Posted by Nick Cifuentes on December 6, 2011 in Research

Join Ancestry’s own barefoot genealogist, Crista Cowan, as she shows you the answer to this week’s question: How do I find the maiden names of women in my family tree?

The event will be happening today, December 6, @ 8 pm EST (5 pm PST).

The broadcast will be aired on the Livestream channel, as well as from our Livestream Tab on Facebook.

And if you can’t make it? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to watch the event recording right after it’s over on the Facebook page.

About our experts:

Crista Cowan has been with since 2004; her interest in family history, however, reaches all the way back to childhood. Send Crista questions for future events at

Watch the Livestream broadcast below:


  1. SWElliott

    This was a complete waste of time because of technical difficulties. Poor audio, video, etc. Surely, can get the bugs out of the system before having hundreds of people online. I’ve enjoyed the webinars and found useful information. Maybe needs to lose the tweeting and livestream and get back to the webinar format.

  2. SW Re: #!
    I fully agree! The previous service they used for their webinars was good, just compare the videos made there to the FaceBook LiveStream stuff.

    Since there is no actual exchange with the viewers, I don’t see why they can’t prerecord these things anyway, redo it if needed, and then put it in the archives to watch.

    If they absolutely *must* do them live then I’ll gladly allow them use of my GoToMeeting space to do it right.

  3. Nick Cifuentes

    Apologies to everyone for the technical difficulties earlier. We had an issue with a computer being on while we taped, and that led to the major audio issues with this livecast. I do apologize again, this is the first time we had such a major error in 3 months of Livestream taping. I do ensure we’ve fixed the issues and from now on, it won’t happen again.

  4. Nancy Marty

    Is there some place we can view these livecasts after the fact other than on Facebook? I don’t like Facebook and don’t want to have to use it just to see livecasts.

  5. David Sutherland

    Just listened to the “How to make that key find in 15 minutes or less” livecast via the Facebook page.

    Great content, but TERRIBLE technical issues. How can it be true that “this is the first time we had such a major error in 3 months of Livestream taping.” when that program is also all messed up?

    Just a sampling of the problems: video breaks up, audio levels jump up and down randomly, audio levels pan left to right or right to left randomly, audio is slightly distorted due to over-modulation (too loud at source then brought down), audio and video are not in sync. Screen shot video is also blurry. Wow… there are lot of problems.

    Still great content, so I hope this recording process gets improved. There are lots of young people who know how to operate cameras and audio recording gear these days. Perhaps someone should get a internship to improve the recording quality -? Please consider high quality recording so the screen shots can be seen. Perhaps you can host on vimeo?

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