Posted by Ancestry Team on February 2, 2012 in Who Do You Think You Are?

From Apocalypse Now to The West Wing, Martin Sheen has dealt with the price of war and the prerogatives of power in his roles as an actor. Turns out, that’s nothing new in a family tree where fact proves to be more unbelievable than fiction. Check out Sheen’s trip through two civil wars on his way to a real bombshell on the season premiere of Who Do You Think You Are? Friday, February 3 at 8/7c on NBC.


  1. Joanne Santacroce

    I really enjoy the show. I do have two comments though.

    First, do we really need the annoying advertising banner in our face everytime we log on. How about a checkbox to not show this again. It’s just annoying. I get enough of that from other sites I don’t pay for.

    Also, is it not convenient (and I like Martin Sheen) that the ancestors chosen closly match the way Martin has lived his life? We have many many ancestors and some probably did not live similar lives to our own. I don’t believe our ancestors determine out destiny. We do. This all just seems a little too convenient to make for a good TV storyline. But I’ll still watch it.


  2. scwbcm

    WDYTUA and RootsTech. Not sure everyone will catch this first episode tonight. I will probably watch it later though.

  3. Terrie Strout

    our ancestors determine where we are born, where we grow up, and a lot of our beliefs come from who they were and are formed by the culture that we were raised in. so through they may not determine our future they shaped our past, and our beliefs that determine how we try to shape our future. I loved the show!

  4. James W Cummings

    I got the distinct impression that Martin Sheen really wanted the information he got on his uncles
    Michael Phelan and Matias Estevez Martinez and thought Matias looked a lot like Martin`s son Emilio did in his twenties. As to the disappointing ancestor great great great great grandfather Don Diego Francisco Suarez, Judge of Tiu… We all have them. can you imagine though , if great great great great grandmother Antonia Perriera had been his mistress and she had gone to abort their child…well.

  5. MsWinston

    The program was interesting, but I have watched other episodes that I personally found more moving. But, as usual, Sheen didn’t appear to have performed any of the research himself — he was reacting to information presented to him by researchers, those that did the actual legwork, the way we have to. That to me is the weakness of the program, but I still enjoy watching it.

  6. BEE

    I also found this program interesting, but I would have liked to know how “they” knew it was the same Antonia Perriera?
    I’ve only been doing this for 10 years, so I’m sure there are those more knowledgeable than me, but no matter how unusual the name I’ve come across, there is always someone with not only the very same name, but very similar birth information.

  7. Cyndee

    I LOVE the show and look forward to it every week. Could you repeat the first show? My Aunt didn’t know it was on, not much pre-advertising. Also, I learned something very important from the show. I have a uncle that didn’t know much about his family, so I found his father in Penn. and in the census it says he was born in “free Irish state”. I googled this name and everything and then gave up. Now I know that the “free Irish state” was in Ireland, and not somewhere in the USA! I’m new to this, so I feel rather stupid, but I have now learned something new, so Thank You to the show!

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