and choose the Check for Updates option. Your program will automatically check to see if it’s on the latest patch.”
    This would be great IF I could open Family Tree Maker 2 but I can’t…. NOW WHAT! HELP!

  8. The new FT program for 2012 may indeed have a lot of new stuff and such, but I liked the simpler page that my older version opened up to when I went in the file. Just a simple family group page, easy to navigate between all individuals in my database, easy to understand even from the first time I used it. This 2012 version really is more complicated than it should be. People should realize that not everyone online and doing genealogy has a lot of computer know-how. I can handle the 2012 version after a half hour of checking out all the things involved, but it is still more complex than the last simpler version.

  9. Pat Blanchard

    Haven’t commented in a long time … not since I got FTM 2012, and I must say I AM IN LOVE! This is the best version yet, and the sync is terrific. I’ve had no problems at all, and I zip back and forth from Ancestry to FTM 2012, depending on what I want to research. I especially enjoy the customized individual report … tracked down all possible males that might be in the Civil War, and used that report to gather the service records. When I sync my FTM tree with Ancestry, I go out to Ancestry and check the “records” hints for my tree. This enables me to pick up any additional source records, and then I add them in, and sync back to FTM. I just did a customized report to find any individuals who had died, but did not have burial information and am working on finding as many grave sites as possible. Thanks for all the hard work! You really have an exceptional program.

  10. Alan J. Thill

    It would be helpful if you mentioned which revision this is.

    As of Aug 8th, the search result detail pane is not updating when person link in record is clicked.
    This needs to be fixed ASAP!!!

  11. Pat Blanchard

    After having no problems whatsoever with FTM 2012, this latest mandatory update has screwed up the tree sync process big time. The function simply doesn’t work and needs to be fixed immediately!

  12. Pat Blanchard

    For what it’s worth regarding the sync failure … I checked under “tools” and then “options” and found that my internet speed was defaulting to “dial-up”. Since I have wireless, I changed the option to “broadband”, and was back in business again, with no problems. It’s possible that some settings were changed during the update … I don’t really know, but checking your internet speed for FTM 2012 is worth trying.

  13. Marilyn Kamann

    I recently purchased updates of Family Tree Maker as my computer crashed. I bought a new computer but apparently it not compatible with Windows 8. Would not let me download from Disks. Help! Lost nearly $100 on new disks.

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