Posted by Ancestry Team on December 21, 2011 in Mobile, Website

For all of our users that have been patiently waiting for an Android app, your wait is over! We’re happy to announce the launch of our new Android app just in time for the holidays. Android app

Download the app now.

The new app for Android phones and tablets (and very soon including Kindle Fire, NOOK Color, and NOOK Tablet – pending app store approval) allows you to interact with your family tree while on the go. Not only can you view and edit your existing family trees, but you can also build new family trees from scratch, add new family members, edit their information, add and edit life events, and view historical records that have been attached on–anytime, anywhere. You never know where or when you’ll make a new discovery. It’s like having your entire family tree in your pocket!

Here’s what you can do with the new Android app:

  • View your family tree on your Android phone or tablet (you can easily zoom in or out to see anywhere from 2 to 5 or more generations)
  • Start a new family tree or add to an existing one easily
  • View life events and family members for the ancestors in your tree
  • Add, edit and delete people, life events and facts
  • Easily locate any ancestor in your family tree with our handy search tool
  • View historical documents and indexed information that you’ve attached to your family tree on
  • Many more features (like photos) coming soon… stay tuned!

To get started with your genealogy search, download the Android app here.


  1. John Donaldson

    Well done Kendall !!

    A nice Christmas present

    Now the Android users with an AMT can enjoy the same capability as the iPhone people

  2. Tom Herson

    Where are the instructions to use this app? It doesn’t seem that one should have to guess about these things. I look forward to hearing back on this issue.

  3. Kim Ostermyer

    Very good news, Kendall.

    Thanks for bringing something to the Android world. The Android world just got a bit of an improvement.

  4. Ernie Rivera-Ramos

    Its great to show your family and friends. Also you can add a family. Waiting for the rest. I am happy I am able to have it on my phone.

    Thank you

  5. melissa

    I absolutely refuse to install any app that requests access to sensitive log data, act as account manager, and wants access to other permissions that are completely unnecessary, not to mention a violation of my privacy. Get rid of those permissions, and I’ll install and use it. You’re just asking for too much.

  6. Jeff

    Cant wait for Kindle Fire to get it approved. Downloaded it to my Droid, but will be nice to see it on a tablet.

  7. Mark

    I think the new app is will be great once testing is completed and the full version released.

    Just two questions.

    Can it be made to sync only on demand, it currently will sync every time I go into the app and this will use my download allowance. I want to be able to sync when using wifi or when I want to.

    Also is it possible to delete trees no longer required.

  8. Ed Seals

    I tried to download the android app for a Pandigital Android tablet & ereader, but it only wants to download to an android phone, which I don’t have. can I still get it?

  9. Kendall

    @Ed – Thanks for your interest in the app for Android. Our app is currently available for the many Android devices that can access the Android Market, but your Pandigital eReader most likely doesn’t have Android Market access. Luckily, the app is also available on the Amazon Appstore for Android – Please try downloading the app from this market and see if it works. Also note that the Android app will soon be available from the Barnes & Noble NOOK Apps store, pending app approval. If your device is not able to access any of these markets, please contact us at

    @Mark – The Android app is designed to regularly synch with your tree on the website. This ensures that the data in your tree is consistent between platforms and is always up-to-date. It is currently not possible to turn off the synch feature, and because keeping tree information consistent is critical, we don’t have any near-term plans to add such a feature, but we’ll give it consideration as we evaluate future features. As a workaround, you may consider the following: launch the app, load the tree you are interested in, put your phone in airplane mode, and use the app as a “read only” type experience. While several key features are not functional, at least you can browse your tree and look up people’s information.

    Finally, deleting trees is a feature we know is important and it is on our near-term plans. Thanks so much for your feedback and support!

  10. Having access to the source documents while on the move is a real plus. I am still frustrated with the lack of visibility on the Public Member Trees and on this Android app of my note fields. This is why I keep a current copy of my tree on RootsWeb also.

  11. Connie

    Hi Kendall,
    I just downloaded the app to my android and I like the way it looks a lot! This makes it very convenient to travel with and show family who’s who. HOWEVER, I have need some help. When I travel back through my ancestors using the tree, everything is fine, BUT when I “turn around” (so to speak) and travel down through the tree, it doesn’t go to my direct ancestor, but instead defaults to the eldest sibling in the tree. HELP – how can I “mark” which person to follow coming down? Thanks.

  12. Candy

    What am I missing? I downloaded the app, I signed into the app with my ancestry login info….a few times now. Doesn’t this sync up with my trees on my account? They’re not showing up. Only the sample tree and “add new tree”. Help me please.

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