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I’ll be honest, when I was first asked to edit the monthly newsletter, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It’s a fantastic means of communicating new content, enhancements and tools with you. But it’s an email, where everything should be quick and bite-sized. And family history, with detailed stories and individualized, custom research plans with instructions to match, simply isn’t. Plus, if you really want to have fun, you need to dive in deep and get to know your family and their past.

How could we convey all of this in a single, short email? By creating an all-new monthly newsletter. And starting with this July 2011 issue, that’s exactly what we’ve done. It’s our first step in creating a newsletter that’s focused on the way YOU use Look in future months for even more news and content features that pertain directly to your family history, as well as detailed advice, quick links to past newsletter issues and a greater emphasis on how you approach research.

When you receive your new newsletter, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a lot shorter. That’s our nod to its format – email. But don’t let that brevity trick you – we’ve designed it this way so you can quickly find what you’re looking for and click on a link to get details fast. The newsletter itself, however, is more packed than ever.

We’ve branded the feature article our Inside Scoop. This is where you’ll find the stories behind the records – everything from what we found in a collection to how the collection came to be, and then some. Because for years, all of us at have known that getting a peek at a new record collection is like opening a big, cool present – and now we want to share with you the fun of whatever we discover inside.

But you don’t come to just for the stories, which is why you’ll now find our highlighted new record collections featured front and center and with a quick link that will take you directly to an all-inclusive list of everything else that’s new on

Click on any featured content to immediately start searching that collection, or stick with your regular search routine, if you have one (I admit, I don’t – I search more on whims). Remember, even if you don’t search our new collections directly, a search of all of always includes our newest records, too.

Because it never hurts to brush up on technique and be the first to know when there’s a new tool or trick that can help you, we’re dedicating an entire section of our newsletter to education – Tips & Tools.

It’s here that we’ll show you our latest site enhancements and give you a refresher course in family history how-to, too.

Plus, Ancestry Anne still loves to answer your questions. Her advice, insider search tips and answers are right where you’ve been finding them for the past year. By the way, she loves mail – reach her with your questions and comments (go ahead, send her the toughest ones) directly at

And we want to know what you think. Look for the Your Turn section for a link to take a short survey or even vote on something in each issue.

This month, we’re hoping you can help us name this brand new newsletter. Click on the Your Turn link in the bottom right corner of the email to help us decide what that name should be.

And, remember, this is YOUR newsletter. If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas about what you’d like to see in it, I’d love to know. You can contact me directly at

Jeanie Croasmun

Jeanie Croasmun has been working at while futilely attempting to prove the horse thief story in her family history for over seven years. During that time, she learned enough about her family to determine that the story is likely a great work of fiction. But the search continues ...


  1. scwbcm

    This sounds very promising. If you include names, please make them searchable and easy to refer back to. I would personally like to put in a request that you include material about migration patterns, that may apply to many people.

  2. I tried to download the Free Research guide and it does take me to a different page when I click on it (starting from your announcement on a new monthly newsletter, but then it’s is just dead. The back arrow is the only thing active on the page.

  3. The civil war pension records are not complete. They should contain all the info including parents names, address, wife’s name, DOB, date of daeth, city & state person died, where buried & so on. I know that not all may be available, but according to what I have found out that it was per the Gov. that it was necessary to indicate all the info on the application for pension. Please check into this as it would help me find my gt. grandfather–John Harvey Russell. Thank you

  4. Anne Davison

    Hi Jeanie:
    Please tell us you still plan to continue with the “My Story” feature. I love it. In last month’s newsletter, you continued to ask for contributions to “My Story”, so I hope that means we can look forward to more stories from Ancestry members.

  5. Zara

    Being here in the US with all my family from England it is getting way to expensive to send for documents to prove it is the person I am looking for or to get maiden names from marriage certificates. They will only send you an e-mail copy for (an extra charge) if you purchase the document via snail mail. The searches don’t give a whole lot of information so you need the documents. I am afraid this is too expensive for me to continue much further.

  6. patti

    I have many photos that have been passed down for 8 generations or more most have no names some have photographers names on it but with them no longer in business how is the best way to track down names.I have one photo believed to be my 5th great grand father but since there is 5 members of the family with exactly the same name. I can not possitively identify the person any suggestions? has ancetry ever tried to track down old photographers and their records?

  7. Joann

    Functioning links would be a good start. NONE of the links I’ve clicked on in this newsletter have done anything.

  8. Rose Scott

    I am thinking of going back to Ancestry, but would like to know why I cannot find anyone that has been in the armed forces during World War 2. The only records I can find, are people who are buried in military cemetaries. I can find no record of anyone who has been in either the navy or marine corps. I can find registration for the draft of my grandfather, 1917, but no one from the forties.

  9. Louise Blocker

    New name wanted? How about “Common Treads”? We who use are walking the same path: looking to find and connect with our ancestors. When we do, at least when I did find some of mine, the experience is like walking with them…the common tread.

  10. Jenn

    I am not sure what everyone is talking about – all the links work fine for me.

    I think the newsletter looks beautiful. Keep up the good work!! Hope you got a little bit better feedback than the comments on this post!

  11. Jack Seals

    It would be nice to have a site not directed so much toward the needs of Ancestry, but more toward making it easier for the casual user to find information without having to follow so many unrelated, unresponsive or confusing leads. The data base available to Ancestry appears not developed efficiently for general use. Your current explanation of changes for improvement contains no specifics which explains them.

  12. Margaret Hilbert

    Why can’t I find the birth record of my great aunt MaryAnn Bradshaw born 1877 America according to England census 1881 onwards. Her father Patrick Bradshaw married Bridget Murray in 1868 Newcastle on Tyne I found Bridget’s death in June 1876 Worcester Worcester Massachusetts she died in childbirth but can’t find any record of the child, can’t find any record of Patrick and daughter returning to England where he married Catherine Sweeney in 1879 in Newcastle on Tyne they had several children. As an elderly pensioner it is difficult to keep for information with no results
    Can you please help me my funds are now very low. Thank you

  13. xandervan

    How about a monthly column – every month, not randomly – where you discuss long-standing site bugs that are being actively fixed, with time-line to completion, and a list of future fixes, along with their priority standing. Now THAT is of interest to every Ancestry user, and that would be NEWS.

  14. Ileen

    I second the vote for #17.

    The links in this newsletter didn’t work for me, either. Apparently it depends on the browser being used. Please have someone check to make sure that the page works for all major browsers.


  15. heather cullen

    It would be nice if Ancestory would

    a) get their facts and records correct ands

    b) realise that not all live or are interested
    in American Ancestory.
    Also the links do not work.
    I have advise Ancestory of mistakes made regardding my Grandparents – wrong date of death,
    wrong cemetery, wrong plots. Info taken from correct information supplied – still not corrected!
    Also applies to my ggg’father’s name – not spelt correctly. Could keep on goin but what’s the use.

  16. william n fry III

    sounds like fun. ill try for awhile. do you have connections to dar library in d c ? i have alot of information on the fry family from rev time till now

  17. Beverley Pritchett

    Re correcting Ancestry records. Everyone I have notified them of has been corrected. Thank you from future users.

  18. Amanda Walker

    Links worked just fine for me, no problem. I think this is a great idea. Not quite sure why so much complaining is going on. I do however agree with one of the comments made. Not everyone wants information on American records and such. I am a member of Ancestry Australia and would love to see more information from here. Also I ancestors in European countries other than the UK, how about spreading the information around. Otherwise love the new newsletter and the website!

  19. Norman

    There is so much info re soldiers but hardly any re the navy. Could not the Navy Lists be put on line please?

  20. James J. Munroe

    I like your news letter and format. My dearest wish is that the complete island of Ireland be included in the research items, being made available,as I live now in England, there is limited information available through info. on how to access this through your column. James.

  21. John

    Love In the past I subscribed to Genline, Swedish and costly. Am happy to hear that will soon include Genline. As I don’t speak swedish and my stateside relatives are passed it is hard to make sense of last names. I have a 2nd cousin in Sweden who speaks little english so I make lots of mistakes, through no fault of hers just that I don’t know enough Swedish to comprend. Ancestry keep up the good work, bet you get me educated. Thanks

  22. Stanley Weidenhammer

    Do you realize how hard it is becoming to get information from states. It PA where I live they have made it so hard that I don’t bother trying anymore. Is there a way to get around this problem?

  23. George

    I second Comment #36 (Sam)… “None of the links on the newsletter are working.” Thus it makes the purpose of your “New”sletter pointless!

    All the “new” searchable information sound like great sources, but not very useful, if one can not access them.

  24. Carrie

    How about “Past Times” as a title for the newsletter?
    Living in Britain I have found that there are huge “gaps” in information pre the 1837 Census due to many Parishes still not making their records available on line (and thus not available via Ancestry). This not only makes it hard to trace family members but also devalues membership of Ancestry. Is there any way Ancestry could link up with the missing Parishes and help them to automate their records? as I’m sure it would be of great value to audiences worldwide and may lead to an increase in membership to

  25. Dottie C

    I really, really, really miss Ancestry Magazine. I was able to read it wherever I would go. Since my desktop doesn’t fit in my handbag I can’t read it on the train or share it with older folks who don’t have a computer. I can’t write notes, I can’t use a highlighter, I can’t mark tabs on the computer version. I thought I’d get used to the e-version, but as time goes by I miss that magazine more and more. I know you’ll never bring it back, but curling up to a desktop computer can’t compare to curling up under a warm blanket to read. Too bad.

  26. Jean Cole Taylor

    Re: Rose Scott’s question about military names.
    It may be that the records you want were burned in a fire in a records warehouse. I think there is an article about that on Ancestry. Many mentions online about it. Wish you luck!

  27. Allene Dotson

    I would rather have a straight sequence of articles rather than click on this and click on that and chase down this and chase down that. It’s easier to read and keep up with. It’s frustrating to keep clicking on this and that for the rest of the story, especially when they do not work. It seems to me that links are more pitching sales than conveying information. Access to information would be easier without the links. Just put the information on the website.

  28. james Ross

    Love ancestry. Most problems getting information are mine, not reading directions or in a hurry.
    As I add pictures to my media center I would like to move them around is theres a way?
    Is there a way of sending a e mail to all the family trees at once that are about the same person ? Ancestry is doing a great job and evolving thanks

  29. Paris Garters

    This sounds really great! Unfortunately, I don’t get your newsletter mailings. I am signed up for them and I have called on the phone and confirmed that I am signed up for them, but I never get them. I do get other mailings from you frequently (new additions to your trees, we’ve found hints, etc.). So my question is, can this be accessed on the site for those of us who don’t get it via email?????

  30. dklart

    ATTN: Jeanie Croasmun

    Many responding on this blog post do not understand this is NOT the newsletter. It’s an EXAMPLE of the how the new and improved newsletter looks.

    Has the July 2011 Newsletter been sent? I, for one haven’t received it (and yes, my settings are set to receive the newsletter).




  32. John Wagner

    As for a name, keep it simple: Monthly Newsletter

    As for the content, keep it simple:
    Limit the stories and clean up the records. You people have done a great job improving Census records and indexes but Immigration access leaves much to be desired, A number of years ago I found my gggf in Imigration records; lost the citation and never found it again.

    I agree with #7 Zara the costs are stretching our needs and ability

  33. Wayne Hendsbee

    I enjoy the newsletter, but would like to see a bit more Canadian content. I realize that most of your members are American, but we Canadians pay our dues also. Unfortunately, being on a fixed income, I cannot afford the world access.

  34. Marcia Fay Cobb

    As a senior I’m also having trouble paying for the Deluxe World membership (which I love), so I had to drop my membership. Just a thought–maybe those of us who have had meen members for a certain number of years could receive a discount. Thank you.

  35. Sharon

    For two days I have not had any “Recent Member Connect Activity”. Everyday there is a member connect so I don’t know what is going on anyone else having this problem?

  36. Alan Batchelder

    Nice idea. Welcome innovation.

    But your announcement of new access to war records seems from my experience to be useless. To get a result, your format asks for birth date and “event” undefined and therefore quite useless. the birth date is often unknown for Revolutionary veterans. while the death date is much more often known, but your format gives no opportunity to enter that date. I am sorry to have been invited to waste my time on this offering.

  37. The links in this newsletter didn’t work for me, either. Apparently it depends on the browser being used. Please have someone check to make sure that the page works for all major browsers.

  38. Jade

    Jeanie you said “And, remember, this is YOUR newsletter.” No it most definitely is not. It is’s newsletter.

    When I noticed a couple of mistaken statements a few months back, I noticed it was no longer possible for readers to make comments that would appear ~on~ the issue publication site. What is the point of sending an email that no one else will ever see except maybe the editor? When was a correction ever published?

  39. Jade

    #5 Paul, does not have Union Civil War Pension Files on its site and only posted what was on (mot of) the application file index cards (quite a few are missing, though).

    Most Civil War soldiers did not ever live in a city.

    The Pension Office did not ask for any information about parents of Civil War veterans. Date of the veteran’s birth was asked for if he requested an increase based on age. The Pension Office did not ask for place of burial.

  40. Betsy

    I also love I am REALLY new at this, and feel most times I am running in circles, not even sure if I’m doing it right 🙂 or don’t know where to look, like getting birth record or certificate, is that an online thing? Because all I see are links to towns etc wanting money, and as with others, I cant do that.

    Also….please please please do an update so we/I can use the toolbar, I have Foxfire & toolbar access isn’t compatible. I would really love to use that, Foxfire is now at 5.0 upgrade & Ancestry is still at 3.0 I don’t want to uninstall anything to use another browser. I have emailed on this, and get same answer, that “we are working on this” I’m sure it would make things a little easier for me.

    I look forward to possibly using the toolbar in the near future.

    And I too like: “Tapestries of Life” for new name.

  41. Joan

    I wish could try to post more recent census records (rather than wait ten years for the next one). California (and possibly other states) make available (online) all birth, marriage, divorce records of people who are still alive, so why do we have to wait for census records to be published? They would definitely help to further our research.

  42. I tried the free plan and I was not able to find anything. I always endedat a page that should you what you might see on a census but not any censuses! I don’t feel comfortable paying what little funds I have when I can’t navigate your site.I do have a comPleted census for the Rush side done ma y years ago but parts are not correct and on your site I can not find or connect the wives families .your site is just not user friendly , believe me I’m not stupid I Facebook twitter and word blog this should not be hard when you have to pay so much for puic records!

  43. I tried the free plan and I was not able to find anything. I always endedat a page that should you what you might see on a census but not any censuses! I don’t feel comfortable paying what little funds I have when I can’t navigate your site.I do have a comPleted census for the Rush side done ma y years ago but parts are not correct and on your site I can not find or connect the wives families .your site is just not user friendly , believe me I’m not stupid I Facebook twitter and word blog this should not be hard when you have to pay so much for public records!

  44. Don

    Without sounding quite as condescending as others, one reason the “links” don’t work is because they may (like I did myself) have clicked onto the first link up at the top of the email, which brought you to this page with the comments–and those links don’t work. Going back to the original email I opened, the links provided at the bottom of the mail itself worked just fine–just a suggestion for any frustrated about that. As to any name, without getting too prosy, I like “Links” “Ancestral Links” “Ancestry Links”… something that would suggest linking together along with the reference to possible links that might be useful in searching.

  45. Ella Beth DeLage

    I did not even know you have a newsletter. How do I get it? I did get the Ancestry magazine but did not know what happened to it. I would like to receve the newsletter.

  46. B. Gillmer

    I wanted to suggest a name for the Newsletter, but when I click on “Your Turn” I am not able to proceed.

    My suggestion is “Sharing the Past”

    • Jeanie Croasmun

      Hi all:

      If you’ve not received the newsletter via your email, try this link to take you to an online version, where you should find the same content including working links to the various newsletter sections and features:

      Also, if you’re not receiving the newsletter, you can sign up to receive it via the My Account link in the top right corner of the site. Select “email settings” then check “Ancestry Monthly Update” in the Newsletter section.

  47. Jade

    #62 Joan, you said “I wish could try to post more recent census records (rather than wait ten years for the next one). California (and possibly other states) make available (online) all birth, marriage, divorce records of people who are still alive, so why do we have to wait for census records to be published?”

    By federal law, US Census enumerations are not released for public view until 72 years have passed. Neither nor any other outfit could obtain images and make them available until the end of that time period, for a given US Census. What California does with vital records has nothing at all to do with what the US Congress has decided.

    Each State has its own legislation on release or availability of data it collects on residents.

  48. Georgia

    Never got an Ancestry Magazine or any other newsletters, but I am looking forward to receiving the new ones. I think any means that might help even a bit is great. I mostly “bumble” around searching here and there, but recently have been very happy on on new discoveries. Its interesting that some family lines are easier to get info than others. I guess that may depend on what state they’re from? I hope you can explain some of the basics that I’ve never learned…like how do you make a timeline for you person or family? How do you use the Key word/s “thingee” to get better information or provide better information on a person? How do I get this newsletter and is there a fee?
    Thank you so much,

  49. Georgia

    I just wanted to say that I am interested in American History. I don’t know how to find info on my ancestors who fought in any war…such as what unit did they fight in and who was their commanding officers? What battles did those units fight in so I could find out more of what their lives were like? How do you search the Sons or Daughters of the Revolution’s applications to get information…so far all I have seen was the name of the applicant for the Sons of the Revolutionary War. Where do I search for enlistment papers and discharges? I have one ancestor who I found out recently had died in a dungeon as a prisoner in the Revolutionary War…how do I find a record for that?

    Thanks for any ideas or help on these things in your newsletter.


  50. Georgia

    OK, I’ll just ask one more question….as you can see I’m full of questions. My grandfather was a sailor during World War I and I have the names of the ships he served on…is there a site that may tell about those ships or even have photos of them?
    Ooops, I just thought of another, and I promise to stop there… there a place to go to find out what the Navy interpretation of things are…like what is a coxswain?…I think its the one who steered the ship, but I really don’t know…what are all those titles of sailors and soldiers and a description of their duties? Thanks for the opportunity to ask….


  51. Shirley Sanders

    I Like the new format.I’m really excited about what Ancestry is providing for us researchers and the help offered so promptly when needed.Thanks…
    The best research site available.

  52. Suzanne

    Why keep changing names? newsletter says exactly what it is.
    In today’s economy, I can’t afford subscriptions any more but when I did have them I got very annoyed with the search engine. It didn’t matter if I specified the name, gender and location: Ancestry gave me thousands of possibilities that had nothing to do with the parameters I input. I would really like to see improvement in that area.

  53. Valerie

    I keep trying the link for voting on the name but it doesn’t work. Just goes to a page with that same pic on it and no workable link.

  54. Ron Vaughan


    I sure like the monthly newsletter and new format etc. I appreciate your efforts.

    Ron Vaughan

  55. Dan Hoffman

    Looking forward to these newly formatted e-mails. Okay, I think most of us are searching for angles on how to do a better genealogy job. Sometimes, as in the arts, just tilting the angle slightly or looked at from a new perspective, helps see things more helpfully or differently. So, my proposal for the name of the new product is: Angles or Ancestry Angles.


    I had photos on here of my Grandfather and now they are gone and i wanted to save them, because i do not have the money to go through all this, Where are my pictures of my grandfather John Franklin Bowers

  57. John Wagner

    For #72 Georgia
    For navy ships, go to google (or search engine) and type name ex USS Texas. I’m sure this will do it.

  58. Aileen

    I love the new look! It is so much easier to find what I’m interested in and then follow the link to the relevant page. I miss “My Story”, though, and the picture featured at the bottom of the newsletters. They were a great reminder of how personal ancestry is, and that it is not all forms, records, and links. And, when someone else gave a hint (featured in the old sidebar) it often was a valuable hint I could use, even though I’ve been researching for 45 years. Otherwise, it’s a great new newsletter!

  59. Helen Claringbold

    Passing on encouragement to include as many comprehensive records, links, information, records etc for all of Ireland. This can be as simply as link inclusion.
    The difficulties in researching and obtaining substantive documents about Irish relatives can prove extremely difficult and expensive.
    The new format enews I look forward to becoming familiary with but would also enjoy being drawn back to useful resources from time to time.
    Many thanks and keep up the good work.

  60. Sleuth

    Your attention is invited to the current Ancestry Newsletter that is emailed to subscribers. The link to another screen to read the full articles or reader comments works properly for the first screen only. Thereafter, when attempting to access the detailed reader comments, those are commingled with comments from other articles, and sometimes with comments from previous issues of the newsletter. There is no way to determine which comments belong with which article. This topic has been broached several times through the reader comments link to bring attention to the problem, but to no avail. Please fix this before you debut your brand new newsletter.

    If it is broken, it needs to be fixed sooner, rather than later. Thank you.

  61. dklart

    I just received the July newsletter today, 11 Jul 2011.

    The improvement mission appears to be to shorten the length of it. That’s accomplished, however I don’t see that as an improvement. I like to be able to scan through the letter and see all content on one page.

    Call it what it is, Monthly Newsletter.

    If there’s a place where the the Newsletters are archived, I don’t see it readily. There should be a listing for a Newsletter Archive under Categories (see the listing of on the right side of this page).

    There should be a Newsletter Archive listed.

    * Ancestry Magazine
    * DNA
    * Site
    o Content
    o Digitization
    o Family Trees
    o Member Connect
    o Searching for Records
    o Site Features
    o Site Status
    o Webinars
    * Wiki
    * Company News
    * Events
    * Expert Connect
    * Family Tree Maker
    * Mobile
    * Stories
    * Who Do You Think You Are?
    * World Archives Project

    Change the name of the ARCHIVES on this page (below CATEGORIES) to BLOG ARCHIVES

  62. Stephanie Pounds

    I’m usually one to try to embrace the new, but for this one, I like the old better. The email used to make me aware of lots of new or obscure collections that I might not have found in my regular searching. The blurbs for each would stir something and I would quickly go look for an ancestor in one or the other. But “See All Of Our New Collections?” Eh, I can do that later–if I remember. The value add that you gave me before–the quick blurbs right in front of me–have disappeared.

  63. This is my first monthly. I tried to read ask Anne on the email version. It blew away. The download doeant contain Ask Anne (a reply). This piece was the most interesting of all the items. Shame

  64. This is my first monthly. I tried to read ask Anne on the email version. It blew away. The download doeant contain Ask Anne (a reply). This piece was the most interesting of all the items. Shame.
    Also found none of the links work.

  65. Sleuth

    Attn: Jeanie Croasmun

    I think you might have a different perspective on whether or *not* the links are working for comments on articles continued on another screen if you would follow your link above to pull up the new newsletter and click on the link for the next screen. At the bottom of the page are excerpts of reader comments. Try clicking on Read All Comments and then follow through by clicking the page numbers for at least 3 or 4 pages and see what happens. A rehash of comments from previous newsletters and other articles are commingled and not identifiable to the appropriate article commented on. The links are *not* working properly.

  66. Barbara

    Thank you Jeanie for the link to the newsletter.

    I have never received email newsletters from Ancestry and I didn’t receive this one even though my email settings are set to receive them. I don’t think it is a problem with my ISP and I do receive other emails from Ancestry.

  67. Pat Secord

    I’m wondering if I’m missing something? This is the NEW newsletter? The only thing new I see are colored pictures…and none of the fun and interesting extra stuff that used to be along the right-hand sidebar. It’s missing many of the personal articles/questions. Frankly, it’s boring.

  68. Linda Jencevice

    I recently canceled my subscription. Overall I am very dissatisfied with Ancestry/Family Tree Maker.

    I am very disappointed in the search engines/programmers for both the help and the people search. You receive inappropriate information in great quantities, which is a waste of time and leads to a great deal of frustration.

    Hints are suggested on a limited basis, not on the entire list of names within a tree. Those hints are not always found within searches.

    Marriage information does not include the spouse in the compilation mode.

    Sources are lost or not attached appropriately. Media has to be retrieved separately by the user and, often times does, not download at all.

    Blurred images not placed at same magnification for non enhanced viewing and lengthy delay of clarification.

    Family Tree Maker 2011 was flawed when it was released. Constant Program Crashes… Not responding… compact performed by user not automatically performed by the computer program.

    You at Ancestry have a chance to offer the world a great deal of information; however, I feel you need to concentrate all your efforts on fixing what you have instead of creating new ways to confuse people.

    Also it wouldn’t hurt to have one FAIR price for ALL your services.

  69. sleuth

    Trying to communicate with staff via this blog is futile. Previous blogs have had moderators commenting throughout the intermittent blog topics to provide answers and to follow up on concerns. I don’t see that happening in this instance. If it is broken, don’t bother reporting such because ACOM takes its own sweet time in addressing the problem, if they ever do. You are referred to Comment #13 above.

    Specifically, I have been rechecking the Ancestry Anne article in the latest newsletter and the “Read All Comments” area. If anyone on staff would take the time to actually check out the problems identified here, they would see that what first appears to be 1-3 pages of comments suddenly becomes 1-16 pages of comments and hopscotches back and forth, sometimes repeating or omitting pages. This also occurs for the “Read All Comments” area for other articles.

    Comment #91 above about the newsletter becoming *boring* without the Family History Tips and other sidebar articles is right on target. Compound that with inaccessible reader comments or those tagged to the inappropriate article and it becomes *annoying.*

    This newsletter could fulfill many reader interests if if were used as an index page of links to reach interesting linked articles and information. The *key* is having links that *work.* Are you listening ACOM?

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  71. I love, it very helpful. I have noticed many helpful positive comments. As many of you who have been researching for very long, it is a very long and tedious process. Helping process this info and getting it to this site is very time consuming and you have to read sometimes illegible and hand writing or faded documents. The people who do this are sometimes volunteers. There is a lot of info yet to be processed. History did not happen overnight and you will not discover it overnight. Be patient with this site, like all sites it has bugs. For those who may wish to give it up, maybe ask some one else to help you until you can afford it, many do this just for fun and are kind and willing to help!

  72. Bev

    I agree with #34,52,and53. Access to Records for Northern Ireland and Scotland are impossible to get. I am Canadian and appreciate more Canadian content. But it is wonderful, I found 3 brothers, I didn’t know about. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  73. Rebecca

    #41-I agree with you 100%. I’ve been a member for years and I never understood why they stopped the magazine. Not everyone has a computer or the latest technology and you can’t take a computer everywhere with you, but you can a magazine. It was a bad decision. They need to start it back up.

  74. Barbara Kaye

    I just went to the Ancestry website and read the July newsletter. All the links worked there and it looks as if this may be an improvement — I’m certainly going to give it a chance. I’ve decided that I really MUST do the on-line tutorials to find a better approach to finding information on family members that I’ve not been able to discover. Hopefully that and the new and/or updated records can help me trace more of my family.

  75. BroMaelor

    We really don’t want to read it.
    And why not allow posting to paid subscribers ONLY, which will stop the spammers posting in the first place????

  76. kelly henderson

    I want a way to merge the files of the same person. Many times I mistakenly add a person I already have and id love to merge them somehow.

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