Posted by Ancestry Team on December 15, 2011 in Family Tree Maker, News

Today announced the release of Family Tree Maker for Mac 2, an updated and expanded version of the world’s No. 1-selling family history software, now with TreeSync™, a feature which lets you sync one desktop family tree and one online tree on With TreeSync now you can access and update your tree wherever you are whether it’s through Family Tree Maker,, or using the Ancestry iPhone or iPad apps. And sharing your tree is easier than ever. Simply email invitations to family and friends and they can view your online tree or collaborate with you.

Other improvements in Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 include:

  • New Mac-only features. Now you can capture photos using your iSight or built-in camera and import it directly into Family Tree Maker. And if you’re using OS X Lion, you can take advantage of the new full-screen capability—with one click fill your entire desktop with the Family Tree Maker workspace.
  • Easy-to-understand combined family view. The family group view has a new “blended families” option that lets you display all of a couple’s children in one location, including stepchildren and adoptees. An icon next to a child’s name lets you see at a glance whether he or she is the child of the father, the mother, or both parents.
  • More Ancestry integration. Find other Ancestry members who are searching for your ancestors by viewing Member Connect activity in the expanded Web Dashboard. You’ll also see links to message boards and notification of your new Ancestry messages.
  • Enhanced performance. Now you can choose the type of Internet connection you’re using, which allows Family Tree Maker to tailor how it downloads information from the Web. Uploading and downloading speeds have been improved, and there is an increased ability to upload large files to
  • New image collection. Create beautiful family trees and reports with a variety of new backgrounds and images.

To purchase Family Tree Maker for Mac 2, visit our store; the software is also available at select retailers such as, Fry’s, and MicroCenter.


  1. I got my package yesterday. I guess I should expect a second package with the monkey who is going to convert the 15,000 dates (Reunion 9 GEDCOM 5.5 produced) that FTM4Mac2 cannot read.

    You would think Ancestry would check compatibility with the more widely used program if they want people to switch.

    Denis in limbo…

  2. Lesli M

    Why isn’t this in the App Store? Why do I have to buy a CD and wasteful packaging? I was all set to buy this until I didn’t see it in the App Store.

  3. Greg

    I agree with Robert and Lesli. This should be on the App Store for the same price. I have no need for the CD and packaging. I would buy it right now – if it were available on the App Store.

  4. Lynne

    Since I bought the Mac version only last year and thought I was getting Smart Stories like the Windows version already had (a disguised omission) — it does seem like a bit of a price gouge to have the upgrade price to the new version almost exactly the same price as someone coming in new…

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