Posted by Kendall Hulet on September 27, 2011 in Website

We’ve been working hard on an Android version of the Ancestry mobile app, and we’re looking for Android users to help us test an early beta version. If you are interested in being a beta tester, regularly use an Android phone or tablet, and are an subscriber, please click here to take a short survey. We will contact a small group of respondents that meet our requirements. Watch this space for future testing opportunities and announcements on the Android app’s progress.

Survey link:

Kendall Hulet

Kendall Hulet has served as our Senior Vice President of Product Management at Ancestry since March 2015. He joined the Company in 2003 has held a variety of roles in the product organization including Director of International Product Management and most recently Vice President of Product Management for AncestryDNA. During his tenure, he was deeply involved in some of the most popular innovations at Ancestry, including the “Shaky Leaf” hinting system that has delivered over five billion discoveries; the Ancestry Family Tree system that has led to the creation of over 70 million family trees containing six billion ancestors; and the creation of the award winning Ancestry mobile app, which has been downloaded more than 12 million times.


  1. Letitia Ringo

    I just took the survey to be a Android Beta tester but I used the name laringo…. the correct user name is

  2. Barb Aubert

    I have a tablet and tried accessing my tree online once. It was not good so an app would be GREATLY appreciated. I don’t think I make a good tester because I only seem to focus on my needs versus options in an entire program. I want to say a BIG THANKS to those who will be the testers. Remember, think about how everyone could use the program. Thanks again.

  3. Tom Duescher

    Have an HTC phone and just placed an order for the Amazon Fire tablet – Hopefully they have made it open enough to run standard droid apps.

  4. nancy

    So ready for this app for the droid. It would be great for those family get together s so that things can be added on the spot or shared to jog memories in older family members. Hope the beta testing goes quickly. Did the survey but haven’t heard yet.

  5. Sarah

    I cant wait, seriously hope I’m chosen to beta test. I love poking and prodding into different features, and having to teach my b/fs mom how to use FTM has taught me to think in some REALLY different ways. LOL

  6. Karen

    I completed the survey the other day. I have a HTC Thunderbolt 4G and a Samsung Galaxy Tab Very anzious for this feature.

  7. Tammi

    I am so excited about this. This will make life easy when I’m in the library, cemetery or where ever.

  8. Leonard

    Had an iphone and used the ancestry app all the time but phone got damaged and I switched to the HTC Thunderbolt. Thanks Ancestry for responding to the android market. Would be more than happy to beta test the app.

  9. Brian

    @Tom Duescher, the Fire will be able to get apps from Amazon’s Appstore (no reason Ancestry can’t offer the app there) and will also allow sideloaded apps (without rooting) at least that’s what Amazon’s said so far.

    I too am happy to see an Android app in the offing. I’ve got an Epic 4G (Galaxy S) and an Asus Transformer and I’d love to have it on both my devices.

  10. bobby walker

    SO happy to hear about the beta. I completed the servey and have 2 android phones and an android tablet. Computer nerd for a living doing betas for work too. I will beta the pants off this app. 🙂

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