Posted by Nick Cifuentes on December 28, 2011 in Mobile

The app was just showcased on Apple’s App Store Facebook page! We are excited and honored to receive such recognition from Apple. The latest version of the app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has been extensively updated. It now features Ancestry Hints – clues that make finding genealogy records for your ancestors quick and easy.

The app has been extremely well received. Since our first version, we’ve had over 2 million downloads, and our current version carries a very high customer rating (just shy of 5 stars) in the App Store. Download the app here to build your family tree and take it with your wherever you go!

Thanks to our great customers, to Apple, and to the hard-working folks here at that made this possible!


  1. John Hirschmann

    If you state the site is mostly down and to see the blog for more information, why is nothing posted here about the situation. Usually in the past when this happened you could go here to find out things like ETA for restoration, see when it first went down, etc.
    Not good customer service to leave the customer so much in the dark.

  2. Zalondra

    This was a joke and total waste of time. They only tell you what you already know. I would not recommend this sight

  3. Anne Robertson

    I have tried to contact you about my account to get the special advertised but the phone says it cannot be completed as dialed and there are no links to mail you so I am very upset that you have no way to contact you as your self help is all the customer service you have and that equals NO CUSTOMER SERVICE
    Its very easy to sign up but just need help not so fast.

  4. Jo Ann Snapp

    I am disappointed in this site. If I know the information I’m entering I should be able to find what I need, right? I can’t even find me and to find someone else is no go. I signed up because I thought I would get information I didn’t already know and that was not the case. I put in for birth records, name, Arkansas, first and nothing came up. Then I tried Arkansas, county of birth, name and still no finds. I am alive!! and I know my birthplace and date. I was really trying to find a sibling born in 1930’s to my father and since I cannot get Arkansas birth records with father by name this site did me no good. Also, I found lots of census record translation errors. To be fair they were hard to read. This site is just not what I had hoped and no refund after second day??

  5. BEE

    What in the world are these people talking about? First of all, you aren’t going to find recent birth records on ancestry. There are birth dates on SS death Index, some state death records, public records, etc, but you will have to wait until the 1940 census comes out to find a name of a person born after 1930.
    To find what you are looking for, go to, or contact Vital Records of the birth place where you are looking for information, and search there.
    The best way to use ancestry is to start a tree and add as much information to it as you know, find those people on the 1930 census, then keep working back through the census years checking out everyone listed in the family – you never know who added some information about a sibling.
    There is a lot of information out there after 1930, including WWII Draft cards, enlistments, city directories, etc. It’s called “research”.

  6. Long time member

    Ah, Bee. We It appears we have lots of newbies! They don’t know how to do family history or genealogical research. They don’t know we search for ancestors—DEAD people. They need to take classes.

    So of course they don’t know how to use this site. The newbies and name gatherers will be with us always….until they learn!

  7. Carol A. H.

    As usual, Andy comes up with practical no-nonsense information for folks who are new and don’t know what is available. We always seem to go off topic when new folks find the blog and express their disappointment in this site. I guess they get desperate. I probably would too.

    For the new folks who are having problems with the site: You can always call Ancestry at 1-800-262-3787, 10 am to 10 pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME. They will help anyone with any problem concerning the site. And they are in the USA and speak American English. They have extended hours on Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm EST.

    For other countries go to the “Help” in the far upper right of the menu bar, click once, and there is the “Call us” box, and you can find telephone numbers and hours for other countries. Do call. They are most helpful.

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