Posted by Michelle Pfister on January 12, 2012 in Family Tree Maker

An update for Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 is now available. This update resolves a number of reported issues from the community.

Fixes include:

•        Performance and stability improvements

•        Improvements to resolve sync errors

•        Improvements for handling downloaded media in synced trees

•        Syncing of accepted and rejected hints

•        Option to include/exclude Ancestry media in synced trees

This free update will be available the next time you open Family Tree Maker for Mac 2.


  1. Vera McHale

    I bought FTM for Mac 2 and since it was a problem I went back to FTM for Mac.
    Now I can’t download documents not matter what I do. MSN mfcreative is controlling my Ancestry subscription use. If I didn’t have two Microsofts fried and one with a puppet virus I would nat have bought iMacs. There has to be a way to keep them out of the way. Otherwise I wasted my money on two Mac FTM programs and two companion guides. Can you loose them so I can have my Ancestry back. I did the Flash Player and it is useless. It is installed and updated, but I can’t afford to keep this up and I don’ use the phone to talk to people about my personal computers. I expect things I pay for to work. Yes I am angry. I don’t work for you. I pay you to work for me. This is as respectful as I can be considering I am not getting respect I paid for. BLAHHHHHH. I’ll be dead before this gets done. You can do it! Call Apple.

  2. Michael Howe

    I was going to buy FTM MAC 2 but will wait to see how Vera’s issue is resolved. Please keep us updated.

  3. Robert Curtner

    Please keep us updated. I’m interested in the product but not if it fails to do what is advertised. Who wants to pay money for a failed product? A warranty would be worthless. That after paying a premium for the Mac version versus the Windows version. The sync works on the iPad app why can’t it work a Mac OS version?

  4. Lesli M

    Wow, not even a month and the FTM4M2 already needs a bug fix update. I think I’m really glad I didn’t buy the software after all.

  5. Karen Crawford Jennings

    HAve both regular pc and Mac air at house. Installed windows version of
    FTM 2012. Seem to use Mac air most often do I need to install Mac FTM

  6. tyknotts

    I’m still sorry i bought FTM for Mac. they never fixed any of the major issues with the first version so i did not buy FTM for Mac 2. I called customer support about the issues i was having and was told they were known issues and I should keep looking for software updates. There never was one since that conversation. Next thing I know there is a version 2! I was really upset that they did not offer up grades to the people who purchased the first one. now I’m stuck with software that is a complete joke and has moved on to other things and forgotten about the original mess they created. I’ll never buy FTM for anything again.

  7. tyknotts

    actually looking at this list it claims to fix the same problems that never worked in the first version

  8. I am very up set,also 81 years old, trying to finish my family tree before I die or go blind.
    for a week or more,if I am on at 6 pm or 2 am I start to down load and am told to check back later,
    I have not been able to finish one thing since 6 pm tonight,and I have work on multi family names.

  9. Deb Fox

    The update causes FTMM2 to crash upon opening after installation. I’ve tried installing it twice with the same results. {Mac OSX 10.7.2}. Anyone else having this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Lori MacPherson

    I installed FTM for Mac 2 and the 1/12 software update. However, every time I try to upload my tree I get “sync error”.

  11. BEE

    Hi Agnes, I hope you keep trying to work on your tree. I don’t know what the problem has been this past week, but whenever that “check back” message comes on my screen, I go back a page and click on another person and it seems to straighten itself out. Don’t give up!

  12. Diane

    The update caused FTMM2 to crash on my computer too. Now I am unable to open Family Tree Maker 2, and get the message that the application may be damaged or incomplete.

  13. Linda Paden

    I think FTMM2 needs another update already. My tree will not stay linked. I downloaded my online tree again, works fine for maybe a day, and when I come back it’s not linked again. It’s not worth doing that over and over. It’s a good idea, but it just doesn’t work!

  14. Cathy Williamson

    Bought FTM mid December and put it on my laptop. Laptop has crashed—stone cold DEAD. Not FTM’s fault but can I get it re-sent to me on the iPad2 I got for Christmas?

    Also, why do I keep getting thrown off the site when attaching docs to my tree, when I use my iPad? Bet I was thrown off 15 times last night.


  15. William F Stratton

    BAD BAD BAD. Cannot add notes. Notes (that were previously there) disappear; notes, if you could add them, do not synch with ancestry. How can you advertise a product that “synchs” when it DOES NOT WORK!!!!! Unacceptable and dishonest!

  16. Matt Haslett

    I would like to buy FTM for Mac, but—-Does any read about the trouble, they are not big problems but—I guess I will stick with the PC —enough said.

  17. Kelly k

    I love the sync feature if it works. Since the update I have not been able to compact my file. I have also contacted ftm about a major problem with the software which is that upon importing into a new file your files are MOVED not copied from their original location and put into the FTM Media file. I did not know this until AFTER I deleted that file. And over 3000 Media files and year of hard work were destroyed with this. I was not contacted until almost two weeks after my email to FTM. Their response is below (NOTE: or saved into the FTM folder, otherwise known as copied):

    When you load a family tree file into Family Tree Maker, depending on the way you import the file into the Family Tree Maker program, the media will either be linked from where it is or saved into the Family Tree Maker folder. If you have any or all of the media on your computer somewhere, then you can load that media back into Family Tree Maker following the steps on the website below. If it was only linked to the media that was on your flash drive and it isn’t on your computer anywhere, then you will need a computer technician to try and recover the media that you deleted from that flash drive. If a computer technician is able to recover that media, then you should be able to plug in your flash drive again so that the program loads the media. Once that happens, we recommend making a backup of the file and selecting to include the media, then you can restore that file and all of the media will be included in your Family Tree Maker folder on your computer.

    Answer Title: Fixing broken media links in Family Tree Maker 2008-2012
    Answer Link:

    If there is anything else with which we might assist you, please let us know.


    I had to delete the FTM Media file because my file would get stuck and then I would reopen it and it would no longer be linked.

    Also another problem is that I have not found a way to delete a source from a fact. It only allows you to UNLINK. The problem with that is the source then gets moved to an no source-citation: Unlinked file. Now I have over 4000 of those and there is not an easy process such as the old Undocumented Fact report to delete them!

    Definitely need another update!!

  18. Kelly k

    continued from 18:
    Correction to my NOTE: “or saved into the FTM folder” other wise known as MOVED!
    That email from FTM was really no help at all and they are admitting the files were MOVED! I spent $99 on a data rescue program to try and retrieve my files but they were reconstructed not found files so all have been renamed and it’s going to be easier for me to rescan all the sources in my binders than try and reopen all the changed name files and compare to my media icons that still remain on the file. FTM owes me $99!!
    I think my file has been unlinked (disconnected from Ancestry) about 7-8 times and I’ve only had it a couple of weeks. So you have to delete the file and relink to Ancestry by downloading it again and again. You MUST sync every time you make any changes immediately so at least your Ancestry file will be up to date!
    You really cannot manipulate your Media with 3000 files (like renaming files or really just looking at them) or it will crash. It would be nice if Ancestry would allow you to save your files in a Small size setting. Alot of the census media files are 2 and 3 mb! That is way too big to be located in one directory. It would be nice if I could organize the files into groups of sources such as Census, Death, Tombstones, Photos etc. That way not all the Media files would be in one directory. I tried doing that but you have to rename every file and it is a tedious process.
    The initial media processing takes 5 or 6 hours with that many files so don’t shut it off and be patient. There were several times it would just stop processing and then I would have to start the process all over!
    It seems now that the media processes only new media now so it’s not as slow. But since I can’t compact the file…it just crashes now…I don’t want to back up. That takes awhile too with alot of media files.
    And don’t forget before you import from another file that FTM will create a dummy source for any entry in your program as a safety net. But I have 1000s of unlinked sources that were created just from importing.
    Also marriage facts are duplicated unecessarily because of the link between two people. I’m not sure how it happens but I’ve found many couples that have the same source 70 times or 200 times. I’m not sure if that happened on import or what. But I have been unlinking them thinking I was deleting them that’s why I have over 4000 Unlinked no source-citations.
    And of course try and find help online just for FTM for Mac. Everything is for FTM 2011 or older. There’s not any help for the Mac.
    So over all my experience has been pretty awful with FTM for Mac2!

  19. Margaret G. Irwin

    How do I get rid of the Family Tree Maker advertising? I don’t want it, I am not going to buy it, I am perfectly happy with PAF, and it is making me less and less fond of each time it pops up in my way. I can go past it by adding the extra step of clicking Search All Records above it each time it jumps in my way when doing research.

    But Ancestry’s newsletters and tips provide dozens of links to good information, but clicking those links also brings up the darned FTM ad in many cases, and I can’t get past it, so the tips are worthless until you stop trying to browbeat us into buying your software.

    I research daily, and daily dread seeing that ad.

  20. dklart

    ATTN: Michelle Pfister

    Ancestry needs to update the FAQS for FTM for Mac2 in “Help”.

    The current info in “Help” is woefully out of date. Ancestry could help itself and it’s clientele by keeping the FAQS current.

  21. Pat Carragher

    I upgraded to Family Tree Maker for Mac 2. It won’t let me store any “Notes”.

    Any idea when another upgrade will be coming and will this issue be addressed in it?


  22. Tim Caroline

    I tried installing the update twice and I crashed as well. The fix has some problems! I’m sure you are working on this so I’ll remain patient.

  23. Sherry Quade

    I bought the newest version of FTM for Mac. Installation went well, but to access my trees, I had to change the format. I changed the name to distinguish between the two. When the trees sync, it synced both versions. I cannot figure out how to delete the old version. Could use help cleaning this up.

  24. Jon Smith

    I get regular emails to buy FTM2 for Mac (previously had windows version) but based on customers reviews I will not be purchasing it

    So advice to Ancestry is take note of your customers, I may be like numerous others do not buy your product

  25. Anne Phillips

    Wow, I’m going to go out on a limb here … I really like the software. It loaded onto my (brand new) iMac easily. Downloaded the update immediately; no problems. Took a while for my trees to download, but they did so just fine. I have not lost any Notes, or anything else so far (I haven’t looked through all my trees exhaustively). Media files have come through just fine, with the exception of a few TIFF files loaded onto FTM2 which then synced onto the tree as tiny little jpegs, but that’s my fault and easily fixable by adding a JPEG copy of the TIFF rather than the TIFF. I do have my trees divided up into manageable chunks, not giant trees with 5,000 individuals so maybe that helps. When I added media in FTM2, the software asked me whether I wanted to move it to FTM media files or keep it linked to its current location; I chose to move it to the FTM media file since I already have a couple of online backups. I just wanted to add my two cents here. I was very wary about getting this software because of all the problems people reported on version 1, but I decided to try it because I wasn’t thrilled with Reunion but only using’s online tree was inadequate. So far, I’m very happy.

  26. Leo-Guy de Repentigny

    FTM for Mac 2 will not open directly a file from FTM for Mac. It must be updated before and will not, then, be compatible with the earlier version for Mac. My file is still beeing updated after ten hours. Back to FTM for Mac and ask for a refund.

  27. Michelle Pfister

    #1 Vera,
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. The problem you’re experiencing is not common and will require us to understand more detail. To make sure you get the customized help you’ll need, please contact our toll-free support at 1-800-ANCESTRY (262-3787).

    #6 Robert,
    We are not currently selling any FTM products on the Mac App Store.

  28. Michelle Pfister

    #26 Anne,
    Thank you for mentioning your positive experience. Customers who are having success typically don’t list their experience, so we only see the challenges here. The wide majority of our users have a very positive experience with the software and with TreeSync. Thanks for sharing!

    Please contact our toll-free support at 1-800-ANCESTRY (262-3787). They will be able to provide you with help specific to your hardware setup.

    #5 Karen,
    To run Family Tree Maker on your MacBook Air, you have two options: 1) You can run your existing software (Family Tree Maker 2012) on two home computers. This would require you to setup your MacBook Air to run Windows using a product such as Parallels or Vmware Fusion. Then, you could install Family Tree Maker 2012 and run it on both your PC and Mac. 2) You can purchase Family Tree Maker for Mac 2, and install it directly on your Mac.

    #9 Agnes,
    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble downloading your tree. There were some tree outages last week that may have affected your ability to download. The tree system is working, so please try again. If for some reason you are still experiencing trouble, please contact our toll-free support at 1-800-ANCESTRY (262-3787).

    #18 Kelly,
    Thank you for the specific information. I will pass this on to the development team. Thanks!

    #20 Margaret,
    I’m not aware of any Family Tree Maker advertising that would get in the way of work on That would be very frustrating if it were the case. Can you provide me with more information? Where do you see the pop-up?

  29. karen

    Ok, my pc died and I now have a IMAC, I ordered the ftm for MAC but do I want it when it gets here or do I send it back? please send me your thoughts, it is hard enough when your computer crashes but then now I have to worry about flaws in the new FTM program… gee it was so easy when I started and FTM was small and easy. Right now based on what I am reading I need to send back asap the new mac FTM. thanks

  30. Christine

    Does FTM for Mac 2 have real Unicode support? I already own the PC version and every export from it doesn’t have my Chinese characters. Similarly any download and subsequent import of my online tree to FTM doesn’t retain the Chinese characters either! This is extremely frustrating and I need a program that doesn’t pick and choose parts of my work it likes and doesn’t like, I need people’s names as they are in native language. Please tell me if this is resolved in the Mac version. We need true language support! My tree is not English-only, as I’m sure a million other people’s trees are not either.

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