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If you missed any of the intriguing and emotional episodes from Season 2 of Who Do You Think You Are? then you’ll have a second chance to enjoy the journeys of America’s favorite celebrities starting this weekend. Throughout the summer, NBC will begin airing encores of the eight original episodes from earlier this year and we couldn’t be more excited. Last season’s premiere episode will air this Saturday, July 16 on NBC at 8/7c. Ashley Judd’s episode will repeat the following Friday, July 22 at the same time. The remainder of the episodes will run on Saturday’s at 8p/7c with a few exceptions. Check your local listings for the latest information or visit for more weekly information.

Season 2 featured eight of your favorite stars, including Tim McGraw, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lionel Richie tracing their family roots through the centuries. Relive their experiences as they solve family mysteries, make discoveries, and connect with family lines they’ve never known before. One finds a family of trailblazers who stood firm against social opposition to gain freedom for all; another uncovers his own family’s rags-to-riches real estate tale with ties to America’s founding fathers. And the list of discoveries goes on and on. is a proud sponsor of the show and we’re very happy to report that Season 3 is currently in production and will return with all new episodes in 2012!


  1. I am sure that I am not alone in wishing that they would also show the British version of the show in the USA. I t could open up many research windows for the millions of us with British ancestry.

  2. Chad Abbott

    Im kind of upset they are just doing it on celebrities or ppl pf importance.What about the regular people like me out there that can’t afford all this.Ashley Judd and many others that have appeared on the show have millions of dollars.

  3. Elsye

    I think it great to do celebrities, but with there financial status they can afford to any and all the searching. What about those of us that keeping searching with no luck. I am by far no celebrity, but I have been searching for my Father for 50 years.

  4. The main reason they use celebrities is that regular folks just don’t have the audience draw that stars do – and that is the main purpose of a TV show- to draw an audience for the advertisers.

    After all, who would watch ‘The Real Housewives of Milan, TN’ or whatever?

  5. scwbcm

    I personally have no issue with the show focusing on celebrities but since it seems to be an issue for many people, perhaps the celeb could take a less famous descendant on the journey with them. This would give the celeb someone to share the experience with. Just a possible option.

  6. Tim Harris

    I thought that I was the only one to be a little upset that they use “Stars”. That’s reason that I don’t watch them. I would be more inclined to watch the programs if they used regular folks. Use me.

  7. donna

    my question is where in the state can you go to get information besides the library I need more information on canada and I live on ssi so as many not to much extra thank you

  8. Ida Marie Fetterer

    I can’t tell you how much “Who Do You Think You Are”, has meant to me. I love it!!! I am so excited everytime I hear that you are going to air a new season of this. I would watch it just as much if there were non famous people as well.
    Please keep this coming, your doing a fantastic job!!!!

  9. Linka Rayburn

    I love the show and think it could be a huge success. I am tired of re-runs.Present some new episodes. I like the celebrities but would love to MIX it UP with other types. Politicians, scientists, regular people, and Americans from the military. I wrote several people at Ancestry before regarding this. I also think a REVERSE issue would be great. Start in the past and bring to life the movement and spread of the ancestors. I am the 12th gr granddaughter of Pochahontas. I think the founding fathers or earliest settlers would be fun to trace in a bio pic story rather than see the same show pattern of travel of celebrities.

  10. scwbcm

    I love the idea of trying a show starting from the past and coming forward, potentially a rising from the ashes perspective. Or something unexpected. To borrow from the Buscemi show, imagine following a somewhat dark line only to have such a wonderful success story at the end. I enjoy the twists and turns of genealogy, the surprise element.

  11. Swenette Ogle

    I’ve got to do more research and double checking, but looks like one of my husband’s branches is the same (along a twig) as one of those “stars”. Unreal!

  12. Jennifer Totten

    Yes! Am so happy to hear that there will be a Season 3!!! Can’t wait to find out who will be searching for their ancestors.

  13. Robyn

    I love this show as well, and is one of the reasons I joined…I like seeing the celebrities who came from “just plain folk”, but also agree with SCWCM and take an unknown relative of the celebrity with them…

  14. SWElliott

    I’ve seen all the programs and never miss an episode thanks to my DVR. How about a new season that spreads out to include people other than entertainment celebs?? How about including people who have actually done something other than just being “famous!” I would love to see the British series run instead of the all the re-runs of the series we’ve already seen. Come on, Ancestry, BRANCH OUT…..

  15. Sharon

    I love the show but it would not hurt to add someone in the search that is not a star.

    I get sick of celebs. We watch reality shows but the minute they put celebs on we stop watching.

  16. Richard Davis

    Just finished watching the “Ashley Judd” segment. Its nice that she had the cash, or was paid, to go to England, But couldn’t she have done a little research here first–the ancestor she was looking for, William Brewster, is well documented. 15 seconds on Wikipedia would give her more info than she found on the show, plus an incredible list of other descendents to whom she is related.

    Kinda unimpressive–besides, doesn’t she have other ancestors whose lives are no less important? I suppose everybody wants to be descended from kings, but there are a lot more pig farmers than kings.

  17. Dale

    I agree with Sara and others about showing regular people. How about showing celebrities for 75%of the show and short clips on regular people for the 25% of the show. This way you still have the audience draw from the celebrities.

  18. The search by Ms. Paltrow held my attention like glue. It is nice that the “skeletons in the family closet” as the old saying goes, about the down side of family history, was far enough removed from the present for her to go public without harming the living. Public records don’t always tell about corruption or deliberate hurdles that corner people. But they do make us pause enough to realize pride and prejudice are a destructive game. To know your family had a holy person of miracles is to know that faith in Our Creator is not foolish.
    Somehow, the commonality of humanity save us all. Thanks for such a nice presentation.
    Another old saying was “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” meaning that if you don’t know enough about someone to have empathy, you haven’t heard their story. All in Together was favorite playground game of my childhood that taught our class a lot about our own pride and prejudices.
    This woman found herself in her family’s history. And that is extremely beautiful. What a loving family. She is very blessed. “The truth shall set you free.” YEAH ! Thanks for sharing with us.

  19. New England researcher

    Will you or won’t you have a regular everyday person for a guest? How about an answer to that question?

    There are enough people who do want to see someone who is “the man on the street.” The day I see a name I haven’t heard before is the day/night I will watch. Celebrity reruns just won’t do it for me.

    I know many folks who are descended from famous people even though they are not famous. Even I have 7 Mayflower people who are my ancestors, which is not unusual since it was so many generations ago, and given the fact they intermarried so much for several years. And old Brigham Youn is in there too.

    Everyone has someone of importance in his or her ancestry. What an interesting surprise that would be.

    So how about an answer, please?

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