Posted by Ancestry Team on November 29, 2011 in Mobile

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to view and merge’s “shaky leaf” record hints into your family tree directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod?  We thought so, too.

Today, we announced the availability of an enhanced version 3 of our iPhone, iPad and iPod app, Ancestry, that now offers several new features:

  • Ability to access’s “shaky leaf” hints for new discoveries of historical records about your ancestors directly in the app
  • Merge functionality that identifies and extracts information about family members from historical records to help you grow your tree
  • In-app purchasing, allowing non-subscribers to access record hints without a subscription
  • Improved ability to add information to photos
  • Ability to easily change your family tree privacy settings
  • A more stable app with better performance

Don’t have an Apple iOS device?  Don’t worry, our Android app is in beta testing and will be available in late December for download.

For more information, or to download the app, visit


  1. I just bought a Kindle Fire. I am VERY excited to have Ancestry on it, in a mobile version, like you are offering for the iPad. Will you be offering something that will work on the Kindle Fire? I hope so!!

  2. Randy Gephart

    Beautiful. The update works very well on the iPad and I spent an hour working with hints without noticing how long I worked on it. There are some glitches in it yet, but it uses the indexes to pull in full families and overall works very well for a first release of the functionality. Great job!

  3. Jean

    I have the iPhone version 3.0.1 (build 922).I see my tree descriptions and privacy settings, but no shaky leaves, even though I see some on the web version. How are they accessed? There is no Help function in the app.

  4. Richard Belz

    When you add the app for Android, don’t forget those of us who use the B&N Nook Color. Although it is Android based you can only download approved apps from B&N. So, please try and get the Android app approved.

  5. Randy Gephart

    To expand on the bug… I was trying to access hints on my moms ancestors. The hint would not come up after waiting minutes. The oldest ancestor of my dad’s side is the home person. I changed the home person to the oldest ancestor on my moms side and the hints open right up for everyone on my moms side now.

  6. Ron Teague

    I ABSOLUTELY love this app. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact you folks have written such a polished program for the iPAD/iPhone. It is a huge selling point for the website and FTM. At the moment, I have nothing else to ask for. It is that good! I have something to take with me now whenI go to reunions and us older people can see. Again, my sincerest thanks!

  7. Kendall Hulet

    I don’t plan to respond to each blog comment personally in the future, but I thought I’d give some specific responses this time. 🙂

    @Jean – this version of the application only shows hints for Ancestry records, not matches in other family trees – that might be why you’re not seeing them show up in the app. I’ve also passed your feedback on to the development team.

    @Richard – we anticipate that the Android app will work on the Nook.

    @Mitch – we constantly monitor the mobile landscape to see which devices and operating systems we should support. Windows Phone is something that we consider from time to time, but have not yet decided to tackle.

    @Randy – thanks, I’ve passed this on to the development team.

    @Ron – thanks! 🙂

  8. BobNY

    Kendall wrote:
    I don’t plan to respond to each blog comment personally in the future . . .
    Then, what’s the point?

  9. Phyll

    To quote Memphis Beat when Dwight broke in a house by breaking a window with an Iphone: “Hold on, I got an app for that.”

    And I do too. It’s called a Notebook [paper] and Pencil. Never goes dead at a bad time and costs me 99 cents [hey I buy the notebook on sale and the mechanical pencils in bulk] If I really must do electronics, I carry the Netbook.

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