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Veteran’s Day is a time when honoring our military veterans becomes a ritual that everyone takes part in. And now, at, we are allowing you to do so and share it with the world on our Honoring Our Heroes Facebook application.

Every day, helps people learn about the military veterans in their family history. So, we’ve partnered with the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Fund to raise $15,000 in honor of  our Veterans during this special time period.

Taking part, couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the Honoring our Heroes app on Facebook and enter a short message honoring a military veteran. Post it to your Facebook wall and will donate a $1 to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Fund.

It couldn’t be any easier, and this is all for an incredible cause. So please take a few minutes, head over to our Facebook Page and pay tributes to the many that have put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms.


  1. Mary Beth Marchant

    I agree with Barbara’s comment. I do not do Facebook and in my opinion, Ancestry should refrain from sending subscribers to Facebook.

  2. Ancestry member

    No Facebook and social media for me. I have email, a cell phone, and a landline telephone (which by the way works when we have power outages).

  3. Perhaps Ancestry needs to just keep a FaceBook Blog ON Facebook and not bother the rest of us with all this “Social Media” crap here on the main site.

    Rather tiresome really.

  4. Monika

    You guys are worried about Facebook? Take a good look at “Google” and check out some of the people in your tree. I have a “Private Tree” “Do Not Show in Index”. Yesterday, I had the idea to go onto “Google” and type the name of one person in my tree into the “Google” search line. Put the name under quotation marks “Charles Lucas Boyd” into the search line. The first data that shows up on “google” refers to his marriage. I press on that….and what do I see? MY PROFILE PAGE OF THIS INDIVIDUAL ON MY ANCESTRY.COM PRIVATE TREE “DO NOT SHOW IN INDEX”. (Try it if you don’t believe me!) Then, a couple of “google” results later, again a site for him. I press on that and the “Search” engine of shows up giving details about what I have in my tree (pictures, details of when he ws where, etc.) I contacted immediately! David was very nice, put me on hold, and after a lot of head scratching suggested I write to “Solutions” at I have tested this further. You can access a lot of data on via “google” and obtain quite a bit of info in this manner if you are not a subscriber.

  5. Monika Re; #6

    Has that tree always been private or was it at some point public and then later changed to private?

    Also- are you talking about this page:

  6. Monika

    Andy, it has always been private! You know how paranoid I am about the juliebugs and searchdebs of this world! Also, both, David, Tech Support from, and I could clearly see my user name on the top of the profile page. I’ve got to go back on google to answer your last question.

  7. Monika

    Andy, yes, that is the correct record. What I also just noticed is that–if I click on the other names on that profile page, then the profile pages of THESE individuals come up, so that I can basically see much of my entire private tree on “Google” now! (Interestingly enough, has added “possible matches” to Mary Sisley, ALL of which are incorrect matches and inappropriate matches! But, the other profile sheets show my data and my username when I look at it on Google.

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