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Your family history is part of you. And now, is taking one of the most important elements of your search and featuring them in a new home, Sticky Notes. This newly released blog is meant to compliment our already established blog and be more of a place where you can share and discover stories and more.

On Sticky Notes, users will be able to discover various types of stories, possibly including their very own. We also have areas of the blog that feature our very own Ancestry Anne, aka Anne Mitchell. She will be answering user questions daily, showing you the solutions to some of your most difficult family history questions.

We’ll also have the Interesting Finds section – here you will discover some of the most unique and interesting records we come across in our research, and a variety of content that we dig up in all of our collections here at

So go ahead, take a look at our new blog and let us know what you think.

Sticky Notes


  1. Jade

    The software is not ready for prime time. After a 1/2 hour, a page with comments had not stopped loading and the box to submit a comment was nonfunctional.

  2. dric

    I had no trouble clicking on and viewing various aspects of the site. I look forward to reading information on sticky notes in the future.

  3. Deloris Re: #4

    I quite agree!

    The Quick Links and ToDO List should be restored to the Main Menu Bar on *every* page.

    They are certainly more useful than those links to DNA, Gift Memberships, Upgrade, etc.

    Unfortunately, they aren’t as profitable and that seems to be what Ancestry is all about these days – money, and how to get more of it.

  4. Long time member

    More and more I’m disappointed with the way Ancestry is presenting access to records. The menu(s) are less efficient with incresed multiple clicking. The focus is towards social media and new stuff requires you to sign up, again. Half the time I have no idea what I would be signing up for. I don’t need half the things that are on the main menu bar.

    My purpose in paying for the use of this site is records to find my ancestors. The trees allow me to find people who may have the same ancestors, if it is not a junk tree. But trees are not my main purpose for using this site. It’s all about records.

    I was told by an Ancestry person that the site is designed for the new people with the newest equipment. So that means the older members with older computers are second citizens in Ancestry’s eyes. The mission statement probably reads somethng like: Go get the young ones!

  5. BEE

    Still using good old “old search”.
    I’m having a problem with “return to” – person.
    Followed all the suggestions given in email from ancestry, but they seem to be a step behind with Firefox – they are up to “7”, but the newest version is “8”.

  6. Robert OLeary

    I am going to stick my naive neck out here and ask what most will think is a dumb question. Step-by-step, how do you find the Sticky Notes blog? Like many other senior citizens, Facebook, Twitter and other social media are a complete mystery to me. Sticky Notes sounds like it would be interesting, but I have no idea how you find it, or the other blogs ancestry has. I only found out about Sticky Notes because of the e-mail ancestry sent to us all. Thanks for your help.

  7. Trudy Meyer

    Robert RE: #10

    I understand how you feel. I was always told there is no such thing as a dumb question. In todays high tech world, there are times, I don’t even know how to ask a the question! Trudy, a fellow senior citizen.

  8. BEE

    Robert, Trudy, I guess I’m in good company!
    I sometimes feel like an old dinosaur with all the latest “gadgets” that take a computer wiz to figure out, not to mention Facebook and “tweets”!
    I spend so much time on ancestry, I wonder where people find time to check out these other things!

  9. scwbcm

    Bee said,”I’m having a problem with “return to” – person.”

    I’ve been having the same problem and at least one other person is also.

  10. BEE

    #14, I am so glad to hear that! The email response I got from ancestry made it sound like it was “my” problem – “We are sorry for the difficulty. What version of Fire Fox are you using? There may be some settings with your browser that need to be adjusted or optimized for the web site in order to resolve these problems.”
    Nothing I did helped, but it makes me wonder what “settings” have to do with the “return to” – person” going AWOL when searching for documents – it’s there in the “Compare With Your Tree”.
    Also when viewing a document instead of “return to record”, it sometimes just says “return”, so again, it’s necessary to use the back arrow.
    Perhaps it’s because I’m stubbornly using “old search” or are others having the same problem with “new search”?

  11. BEE

    Still waiting for the “return to” – person” feature, but I’m happy to say that I found the Beta Image Viewer again.
    I don’t know if it reverts back to “standard” when I shut down, delete history, cookies, etc. but when I went to a document and clicked on “options” {as the directions stated in the blog} I found it was on “standard” – a simple click brought back the “Advanced Beta Image Viewer”.
    Also, quite a few blogs ago, we discussed the many “hints” that popped up, and someone wrote that they just delete them rather than bother with the “family trees”, but I found that even though it said just one “hint”, when I clicked on that person, it had a greater number of “hints”, including actual documents like WWI Draft card, census, etc. so tedious as it is, I guess I’ll have to go through the 200+ names on one of my trees to see these documents.

  12. BEE

    Under recent additions – New Collections:
    U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1898-1929
    Does this make sense, or am I missing something?

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