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Have you ever dreamed of discovering your roots and visiting the country of your ancestors? Now might be your chance if you are the winner of the Follow Your Roots: Visit Europe contest, sponsored by and

Entering the contest is simple: just submit a family photo and description of the person(s) in the photo and their significance to following your roots back to Europe for your chance to win a trip for two to explore the country of your heritage. The official submission period runs from November 8 through November 28, with a voting round beginning on November 28 to determine the top 10 entries.

A panel of judges will select the grand prize winner who will receive the trip for two, along with an annual World Membership to and an annual membership to

Enter the contest and learn more at


  1. BobNY

    On July 19, Sean Pate wrote in the Ancestry blog:
    “We are always looking for ways to improve our contests and sweepstakes to make the experience better for our fan base. . . . In the future we will be more clear as to whether or not a person can participate in a contest or sweepstakes outside of the United States.”

    Guess what? The new guys apparently didn’t get the memo. You have to delve deeply into the Official Rules of this contest to discover:
    “Follow Your Roots: Visit Europe™ Contest is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (with the exception of Rhode Island) and void where prohibited.”
    So this contest apparently excludes not only persons outside the United States, but illegal residents, residents of Rhode Island (that $150 filing fee is a real killer, eh?) and inhabitants of any place that prohibits such a contest (but the lawyers didn’t get paid to look for).
    The interesting thing is that this exclusionary, US-centric contest is being hosted by a Canadian company.
    I would encourage prospective contest entrants to read the rules carefully. There are some surprises and some vexing conditions.
    – The grand prize is, indeed, a visit to Europe, defined solely as the tariff airfare between 2 cities served by the specific transatlantic carrier. It does not include applicable fees, such as airport/departure taxes, security charges or third party fees, taxes and charges which are the sole responsibility of the bearer of the ticket. It also does not include ground transportation to and from the US airport nor the European gateway. Food, lodging and local transportation are also the responsibility of the winner. And, you will have to include about $2500 as income on your Federal and State tax return. So much for a FREE trip.

    – There is subtle coercion built into the entry process: You must “Like” the Facebook page to enter.

    – I cannot get my head around the apparent inconsistencies in the entry requirement vs. the official rules. The entry requires a photograph which “can range from an aged passport photo of an ancestor to a new baby picture; a contemporary family photo to an old family portrait.” The rules apparently require “Your submission must contain original content that you own all the rights to.” If the condition applies to the photo, good luck with that.

  2. Barbara

    Once again my personal gripe-the requirement to be on facebook to participate in an Ancestry contest. I have a wonderful picture so I may just give in and then delete my page afterward.

  3. Carol A. H.

    Ancestry is determined to shove Facebook down our throats!

    Bob of N.Y. covered a lot of other objectional double-talk.

    Somehow I just can’t afford to “win” anything!

  4. Ancestry member

    “Fan!!!” I wouldn’t call myself a “fan” of Ancestry. Sure I use it and pay for it. It has records I need to accomplish what I want and need. But I shop at certain grocery stores because they have what I need and want but I’m no “fan” of them. I’d go elsewhere if “elsewhere” has what I want and need.

  5. Fred

    I agree with Barbara’s comment. I quit facebook for a reason, and it seems like they’re trying to get a monopoly on certain kinds of Internet access.

  6. marcia

    did anyone notice that the the official rules show that the “Prize trip will be valid from December 9, 2011 – June 9, 2011 travel season”.could be just a typo but as it is in the rules it could let them back out of having to issue the prize

  7. Ancestry member


    That was a good “gotcha.” I don’t use Facebook so I did not read all the rules. It probably was a typo. Somehow I don’t think Ancestry would be that low. But they are a business. Bottom line is money, so they will try to get it any way they think they can.


    Please note that valid travel dates for the grand prize are December 9, 2011 to June 9, 2012. Thank you.

  9. Margaret

    I’m confused. Thje offficial rules say Administrator will be final say. But who racks up the ‘viewed’ picture count?

    Is that by the peolpe who visit that photo?

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