Posted by Ancestry Team on December 7, 2011 in Family Tree Maker

An update for Family Tree Maker 2012 (Windows) is now available. It contains a number of improvements and fixes of reported issues. Some examples are:

  • Improvements to TreeSync performance, media download times, and fixes for sync errors
  • Faster importing of all file types
  • Added support for tags and media links when importing and exporting GEDCOMs
  • Increased accuracy when pinpointing locations on the map

A detailed list of enhancements and bug fixes and instructions on installing the update is available in the KnowledgeBase. In addition, this update includes a number of new features:

TreeSync Hints

If you’ve used TreeSync to create a linked Family Tree Maker and Ancestry tree, Hints will also sync. For example, if you accept a Hint for an individual in Family Tree Maker, you won’t see that same Hint in your online Ancestry tree.

Ability to Exclude Record Images When Downloading Ancestry Trees

When you download your Ancestry tree into Family Tree Maker, you can decide whether or not you want to download images of genealogy records you’ve attached to your tree. You may not want to download images if you’re worried about hard drive space or have a slow Internet connection. If you don’t download the images, you can still view the records easily because Family Tree Maker includes links to the online records.

New Undocumented Facts Report

For years we’ve heard that our users want a report that shows which individuals and facts in their trees haven’t been sourced. And now they find this information using the new Undocumented Facts Report. To access the report, go to the Collection tab on the Publish workspace. Choose Source Reports and double-click the Undocumented Facts icon.

Streamlined Task List Report

When you generate a task list, you can now include or exclude categories, dates, and individuals the tasks are attached to. To access the task list, go to the Collection tab on the Publish workspace. Choose Person Reports and double-click the Task List icon.

New Option in the Outline Descendant Report

Now you can create an Outline Descendant Report that shows only direct descendants between an ancestor and one of his or her descendants. To access the Outline Descendant Report, go to the Collection tab on the Publish workspace. Choose Relationship Reports and double-click the Outline Descendant Report icon.

New Option in the Data Errors Report

The Data Errors Report can now list instances where you’ve entered invalid dates. To access the report, go to the Collection tab on the Publish workspace. Choose Person Reports and double-click the Data Errors Report icon.

Simplified Sourcing

When you link an individual to a source citation (on the Sources workspace), you can now select multiple facts at the same time.


  1. Pam

    🙁 I am soooo frustrated. I just purchased and downloaded FTM 2012 yesterday. I had a computer crash earlier this year and had to reinstall my FTM on my new computer (which I was just getting to yesterday) and my 2010 version would not load. I kept getting some “cabinet” fatal error.

    So, in an effort to fix the problem, I ordered the newest one. I thought the sync feature would be great! First I loaded my tree from 2010 FTM from the backup. Then I told it to sync with my online tree. I have now LOST months of information and work. One branch on my tree is missing completely. 🙁 I had over 4,000 people in my online tree. I do on my FTM tree now too — but for some reason I can’t figure, some are gone. They are missing in BOTH trees — ONLINE AND FTM!?!?! I’m sure there is no way to recover that! I had my FTM on backup, but not ancestry.

    Very bummed!

  2. BrklynBridge

    Well, this “patch” has now rendered my FTM 2012 inop. It deleted the original FTM.exe file and never replaced it. Unless I can download the patch somewhere outside of FTM 2012, I’ll have to do a re-install.

  3. Jeff Jahn

    After the patch i did a sync and it failed. I tried later and it worked. When I checked online tree though i ended up with duplicates people on everything I added today.

  4. BrklynBridge

    Further development (see FTM forum for more details). Patch problem may be related to a Symantec “SONAR” false positive identification of FTM.exe.

    You may have a problem if you are using a Norton A/V product

  5. Makes sense to me...

    Why doesn’t Ancestry do a survey on what hardware and what software their paying members use? Maybe then they can get an idea of what to run when they make their tests. I know things will change but at least they can get SOME idea of what people have and are using.

    Hummm….! Maybe they don’t do tests!!

    An Ancestry support person told me that they test using the latest hardware and software and they are aiming at the new young users. I will never forget that statement.

    There is more money in social networking and maybe that is why they keep pushing in that direction.

    We can’t change our ages…and we are all getting older every day, but it sounds like they don’t care much about older people with older equipment. Maybe they just think we will die off or get too old and go away.

    In general, but not always, older people have more patience and tenacity.

  6. BobNY

    #5 – “In general, but not always, older people have more patience and tenacity.”

    AND MORE DISPOSABLE INCOME, but many marketers seem to forget that fact.

  7. Darrell Wesley

    I’m running the latest version or at least that’s what FTM states and I still have problems with SYNC. I do have Norton on the system and I’ve suspected that it may have something to do with it, why don;t contact Norton and see about some solutions for the problem.

  8. Tom Plocinik


    So far the update is a bit better/faster. Mine loaded ok. Still the problem with lots of duplicates in the Ancestry tree after syncing.

    I was hoping that this update would allow me to load a copy of my FTM desktop file on my laptop when I travel and then reload the file with changes back to my desktop and then sync to Ancestry. It still does not work. You suggested that I just merge the file from the laptop back into the desktop but that does not work very well. I tested with one small change and FTM came up with 800 differences in areas such as also known as, arrival and residence. None of these were changed. In most cases, there were no differences in the facts. I could not go forward with the merge.

    Keep trying.


  9. Michael

    I was having periodic problems before the update which required me to resync the tree 4 times losing everyone that I invited each time. All of my family have lost interest in helping build the tree since they keep losing the invite. They have lost patience and given up. After the update, it will not sync all all now. All I get now is “an error occurred while analyzing online changes. Very frustrating that the update rendered it useless whatsoever now… Very frustrating!!!

  10. Leo

    And here I was thinking, I was the only one that thought this way. I’m thinking this software was released for sale way before it’s time. I do have to agree with Ryan, for this software to be the biggest piece of crap I have ever had to deal with. It sure looks pretty. I have always thought that if you took a piece of crap and dressed it up to the nine’s. It doesn’t change anything it’s still a pice of crap.

  11. Jeff Jahn

    When i first started sync it was from my FTM TO AMT. This worked till had a sync error which caused duplite people on AMT tree. I decided i would try to delete one of the duplicated people. When I did that I could no longer sync at all without error so had to upload tree again to AMT. The problem with this is then you have to wait for tree to be reindex. Because of that I decided to see what would happen by working on AMT first and syncing to FTM. The first problem was in sourcing. the sources didnt match anything sources that where added in FTM, also it appears that the sources if long are cut off. I came up with work arounds for it. Another problem was with ancestry media. Any ancestry media would download mutiple times if people linked to same media, also it appear that downloading media from AMT to FTM doesnt support long file names. So had to figure another way round that which i did.

  12. Richard Davis

    I purchased FTM 2012 as soon as it came out. Big Mistake!!!!! I should have waited until the bugs were worked out. I have the thing up and running with only minor glitches–at this point!


    Even when everything is working as it is supposed to, the Sync feature is slow, slow, slow. It takes 5-15 minutes to sync, even for a relatively small change. God forbid I should get lucky and find a treasure trove of information–I’d be a week waiting for the bloody thing to sync.

    And No, it’s not my computer or my connection, thank you Ancestry. Blaming the victim is not cool.

    One more problem, and that’s the end of any sync for me.

    If you haven’t already bought 2012 and committed to sync, DON’T.

  13. James Griffin

    MY Ancestry and FTM have not worked for a couple of days now.This is a contender for the world’s slowest upgrade.

  14. MAJOR FLAW -TreeSync changing users data when syncing between Ancestry Member Trees and Family Tree Maker 2012.

    It seems that when downloading from an online tree into FTM2012 that children with only one parent are being assigned as biological children of any subsequent spouse of their single parent.

    This thread on Ancestry details the problem.

    Users Beware!

  15. BEE

    For me, it’s “buyer beware”!
    I finally deleted FTM 2009, 2010 from my new computer. I can’t remember the reason that I couldn’t open them, and never could figure out why or how even though I talked with/emailed? “support”, not that I was all that impressed with them when I was using them in my old computer.
    Every time a new version comes out, I read all the complaints and know that on a fixed income, there is no way I want to spend money on the “latest, greatest”.
    I love genealogy and searching for documents and have helped many people find information just for the pleasure of doing so, but unfortunately, there is no one in my family who has any interest in the information that I’ve found, although I’ve shared it as much as possible.
    Being an “old-fashioned” girl, I have plenty of information both printed out and copied into word documents, so if anyone should develop an interest, it’s there for them to read.

  16. Donna Goodwin

    I just want to Sync. Everything has gone crazy ever since I added Nortons. I now have to take and get rid of Nortons and hope that will allow FTM 12 to work properly.

  17. Betty Janas

    I see that FTM 2012 has an UPDATE for windows but what about MAC update? UPDATE to me MEANS NOT BUYING THE WHOLE PROGRAM AGAIN. Please clarify this.

  18. Is 2012 any faster to load than 2011? I keep trying to find ways not to use FTM. It takes a day and one half to load on what for everything else is a fast computer. Any suggestions? Waiting to renew ancestry .com and update to 2012


    Andy I am having the same problems as you. People are going all over the place , and i could not figure what is going on===HELP==HELP.

  20. Jim McKinney

    No problems with 2012 either the original or update. It’s working as expected. But I am not syncing and don’t plan to.

    I was looking for a list of the changes in 2012 update and the link in the second paragraph of Tana’s article (detailed list of enhancements and bug fixes) does not link to such a list, rather it links to a set of instructions about how to manually install the 2012 update. Could we get a link to the list of changes and fixes in the 2012 update, please.


  21. Valerie Jones

    I upgraded from FTM 2011 to 2012 instead of buying the full version. When I open the 2012 program, it opens as 2011 and the Version shows as Is there there or will there be an update for those of us who upgraded?

  22. Donna Goodwin

    Wow, I see that my duplicates that have been added must not be Nortons since others are having the same problem. I added as an exception to Nortons sonar – FTM.exe – did not work, still can not sync and now my tree on ancestry does not show the flashing green leaf – unless you hover over the person??? I also, had my Grandfather given a biological father that is not his father, I changed it and whoops — it was changed again?

    Iwant to uninstall FTM and reload it, does anyone know if I need to unlink from my AMT first? According to the instructions it states, after unlinking, the trees can not be relinked? Humm.

  23. H L Rankin

    FRUSTRATING is what I call the Tree sync feature, even with the latest patch. WHEN IT WORKS it is great, however at least once a week I get a sync error forcing me to delink, delete my online file, reupload, and relink. It is not my anti-virus protection, since I have gotten the same error with the A/V on or off.

    I have got over 30,000 people in my database and everytime I have to reupload, all the hint flags reset – PAIN in the “whatever”

  24. Callie

    Alot going on with this blog, but it would be nice to have a place to ask questions! I have one, I want to NOT SEE the Generations slider in 2011. I have family with 20 plus children and this Generations slider is just pure problems!

  25. mary beth marchant

    Sadly, I am in the process of abandoning FTM programs. I’ll keep my FTM 2006 version 16 for a while but have ordered
    rootsmagic 5 and plan to use that. In actuality, I really feel that FTM has abandoned the users who began with
    FTM back when it was a clean, clear program. Too bad FTM threw out the baby with the bath water. Each time a new version of the new FTM programs come out the problems just seem to get worse and worse. Too bad. You had a good program and you blew it. It would be nice if some smart programmers would buy the rights to the good FTM and do the upgrades. Bet they could sell a lot of them.

  26. Donna Goodwin

    Andy #29. Thank you very much. Think all of this is really too much and I find getting help in a BLOG is easier than with the “Tech” support from Ancestry. Does not bode well.

  27. cs

    The biggest problem is not being unable to un-link & re-link trees without the faff of deleting and re-uploading.

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