Posted by Ancestry Team on May 10, 2012 in Who Do You Think You Are?

A greater appreciation of the past can help us forge a stronger connection with the present. And never has that been more true than in Jason Sudeikis’s story. When he searches for more information about his grandfather, Sudeikis learns how great an effect fate had on his family. And that his own father was the one who broke a chain of three generations of Sudeikis men who had abandoned their families. It’s powerful family history with a happy ending on tonight’s Who Do You Think You Are? 8/7c on NBC.


  1. M. Wagner

    New Census format. Horrible! It bounces all over the place, cannot get it to stop! When I go back to the old format under “options”, when I begin to scroll through the Census, I get a “black” screen until I stop scrolling. Being able to look at the entire Census page – as I am scrolling – is key. Let’s go back to the original format. If is is not broken, don’t “fix” it. Change for the sake of change is not necessarily good. I am confused as to why it changed ???????
    M. Wagner

  2. Individual Summary for William Lucas BETTS Grandfather & Individual Summary for Charles Lancaster BETTS great grandfather & Individual Summary for Charles Malone BETTS Col. Great Great Grandfather & Individual Summary for Richard BETTS Capt

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